Secret of Vadilal’s Instant Increase in Instagram Followers

Unveiling The Secret of Vadilal’s Instant Increase in Instagram Followers

Gaining Instagram followers is a dream for many! We are no celebrity that people directly follow us to dig deeper into our personal life and day-day routine, we have to give them something unique, something useful, and something valuable that they follow us!

Even big brands and businesses set themselves apart from others through the right social media strategies and out-of-the-box campaigns. 

Sure there are shady ways to gain followers in a snap of time but this brand gained 35% growth in Instagram followers without shelling out big bucks. 

Stepping in the Authentic Activity Zone and Wise Social Media Campaign Vadilal Increased their Instagram Followers by 35%!

Ensuring that the audience gets immense happiness and benefits from it, they designed the campaign to get the attention for a long-long period. Each and every business wish to grow a following of real people that actually want to see, be attracted, and engaged in your brand. 

Vadilal Instagram Campaign with Hashtag #SlurpUnder45  Kicked Off Really well! And, they had a ‘Gift-ty’ way!

This was done to keep their presence going on in the off-season! They did this campaign in 2019, but it seems quite relevant today-time too because it is an off-season, or ‘COVID-19’ for every brand and business, and high-time for them to come up with a campaign to drive attention. 

Brand Introduction:

Vadilal Industries Ltd. is an Indian ice-cream and flavored milk manufacturer! It is the largest processed food manufacturers in India. They have been an Indian ice-cream brand since 1907. They are not just limited to ice-cream and flavored milk, they have their hands in different varieties. They have their presence in North, West, East India, and Tamil Nadu. And, they are seeking everyone’s attention on social media like Facebook and Instagram. According to Wikipedia, they have a revenue of about 450 crores INR, and it is increasing. 


Their objective can be listed as -

  • To drive online engagement and sales in the off-season. 
  • Go viral. 
  • Gather maximum brand engagement. 
  • Brand awareness.
  • Jump into marketing that is fun and challenging, just what the social media platforms demand.

Hurdles faced by them for this campaign was ensuring that people whole-heartedly participate. They had to buy ice-cream and make the video to participate, which is a big challenge because people have their own way and won’t participate until and unless they get some benefits. 


  • They designed a social media campaign with a unique hashtag - #SlurpUnder45! To get with the audience, they went with quirky, colorful, and engaging designs that would challenge and motivate people to participate. 
  • They motivated people to participate in the contest which was to finish sweet Vadilal ice cream and finish it under 45 seconds. And, even asked them to pass on the challenge to their friends and family. 
  • They shared regular posts, poking, and bringing the attention of consumers to record themselves without editing the video and win a chance to get vouchers to have ice-cream free for 6 Months.

See the use of bright colors and frosty and delicious ice-cream. The contest was named “Freeze the Moment”.

frosty and delicious ice-cream

social media campaign

People posted their videos with the hashtag #SlurpUnder45. People nominated their friends and family members. 


The campaign was super-successful! They garnered over 35% growth in the followers on Instagram. There were over 210 entries recorded from all over India.  Some of the results included -

  • 12% increase in post engagement on Facebook.
  • Gathered over half a million video views across platforms
  • With 2.7M impressions, the campaign reached 1.6M people with a total post engagement of 1.2M

The learning from this campaign is that every social media campaign should give something to the followers so that they can participate whole-heartedly. Until and unless you give them something in return, the participation will not be as successful as Vadilal. 

Vadilal aced the social media campaign with the right tactics and strategies! If you wish to learn any of the techniques of the digital marketing world, then join the digital marketing course in Jaipur at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing school. We dive deep into the different modules. Join us and know the basics, tips, and tricks to all the modules including social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and website design and development!


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