5 Social Media Updates

Unveiling the 5 Social Media Updates to Look Into this Week!

We’re not even halfway through 2020 but there are some big changes in the world! From being highly affected by the intrusion of the new virus to being locked down, everyone is fighting a battle to pass through this tough time. 

So, here’s how social media platforms are fighting off the brewing tensions! They are coming up with updates to clear out the issues faced by us or to get us the relief from the anxiety we all are facing right now (When will this lockdown come to an end!).

Social media is ever-changing! It updates depending upon the responses from the users, their requests, and even spread social awareness. 

“The people associated with social media never sleep! They are constantly thriving to provide the best service and the best update that is according to the current scenarios!”

I mean, we are already glued to the screens, what else they can have in store for us!


But, here’s the deal -

Be it a student who is passionate about digital marketing or a marketer that wants to build his/her own brand, it’s vital for you to stay up-to-date with how social media is updating their applications. 

A lot has happened in the world. With everyone being locked down and spreading positivity either on Facebook or Instagram or other platforms. Times are tough, but nothing can stop you from learning new things. 

Leave the laziness out, and read the latest update highlights rolled out these few weeks below -

01 Facebook adds new video features:

With people drifting towards Facebook for more content to watch online during this lockdown, Facebook launched a new set of video features that are designed to help creators drive more audiences and also promote return viewership!

These features are aligned with Facebook Watch. Here’s what’s been announced -

  • Playlist Update:

The playlist names will now appear on the top of the post! This will help users to keep their videos organized.

Playlist Update

As you can see in this picture above, the playlist name is given! So, the users have to click on it and see the rest of the videos around the same theme. These playlists also have a unique URL that makes sharing easy!

The next benefit of playlists is that Facebook presents your content is organized as per your wish! This helps to guide users through your related updates. 

  • Series:

This allows you to organize your content into episodes. You can add seasons, brand logos or show marks, and trailers. This feature is more geared towards scripted, episodic content.



They said - “Series allows user to organize their content into episodes. With the flexibility to display episodes in sequential order, as well as add seasons, brand logos (showmarks), and trailers.”

And also, “When clicked on the series from a particular page, news feed unit, or videos tab, users are taken to a list-view of all the episodes lined up in the series. They can here, easily navigate between season and episodes. One can also continue watching where they left off and view the trailers from the view.”

This takes us to the next feature!

  •  New video tab:

A new video tab for pages is up for the launch too! This will put more focus on playlists and series listings by breaking the videos into groups!

  • Updates to the bulk uploader:

Yes! Now we will be able to upload up to 50 videos to its brand new bulk uploader for videos. That too, in a single action!

Updates to the bulk uploader

This was all about our favorite book - Facebook! Now let’s jump onto the next update.

02 YouTube is working on a rival to TikTok called shorts, scheduled to launch by end of 2020:

TikTok has always been in the news! Whether it was the ban on it for the safety of the youth or when it was a talk of the digital marketing town, it has always been in the news. And, though we hate it, we all secretly love watching the creative videos. 

While we were thinking about all this, YouTube came out. 

Yes, YouTube is reportedly working on a rival for TikTok. And it is called ‘Shorts’. It will be launched by the end of 2020.

YouTube is reportedly working on a rival for TikTok

According to information, “This application will allow users to create and upload their own short videos. The shorts feature will reportedly make use of all the music that YouTube has licensed. Also, the songs to be available to use as soundtracks for the videos created by users.”

03. Slack adds Microsoft teams video call options:

To make working from home less of a hassle and to get rid of the applications not allowing better video call options, the applications Slack launched integrations for Microsoft Teams, zoom and more.

Slack adds Microsoft teams video call options

More of us drifting towards video calls right now to get in touch with friends, family, and colleagues, this is the best thing ever. Slack already saw a huge increase in calls made and received through its application in the last month amidst the covid-19 pandemic. The application will from now on give you more options!

Once you add the Teams call app in Slack, you can dive into a video call on Microsoft Teams. This is all done by simply using the command or teams-call option. You can further dial phone numbers via Zoom, Jabber, WebEx and other applications within the Slack. 

You can get your things done fast and efficiently while you’re under the lockdown! This makes everything smooth and under control!

04. LinkedIn Offers Free Job Posts to Essential Services Amid COVID-19 Pandemic:

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the lockdown and the number of increasing patients day by day, LinkedIn took an essential step. It has announced that it will provide free job listings to all the essential services. It seeks to help the organizations and to lessen their burden. At this time, we need more support and less stress and shortages of the workforce. 

LinkedIn Offers Free Job Posts to Essential Services Amid COVID-19

This will be available to eligible organizations between April 1st and June 30th, 2020. To be specific, this will be open to the following sectors -

  • Healthcare, including clinics, hospitals, medical services, medical devices, and mental health. 
  • Supermarket satiating essential needs. 
  • Warehousing
  • Freight delivery services

Job post

Along with this, LinkedIn also gives these job positions additional promotion to highly relevant candidates via a special ‘Urgently Hiring’ job category. 

05. Instagram Co-watching feature:

With everybody locked down and missing out on the interaction with their best buddies, which can be even next door, due to all the social distancing, it has become boring and moreover the most stressful days of anyone’s life!

While we are going all, ‘Quarantine and Chill’ over Instagram, deep down we expect to go out soon and meet our friends.

“Instagram is adding a new feature that aims to help users connect via video chat! And, not only this, but it comes with the option of also scrolling through the Instagram feed while still being connected via video link.”

The Co-Watching features look like this -

Co-Watching features

To read more about this Instagram update, visit here

A lot has changed, and a lot will! Just stay updated, and learn new things as it is much better than sitting on the sofa, all-lazy, the entire day. 

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