Types of video content to master in 2021

Types of video content to master in 2021

Videos have been around from a long, long time! But, now they are essential from another point of view - Marketing! It is a significant component of content marketing, and nothing can be as engaging as them to connect with your audience. 

Video consumption has been rising at a fantastic range, and it is said that in 2021, an average person will spend at least 100 minutes every day watching videos online!

Being a digital marketer, you must take videos into account as these will take the brand engagement to the next level. It catches the potential customers’ attention and will help the brand really stand out the ordinary. 

And, no, you don’t need a professional setting for creating videos! All you need is great content and a device to record on. 

Just focus on the content in the videos, and your audience is surely going to share and like the video. 

No matter where you upload the video, whether it is YouTube, or Facebook or any other social media platform, it is important for you to brush up your knowledge and know about the different types of videos that you can use for your brand. 

different types of videos

Let’s look into the types!

01. Brand story:

What and how the idea became real? Every brand was once just an idea. This is what you can bring to your audience. Trust me, people love to hear about inspiring and fascinating stories, like how an idea to start a business in the coffee shop turned out to be a profitable business. 

And, in this content, not only you have to mention how the business idea strikes your mind, but also what was the core? What problem of customers you understood and came up with a solution. This is what will attract customers to your business story. 

Brand story videos establish trust amidst the customers!

Make sure you take everything into account in the content -

  • The brand story should also outline the customer’s problem and how your business solves it. 
  • It should showcase everything in numbers, as numbers make an impact on the customer. 
  • The content should be connecting, it must make the customers feel like they’re heard and they’re being given the best solution. 
  • Get the owner to speak on the camera! This will build a direct connection. 

02. Videos relating to services or products:

It is essential for you to make videos relating to services or products. No matter what brand/business you have, it is crucial to make your customers aware of the product and services line. 

What is a product video?

A product video is the one that explains everything about your product. It involves - how the product solves the issues, how it is beneficial, how it can be used, and the product’s unique features. 

How to make a good product video?

For first you have to write the content including the following -

  • Engaging content and narration. You can opt for writing about the product through a story. 
  • The video should be long enough to cover everything about the product/service and short enough to keep the customer engaged. It must include the product’s benefits. 
  • Bring out the empathy and relatability between your product or service with the issues of customers. This way, you bridge the gap between your brand and customers. 

For instance, if you own a brand that supplies a product that requires manual instructions for use, you can keep your customer out of the confusion by describing everything in the video content. 

Even for the normal products, you can create videos highlighting their usage, benefits, and application. And, if you are into clothing, then you can create looks with it!

03. Testimonials:

Okay, customers are the real king! And, being a brand or owning a business, you must know this. You can create video testimonials or video case studies to present a social proof that your business/brand is doing as per you guarantee. 

Your satisfied customer will be the ones that will get you more sales. This is because by showing customers are happy, you present yourself in the front of potential prospects that they can give your brand a try. 

Over 53% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand they love. This is the reason why 87% of marketers use videos for marketing.

Why must you use customer testimonials?

Some of the major reasons that you must consider video testimonial in digital marketing are -

  • Video testimonials from your real customers present your brand as credible and trustworthy. 
  • With the video testimonial, prospects will understand your product/service and the benefits it holds. Plus, if in the video, the customer mentions what problems he/she was facing and how your product/service solved it, it is sure to engage and appeal to prospects. 
  • Genuine is always appreciated! Customer testimonial videos will be more user-friendly. People like to see natural content rather than scripted ones when they see video testimonials. They are more believable and understandable!

04. Questions in a video:

Irrespective of the brand/business, there are a multiple set of questions that people want to know about your brand. And, this is where you can chip into creating videos concerning the frequently asked questions. 

Just like Scoopwhoop does, you can also create engaging frequently asked question’s videos. They don’t necessarily have to be serious or professional, and you can go for quirky and fun questions relating to your brand. 

For instance, you can create an in-house video of frequently asked questions being asked to your employees, and their funny replies. People love to see the brand culture, and they are sure to engage with it. 

05. The ‘How To’ video content:

Call it ‘How to’ videos or explainer videos or tutorials; the videos provide solutions to the customer’s issue. The video content must showcase or demonstrate the product and its use in a simple and smooth way. This way, your customers find answers to most of their questions. 

Such video content reduces the number of customer support calls by about 43%!

To find what topic to create the explainer video on, you can just go on Google search for the product. There will be multiple questions that you can use as a base to answer all the questions in an innovative animated video or make it answered by a professional. 

Make sure you deliver all the critical information in the shortest time and leave a memorable impression on the viewers. 

06. Vlogging:

We have witnessed thousands of vlogging videos, and this is what I have experienced, once I begin watching a vlog of a person, I continue to see it, no matter what! Yes, these are super engaging, and this is the reason why YouTube celebrities, athletes, influential entrepreneurs, and other influencers have been doing this for years successfully. 

Vlogging helps you create healthy, transparent, lasting relationships with your audience!

So, if you are thinking of becoming a brand, to be a person that people follow over social media and love to see the journey of, then try your hands in vlogging. Start by documenting your journey to success through a vlog, then you can upload just about anything that is trending, or you want to put a light on, or a simple home tour. Be creative and engage your audience. 

Video content plays an essential role in a brand’s journey! And, one should never leave video content while planning for the digital marketing strategy. This is how you establish trust, build a personal connection with the audience, and even attract new prospects. 

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