Twitter Shares Tips To Improve Ad Approach

News Alert – Twitter Shares Tips To Improve Ad Approach

Twitter is a great marketing channel, with 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users! It is mostly used to drive traffic and generate leads, and not to forget the revolution brought through trending a hashtag on Twitter. 

About 63% of Twitter users follow small businesses! 

And this number is growing. It is no wonder why all the brands/companies/businesses can see growth on Twitter. So, if you are not using Twitter as a platform to connect with your peers, then you are sure to lose a lot of connection.


But the question is how to use this fantastic platform for benefits?

Well, there are hundreds or I may say millions of Tweets sent each day and with the Twitter algorithm changing every now and then, it becomes a difficult job to stay on top or get your tweet to be noticed. So, here I introduce you to the best way - TWITTER ADS. 

Through Twitter advertising, you can promote your products and reach new users who might be interested in your products or services. 

Twitter has come up with a guide to help you improve the ad approach!

While all the other platforms offer a great reach, Twitter remains a significant part of modern marketing. It is, in fact, an excellent platform for connecting with the right customers while showcasing your products or services. 

But, only if you get it right! Or you do it right! 

Twitter ads are not a no-brainer task. You have to invest a lot of time thinking and creating an ad that is compelling and engaging. It is easy to come up with a paragraph explaining why Twitter is impressive, but coming up with a short sentence that is clickable and engaging, is a very daunting task. 

The Twitter team came up with some helpful tips to consider when you are creating Twitter ads. What are those? Let’s look at them -

01. Urgency:

Ads should be short and engage customers to take necessary action. Twitter ads must give customers to take immediate action. It can be done by offering them something that they can’t scroll by, or leave unattended. You can use the phrases like ‘Sign up now to get an instant discount’, or ‘Offer for a limited time’, or ‘Low stock’, etc. 


These kinds of phrases create urgency and give a feeling of ‘FOMO’, and people definitely click on such ads. 

02. Discount offers:

If you have a discount offer, then show the percentage! Yes, Twitter’s own research showcases that people are more likely to click on an ad that mentions the percentage of discount being offered by a brand/business. You can also mention the amount that they will save if they choose to buy now. 

For instance, you can write - ‘End of season sale - Upto 50% Off on exclusive collection.’

03. Include ‘FREE’ if it’s free:

Anything for free attracts people. Even if it is not of any interest to the audience, they will click on the ad and know about it, and sometimes even buy it. For instance, if you are offering something for free, as a free class of digital marketing, then you must show it. Try promoting those services that are free. 


Focus on gathering leads rather than selling! Use all the free things that you have to engage well with your prospects. 

04. Limit hashtags:

Hashtags are impressive, they must be used! But, these are distracting. Hashtags link to all the other mentions of that phrase on Twitter. They are useful when you are focused on engagement. But, if it isn’t your goal, then it is advised that you shouldn’t use them. 

Limit hashtags

Don’t risk someone clicking on the hashtag and getting distracted by your Twitter ad, instead use compelling ‘CTAs’ to direct your audience to the website or link you want them to visit. 

CTAs are amazing!

Don’t leave your audience wondering - what they have to do after watching the ad. Great ads work because of a direct call to action. So, whether you are hoping for a new follower, or for a new lead, or you want them to land on your website or landing page, it is important that you make it clear through a simple yet compelling call-to-action. 

05. Ask a question:

Asking a question makes your audience feel that you all set for a conversation with them. This not only increases the engagement on your post but also builds up an amazing brand value and brand awareness. 

Ask a question

For instance, Slack came up with this question - “Do you feel like hunting down important files is a constant game of “Where’s Waldo?” If so, these four apps can help your team take control of your document management.” 

And, they had a splendid engagement on it! 

These were the 5 tips shared by Twitter to make your working super-smooth! Are you ready to create an amazing Twitter ad?

Make sure that you choose the right filters for your ad. For instance, to select an audience for each ad group you have created, you will have to customize the following -

  • Gender - If the product or service you give caters to only a certain gender like male or female, you must use this gender targeting option. 
  • Age - Setting an age range will be helpful for a clear shot at the advertisement. If you have a product or service that serves a particular age restriction or scope of interest, then use this filter. 
  • Location - You will have to target by location if you have a local business or plan to go for a specific region. 
  • Language - If an ad targets a particular region of the world that speaks a different language, you might use it. 
  • Device - Targeting people on the go? Then, this filter will help you target well. 

You can target more efficiently with the above filters. 

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