14 digital marketing certifications that will boost your career

14 Digital Marketing Certificates that are a must have Post Digital Marketing Training

While you are looking forward to joining the league of digital marketers, there are some important checks to run while finding the right digital marketing training institute for you. 

Digital marketing training institutes are in abundance out there, some costly and some very cheap. So where do you find the balance? Too cheap! “Will there be a compromise on the quality of education they render?”, too expensive! “Are they just charging big bucks because they have a big name in the industry?” 

So how do you find the right digital marketing institute? Basically, you just need to find the right points and voila! You just found yourself the “one” institute to start your digital journey. 

One such characteristic that comes into play while finding the right digital marketing institute is the number of important digital certifications they are providing you post completion of the digital marketing course. 

In essence, at Orionators School of Learning, we provide our students with 14+1 certifications, inclusive of Google, Bing, Facebook, Hubspot and prestigious Oriontors Industry based certificates. To acknowledge you on the same, here is an informative blog on the 14 certificates that can give you an amazing push while starting your digital marketing career post training. 

Google Certifications14 digital marketing certifications that will boost your career

1. Adwords Fundamental: 

Coming first in the list is the Google Ads Fundamentals. The prestigious certification covers basic and intermediate concepts. Having the badge that shiny in your profile implies you have knowledge superiority in online advertising, Google Ads, managing and optimizing Google Ads Campaigns and so much more.

It is one impressive way to woo your recruiters who are looking for talent such as mentioned. At Orionators, we prepare you for that impression, we help you learn the basics of Google Ads, filtering your target, creating effective text ads, enhancing ads with extensions, choosing between the different types of campaigns for better benefits, boosting your PPC advertising, bidding for keywords and more. You can learn about our offered modules by downloading it from here.

2. Search Advertising

The certification is a foretell of your mastery over search advertising a method of placing online ads on various web pages which shows result generated by search engine queries. 

The unmatched Search Ad Certification is an indication of accuracy and knowledge of both basic and advanced digital marketing concepts. Furthermore, it is the narrator of your prowess in founding the practices for creating, managing, analyzing and optimizing of the ad campaign you run across the prominent search engines. 

3. Display Advertising

One of the most used advertising practices of digital marketing; this surely is one feather you must have in your hat to get your recruiters talking business. It is a type of online advertising that comes in various forms such as banner ads, rich media and others.
On seeing display advertising certification, your recruiter will be able to analyze your marketing abilities on the advanced concepts and methods of creating, managing, analyzing, display ad campaigns. This certificate gives you a chance to highlight your experience and expertise you have gained by our Asia’s most rewarding digital marketing course. 

4. Video Advertising

Video marketing is one of the most engaging online marketing tools. It allows any business to capture more attention and feed on user curiosity. The certificate exhibits you as the maven of display advertisements that have videos in them. 

Having a certificate for video advertising makes you knower of basic and intermediate concepts, facts, practices, methods, management and optimization of these video ads across platforms such as Webpage or YouTube. 

5. Shopping Advertising

E-commerce is sweeping the traditional market. Digital marketing is thus their blood and bone that allows them to grow on convenience and precision. In fact, if you are looking forward to making digital marketing as your career this is one of the most have skills. To help you in which we have a whole separate module to help you grasp the knowledge needed to market for e-commerce companies. 

Also, this advance certification in shopping manifests that you are well known with the intricacies of the e-commerce market and how it operates. Plus, it covers for the basic and intermediate concepts, inclusive of creating merchant centre account, feeding product data, creating and managing ad campaigns and more. 

6. Mobile Advertising

The form of advertising on mobile platforms, it is a subgroup of mobile marketing making it one of the most burgeoning markets. It is according to a survey found that mobile app-installed ads would be about $6.8bn by the end of 2019.

This is huge, with that start you now understand what a hunt it must have been going around to find someone who is well-versed with the advanced tactics and tricks to give business needed a surge in profits. Join us, because we provide you with not only the knowledge to do it but also the all-so-precious certificate.  Enroll now!

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7. Analytics

The Google Analytics Certification makes you a qualified Google analyst. The certification is the display of the proficiency in Google Analytics making an individual expert of web analytics services offered by Google that tracks the website traffic, pages per session, bounce rate, session duration and other. 

To be an SEO expert, the certification is a must-have. The best part of it is it can be paired with Google AdWord certification to elevate its value. Having a certificate as important as this and there is no looking back in your SEO career. 

8. Mobile Sites

Basically, Mobile Sites Certification Assessment is designed to test your mobile website development and design knowledge. The professional accreditation offers you to display your proficiency to demonstrate your capabilities in basic and advanced aspects of mobile website design and development. 

9. Digital Sales

It is one of the most important certificates of all. The Certification exhibits your capabilities of selling products and services to any organizations core users on digital platforms. It means you are an intricate understanding of basic concepts of online advertising and are well versed with its important processes. It means you have the right skills to do the job to augment the company’s sales using digital solutions in any industry.  

Facebook Certification14 digital marketing certifications that will boost your career

10. Blueprint Certification

Facebook Blueprint Certification allows you to show off your advanced level proficiency skills with a Facebook family of products and services. You get to earn the credentials and shine your badge of ultimate differentiation in social media marketing. The certification makes you a Facebook certified professional that can handle any digital marketing challenge. 

Hubspot Certifications

11. Inbound Certification 14 digital marketing certifications that will boost your career

One of the most important of the 14 certificates, the badge of expertise gives your resume the needed zest and proves you as a money-making asset for your future hires. Inbound marketing certification by Hubspot is a credential of expertise in attracting, engaging, converting people to grow a business. 

12. Content Marketing Certification 

The certificate of proficiency in ideation, development and distribution of the content focused on adding up value to a business and their brand value. This certificate is something no one can say no to be it for a personal project or a job.  

The certificate confirms you about your proficiency in strategic marketing while creating large distribution value for any organization looking forward to larger brand recognition.

13. Email Marketing Certification 

One of the most efficient marketing methods, Email Marketing Certification by Hubspot can be your ticket to having a dream job or freelancing career. Email marketing is one of the best ways to get engagement for any business, but finding a professional is equally difficult. The certificate by Hubspot thus is an assurance of your expertise. 

Bing Certification14 digital marketing certifications that will boost your career

14. Bing Ad Certification

The Bing Ad Accredited Professional is something to be, it is your ‘tell-tell’ card of being a business leader that always stay ahead of the curve. It gives you an upper hand in paid marketing and is a certificate to that enhances your Bing Ad proficiency, optimizing of ad campaigns, enjoy extreme benefits and capability to maximize your ad reporting and tool knowledge. 

Wrapping Up 

So, this was it guys. These were the top 14 certificates that will help you charge in the market with your full potential. However, there is one more certificate that will make your certificate line-up much more irresistible for your future employers. That is Orionators School of Learning industry certificate. Join the pack, and win more chances of getting hired, running your business better, or just freelancing and enjoying your freedom.Register for free demo

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