Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on!

Be digital-ready, as the future holds a tough fight!

 Whether you are a businessman or a budding entrepreneur, I have compiled all the things that you have to aim this year!

New Year, new hopes, and new strategies! Digital marketing trends are updating regularly. People are adopting new strategies and plan to get more engagement and to get on top position organically.

Today, we are going to discuss the innovative digital marketing trends that should be the top priority for your business this 2020. These evolving changes have to be your first take this year, let’s begin:

  1. Programmatic advertising:

For first, let’s know about what is programmatic advertising?

It is a system that automates processes included in purchasing and dynamically placing ads on different websites or applications. This makes the working super-easy, and smooth.

You can work wonders in less than a second, as it makes it possible to purchase and put the targeted advertising content.

You ask how it places the content. Well, it uses real-time bidding, it manages the transaction between the supply side (website or application) to demand-side (advertiser).

This method optimizes the advertiser’s investment and the publisher’s profit. The below picture displays how actually it works.

Programmatic advertising


  1. Chatbots:

Chatbots are already a part of the most trending digital marketing tactics, and these will always be there. It is purely because mostly all customers prefer interacting with chatbots rather than the assistants! And, why not, these are responsive 24/7, you get prompt answers, keeps a history of your entire buying history.

And, unlike the assistants, they have patience!

For instance, the Yatra application uses chatbot to help customers search flights, find their prices and other details of flights directly from Facebook Messenger.


Easy for the customer and easy for the company! Chatbots are real gem and offer outstanding customer services and deals with repetitive tasks.

Conversational marketing with chatbots is the most used buzzword in the digital marketing world. Who wouldn’t love if the chatbots are more conversational! People want it that way, as it encourages real-time connections between marketers and customers.

How chatbots are advantageous?

  • One to one conversation – Instead of waiting on long calls with call centers or assistant, chatbots are instantly available to handle customer’s issues and services. It can handle multiple customers at a single time.
  • Real-time access – Chatbots takes action instantly rather than making customers to wait on a long call, these assist the problem of the customer at anytime.

If these are more conversational, it would bring more conversion! For this, simply personalize your chatbot.

  1. Get personalized:

If you plan to stand out from the crowd in 2020, it is important that whatever you create, i.e. email, content, products, and even chatbots.

Get personalized

90% of people say they like personalized experiences!

For instance, Netflix is the most popular one, as it showcases viewing recommendations using an algorithm. They constantly improve it for a more personalized experience. They use a multitude of machine learning, recommendation algorithms, and creativity to drive personalized search experiences.

  1. Video marketing:

It is the most important marketing trend as most likely a person would love to see the video instead of reading a whole content work. For this, all you have to do is create a blasting script and engage people in the first 10 seconds!

The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video! It is by far the best way to communicate with your targeted audience plus it is shareable.

Video marketing


Not only on YouTube, you can also share your video campaigns, or marketing videos on Instagram, Facebook and even on LinkedIn, to get the most benefits. Going Live and displaying products is also a way to increase engagement.

Fact – If a video is included on the website, it is going to drive organic search results 50 times more compared to just typed content and it is solely because Google showcases pages with videos higher than others. Plus, video content is more easily acceptable, absorbed and remembered by audiences.

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  1. Influencer marketing:

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective one! Influencers can be seen all over Instagram and YouTube. They can spread the word about your brand by displaying your product or posting a review video on their channel.

63% of consumers trust influencers review more than the commercial videos by brands.

For this, all you have to do is get in touch with influencers through their mail id or through their social site.

Influencer marketing

These were some of the things that you should focus on in 2020 to get your digital game on!

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