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Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools which Every Digital Marketer Should Know

In today’s world, it’s impossible to state the importance of digital marketing for the growth of business! Be it telling the story of the brand in a creative and engaging way or creating an exclusive space to respond to the customers, everything revolves around digital marketing. 

Times have indeed changed, and so, if you are planning to step into the world of digital marketing, we’re here to demystify the entire process for you with the list of digital marketing tools that every successful digital marketer must know!

So, if you are the one that often comes up with a question of uncertainty that how would you do it? And, where should you get the best digital marketing tools without paying a hefty amount?

Well, no worries, we all have been at this place of confusion once in our life, and so, before you make any investment in a digital marketing tool, here’s the take - we’re here with the ‘FREE and BEST’ ones!

But before we start let’s know what are digital marketing tools?

Not to be emphatic, but digital marketers today rely thoroughly on the tools! And, why not, digital marketers are expected to be on million places at the same time. Whether enlisting the data or fine-tuning the social media presence, a marketer has to live and die by the digital marketing tools. 

“Digital marketing tools are specially designed to save time and also maintain balance.”

We’ve set out to put together a list of digital marketing tools that are free and valuable for digital marketers. 


No matter whether you are a small company or an enterprise size company, these digital marketing tools will grow your business and help you manage everything better. 

Let’s begin -


01. Digital Marketing Tools for SEO:


A free tool that gives you amazing traffic, money, rank, and reputation. And, thankfully there are tons of digital marketing tools for search engine optimization. Let’s begin with the best one we’ve tracked down for you, and it is ‘AHREFS’. 


It is one of the most popular digital marketing analysis tools! It is used for preparing audit reports, backlink analysis, URL rankings, competitive analysis, and other services.

So, if you are looking for a FREE tool that sorts all your SEO analysis needs then look no further. 

Apart from the SEO backlink analysis, it is also useful for keyword analysis, and website rankings. The working involves the use of different SEO metrics to analyze and provide quantitative results for websites of any genre. 


How does it help?

  • It provides qualitative inputs for the organic search report. 
  • The keyword research tool available in this digital marketing tool provides competitor keyword analysis. 
  • An extensive backlink report is also a service provided. 
  • It has a tab where you can explore content. 
  • Ahrefs ranks! It has a huge collection of data, so this digital marketing tool will be able to track the website traffic flow and also use multiple parameters to rank a domain. And not only this, you can make a comparison with other competitive domain. 
  • A unique perspective on website analysis is provided by this amazing tool. They have a URL rating that guides a webmaster about which URL is performing well, i.e., which URL is receiving links both quantitatively and qualitatively. Thus helping in improvising the URL performance and adding keyword-rich title tag, meta description, and other content. 
  • Backlink data analysis. 


02. Social Media Marketing Tool:


Before we start discussing the best digital marketing tool for social media marketing, let’s look at why they are so important for those who wish to dip their hands in this field. It is super-important that you are more productive and efficient in social media marketing. There are many reasons why we require tools -

Multiple accounts, team collaborations, analytics, monitoring, and scheduling the posts. And, most importantly to maintain the data!

We will be talking about ‘Hootsuite’


It is probably the best-known social media marketing tool on the market! When it comes to its features, Hootsuite is definitely the one on the top! You can connect your account to over 35 different social networks. 

Other features are monitoring! Yes, you can easily set up streams for monitoring the keywords, hashtags and other content. Also, it provides the feature of scheduling updates! You can set the date and time yourself or even use the AutoSchedule feature that publishes your post according to the best time inspected. 


03. Designing Tools:


Free design tools! Yes, you heard it right, a dedicated platform to enhance and make your designing process faster and better. And, the only tool that we can think of right now, which is indeed regarded as the best one is ‘Canva’. 


It is easy to use and strikingly versatile!

And, the amazing thing is that, to use this digital marketing tool, you don’t have to be a designer! So, the next time you need images to promote your business advertisement on social media platforms, go for Canva!

How is it helpful?

  • Easy to use and create images for ads.
  • Posts for social media or for your blog. 
  • Highly customizable platform to create brilliant layouts. 


04. Application Designing Tools:


An android application is just 2 steps! Hard to believe right? Well, we have a tool for you that will make application development easy as pie for you. And, no, you don’t require your coding skills to put on the table, all you need is this digital marketing tool

We’re talking about AppsGeyser!


It is a FREE web platform that allows converting any website content into an interactive Android application in just 2 steps. So, you can easily transfer your ideas into the apps you desire to have. 

Moreover, it is a codeless application development platform that lets you create mobile templated applications. The content is entirely taken out of the webpages. You can choose your own themes and templates from the provided list by them. 


05. Content Writing Tool:


The next digital marketing tool that you would need if you are an aspiring content writer! While typing down the thoughts, we often make mistakes! See, even I did! There are grammar mistakes, and sometimes we can’t think of the best possible word that would suit the entire sentence, and this is the reason why we need a tool!

A tool that can detect all the issues, tell us more about the alternative words that can be used to make the sentence more impactful. 

Grammarly! It is the best spelling and grammar checker. It not only checks grammar and typos but also helps you optimize your text and make it more readable. The paid version also lets you check the plagiarism if any! 

Digital marketing tools can improvise your work! The above-mentioned tools help you with the management of data, keyword enhancement, ranking, designing, and content. Go through the tools on their website, they are free and the best!

If you are looking forward to learning digital marketing from the experts or you wish to know more about the different modules, then learn it from Orionators School of Learning. We also provide free tools worth INR. 50,000. Want to know about them? Call us - +1800 123 7338

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