Top 4 Voice Search Optimization Strategies to Get Ahead of your Competitors

So far in our previous blog, we have learned about what is voice search? Why must one focus on SEO for voice search? And, how can it be beneficial for the digital marketers out there!

But, now you might be wondering what voice search engine optimization strategies one must adapt to get ahead!

Well, yes, with the increase in the use of digital assistants, optimizing for voice search is critical for your SEO success. In this blog, I will make you go through the points that show how to optimize your content and website for this ‘voice search trend’. 

Before we directly jump onto the voice search SEO strategies, let’s first know about how it ties back to Google’s algorithm. 

“Voice search technology relies on Natural Language Processing to recognize voice texture, interests and behavior.”

In the direction of improving user experience, this technology makes sure it adapts to the accent and other patterns the user speaks in. It focuses on the semantics and the wider contextual relevance of the user’s query.

Hence, voice search drastically improves user experience, and because of this, by the end of the year 2020, as observed and researched, half of the online searches will be made through voice search.

Are you reading it, future digital marketers or business owners? “Google is placing a higher emphasis on Voice Search Optimization!”

And, why not. SEO drives everything! SEO is the reason why websites rank so high so that users can easily find the best one concerning their search query. Here is a bummer - “Traditional website SEO and Voice Search SEO” are totally different. 

But, luckily, I went through all the research and penned down the top voice search SEO strategies that are a perfect balance between the traditional SEO and voice search SEO. It will help your website for search listings and voice search. 

Before we begin here is the precap

search behavior


01. Voice search queries are conversational and are longer -


Surrounding phrases like - “How, How to, Why, When, Where, Who and Why”, the voice searches are entirely different from what we usually search on Google!

Voice search queries are conversational

How to take benefit of it?

  • You need to think about what your audience speaks about your business, products, and services. 
  • What could they possibly search for encircling your business? 
  • Go for searching long-tail keywords that are query-based. And, include these in your website content or blog posts. 


02. Most of the voice searches are local-


Even while searching for general and local information, people want faster results and don’t wish to visit your website. 

How to take advantage of it?

  • Optimize business listing. 
  • As most of the search is - location-based, make sure the ratings, information and contact information are right. 
  • One can use the following keywords in their SEO strategy - 
    • “Near me” in title tags, meta description, internal links and anchor texts.
    • Phrases people use to describe their location. 
    • Landmarks around your business location. 


03. Voice searchers want immediate results:


No one likes to wait and so do the users!

How to take benefit from it?

  • Your business listing should have the right number of positive reviews. 
  • Update your office hours, address and contact details. 

Okay, now let’s begin, the SEO strategy for voice search that every business owner should pay heed to!

#Strategy1 - Ensure your website loads quickly!

Ensure your website loads quickly

Did it annoy you for a second? Yes? Right!

This is not what your beloved customers are looking for. (Pay attention! )

When users use voice search, they are wanting to complete certain processes. For instance - purchasing a product or going through the websites about us page, could be anything that is displayed on your website. 

Though we told you that the SEO for website and voice search SEO differs, but here Google uses the same algorithm. Follow these 5 steps and improve your rankings -

  • Ensure your site is responsive.
  • It is mobile-friendly as most of the searches are done on mobile phones.
  • Images are well-optimized and the files are compressed accordingly.
  • Improve page speed by utilizing website caching. 
  • Ensure that the server’s response time is reduced as people won’t keep waiting. 

#Strategy2 - Change the way you write content

Write the way you speak!

Write the way you speak!


People would be using - Who, why, when, how; in their search and we’ve to focus on it. For instance, the above picture shows how a person would voice search for William Shakespeare. 

When users search for content on a desktop or let’s say on google, they tend to write short and precise. The same search on Google would be as - William Shakespeare. 

So here’s the takeaway - 

  • Ensure your content is optimized for voice search. For this, include long-tail keywords that are natural and conversational. 
  • Keep phrases short and simple. 
  • Web page content that is between 1850 and 2500 words. 


Long content still ranks better on voice search listings and even on traditional search. 

#Strategy3 - Featured Blocks of Content are on the Hit!

average voice search length

This is the average voice search length! Yes, 29 words long!

But how can we ensure that Google identifies our content and read it to the users when they search about something related to our product, services or company genre?

The answer is ‘Featured Snippet’.

And, to optimize your content for identifiable featured snippet -

  • Include a summary of your main content under the 29 words limit.
  • Google reads out content that is easily readable! Ensure using bullet points and also use proper long-tail keywords within the snippet. 

#Strategy4 - Local Search Game Strong

22% of searches are recorded to be location-based searches! And, we’ve already mentioned above in the recap, that how you can make use of it!

Trust me, brands have a higher chance of producing voice search content if they focus on the ‘local searches’ made by users. 

Investing in voice search optimization will drive amazing results in terms of 

  • Brand awareness.
  • Ample online purchases.
  • Great revenues. 

Grow with the growth of voice search! Optimize your website accordingly and get superb results. 

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