Too Many Myths About Facebook Ads - EXPOSED!

Too Many Myths About Facebook Ads – EXPOSED!

Facebook marketing has been a buzz amid the marketers! It is the place where businesses of all sizes, market their products/services to get successful leads. No matter which platform is getting into a competition with Facebook, it’ll still be the best marketing platform, and it is not going to change anytime soon.

Facebook marketing

Targeted advertising on Facebook is what makes it worth the investment! How? Well, -

  • One can create ads targeted to specific geographies, ages, education levels, and even the type of device the audience is using for browsing. 
  • Facebook has a lot of big data stored, and so it is the best targeted advertising platform online. 
  • Once a target filter is applied, you can track the success with each segment. 
  • Ads can be run on a per-click basis. This is actually bidding. Facebook shows you what to bid for according to your ads. Plus, you can individually set limits according to your budget. 

In all, the Facebook ads are super powerful, and they’re more advantageous than just setting up a Facebook page or creating a Facebook group. It expands your audience beyond the limited and selected one by showcasing the ad to maximum reach. So, it is absolutely in your hand to make the advertisement - creative, eye-catching, engaging, and problem-solving or offer-oriented. 

Coming back, with all these advantages of Facebook ads, the myths are lined up too! Obviously, with it being the most talked topic, myths are sure to rise. But, these myths hinder so many things. So, let’s expose the Facebook Myths right away!

MYTH 1 - Facebook Ads Are Not Beneficial for B2B

This myth has affected so many B2B as they have stepped back from Facebook Ads. The reason behind this myth is that B2B people believe they have to target professionals, and Facebook is a social media network where they cannot find their professionals. 

The truth is - Facebook is exceptionally profitable for B2B Businesses!

For first -

  • There are over 2 Billion users on Facebook; this includes plenty of industry experts and business experts or owners that your B2B is looking for.
  • One can use powerful targeting options/filters to focus on just the business owners and generate leads through Facebook ad campaigns.

89% Of B2B Businesses use Facebook .ver Any Other Platform for Marketing! And, It Has Been Successful for Them.

Things that you must focus while creating a Facebook ad for your B2B is -

  • Clear message
  • Relevant content and image
  • The right type of ad! There are many types of Facebook Ads - video, tex-based, carousel, leads, etc. 
  • Right Call to Action for a better response from the audience. 

MYTH 2 - Laser Targeting is Important With Facebook for Better Lead Generation!

You are starting up with the Facebook ads, and so you go on Google and search for ‘Tips and tricks to target audience wisely with Facebook ads’! But here, the trouble begins. The tips and tricks are not wrong, but you get trapped into micro-targeting, which limits your brand’s chance to reach out to multiple people. 

Laser-targeting will help you reach the people who might be interested, but it will not target those who are most likely to click and convert. For you to understand - It is vital to target people who are sure to engage with your ad, those who are your audience, but it is equally important to target those who have the possibility to click and convert over your ad. 

And, the laser targeting also blocks the reach of your ad. So, if you are trying to get conversions, leads or traffic to your site, then it is best to keep your ad sets broader and broader for the right audience to look at them. 

MYTH 3 - Boosting a post is equal to running a Facebook Ad campaign!

This is a common misconception! Campaign and boosted posts are entirely different things. Let’s clear this -

Boosted posts - 

  • These posts are boosted to increase post engagement and impressions. 
  • These won’t give the result as a targeted Facebook ad. 
  • Offer guaranteed visibility. 
  • Exposure to your audience and a new audience. 

While Facebook ad campaigns offer -

  • Run with the specific intent behind them; for instance, there is a conversion campaign that targets those people who will click and convert over just the ad. 
  • The ad allows remarketing. 
  • Micro-target audience. 
  • Robust analytics.
  • Ads catering to a specific objective. 
  • You will reach far more people than ever with an organic post. 
  • Getting click and conversions for cheap.

Boosted posts are different from Facebook Ads!

MYTH 4 -One has to Invest Money to Get Page Likes!

If there is no way out, put money into it! No, you don’t have to invest money in getting page likes, when you have Facebook Ads by your side. 

And, investing money to get page likes might sound fun, but it comes with demerits -

  • You might get likes but not customers. 
  • Organic reach on Facebook is dropping, so not even the likers will see the page posts unless boosted. 
  • Instant likes will surely increase the page likes but not bring you any sales. Plus, these are not organic, so you might experience a drop in the number of page likes. 

drop in the number of page likes

All you need to do is, focus on using Facebook ads to reach your goals. Use the right campaign’s objective, use right filters, and make sure you have engaging content over the image to lure in customers. 

By doing so, you will spend effectively and also increase page likes organically! 

These were some of the common myths that one should get rid off immediately! If you are eager to learn Facebook marketing techniques or the entire digital marketing or how to please your customer, irrespective of your business size or genre, then learn digital marketing courses at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing institute. We dig deep into the different modules. Join us and know the basics, tips, and tricks to all the modules, including social media marketing, search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing, and website design and development!

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