TikTok Launched A Brand New Platform for Marketing!

The platform that received the most controversial statements and has done rounds of even being taken down, and coming up again. TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world! 

And, why not, it has got everything that makes it a fun and a creative platform! It allows users to create short videos with music, filters, and get creative with the effects. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is supremely creative, and sometimes it is irritating, but out of all of this, 

TikTok has 800 million active users worldwide!

And, now it has transformed into a platform that will be used for the marketing purpose! Being by far the world’s most downloaded application in recent years, TikTok has launched a new ‘TikTok for Business’ website, which provides marketers with a range of tools and resources to help them with their ad campaign. 

With their witty lines like - 

“Don’t make ads, make trends, 

Don’t make ads, make TikTok, 

Don’t make ads, make news, 

Don’t make ads, make someone’s day,

Don’t make ads, make a new trend, 

Don’t make ads, make a connection, 

Don’t make ads, make it interesting.”

Don’t make ads, make trends

They want to give a bigger platform to each and every business, whether big or small, can unveil the brand’s creative side and immerse as a big brand with nothing but entertainment! This is the best way for those who need brand exposure, and want to go for full-fledged brand awareness. 

It is the best opportunity to discover a world full of people waiting to discover your brand! 

discover your brand

What does the platform include?

  • It includes tips, notes, and links to other TikTok tools like it is a Creator Marketplace. 
  • It is a self-serve ad platform, it is yet to be available in all the regions. 
  • It also provides links to a range of case studies. It is to help businesses understand how they can use this platform for their promotions. 
  • The slogan ‘ Don’t make ads, makes TikToks that guides the businesses to focus on aligning their business perspective rather than interruptive ads. 

The platform, for now, is limited and hasn’t announced any major expansion of its ad tool for now, but will be soon opening up its ad platform.

digital marketer

It is a great platform for advertising. How? Know it here -

TikTok has seemingly exploded, not only in terms of users or is the most downloaded application, it has seen the rise in terms of engagement and the rise in reach. 

You would have noticed, not only Instagram but also Facebook, as soon as you open the application you will surely come across a TikTok video. 

So, if you have a young target audience, it is the way, 

If you have an older target audience, it is the way!

Yes, with respect to demographics, wide audience, and the reach, this platform is amazing for the brewing businesses to be creative and to represent their brand innovatively and in a fun way that it observes the best. 

You can come up with multiple ways in which you can address the audience and can also engage them. 

In all, you can present your business! People want to see their brands to be present on all the social media platforms, and most importantly they want to witness your creative side! 

Big brands like Maybelline, Moov have achieved an 80% lift in their brand awareness and have touch their goals through TikTok. So it is a revolutionary, and the most favored place to showcase your creative side, rather than just focusing on digital advertisements. 

  • You tap into a unique solution for vivid engagement solutions and immersive formats to creatively and authentically vibe with the audiences not just limited to regional, but across the world. 
  • You can grow your audience, and also grow your business. 
  • You can maximize ROI by ensuring that your creative side reaches your audience!
  • Moreover, you can even track your performance in real-time.
  • You will be a part of the trend! You will be relevant with the respect of content surfing online on TikTok. 

surfing online on TikTok

They have also listed the success stories of big brands that have earned a lot from this platform. 

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