This Week’s Trend - Instagram IGTV Takes the Spotlight

This Week’s Trend – Instagram IGTV Takes the Spotlight

Yes, the Instagram IGTV is now the star! With the recent update that allows LIVE videos to be saved to IGTV directly, IGTV has never shined this brighter before. 

Instagram is already playing the forefront when it comes to the most interesting, and engaging platform. Founded in 2010, Instagram has enjoyed success in terms of growing active base users. As of today, Instagram has grown to a whopping 1 Billion monthly active users. 

And, this engagement isn’t a surprise! Well, who won’t like a platform where they can share photos, their day to day life, and moreover explore everything from everywhere on just a sweet scroll. Instagram is addictive!

 Instagram is addictive

When IGTV rolled out first, it wasn’t that famous, however, with the time, and people using it more and more, it has taken the spotlight! It has brought immense perks to marketers’ Instagram strategy. However, speeding up really fast, and brands using it to launch their ad campaign, it has proven to be the best thing ever. And, the importance is seen to rise even more by the end of 2020. 

Instagram has also included the option to include previews of IGTV videos within a user’s regular feed. This helps everyone to discover accounts that they can follow, in turn, increasing the followers for the influencer or the brand. Not only this, but the LIVE videos can also be saved to IGTV, hence if your fans like any video, or you think you have hosted a really interactive session then don’t miss it, you can directly save it to IGTV. 

Also, one of the most amazing things is that, this platform has allowed for landscape video content, making it even easier to share existing video content!

How this is beneficial for brands?

  • People love watching IGTV, make sure you step into it this 2020! This will increase your views and also increase follower count. 
  • Boosts visibility of products and services. 
  • It gives you an opportunity to educate and entertain audiences effectively. 
  • Increase in views equal to improved engagement and also conversions. 
  • You can reach a new audience with the old already made content. 
  • Deliver tutorials made by influencers to drive more attraction towards your products or services. It is also called User-generated content. 


Ways to Use IGTV -

  • Share existing video content that you could not upload before as there was no landscape mode. You can reuse those videos to reach a wider audience. 
  • Create content according to the ongoing topics, it will help you to be in the trend and you might also get a shoutout from people.
  • You can go for creating a series! Yes, just like Kusha Kapila ‘Monday Aunty’ or ‘Skincare Routine’! Create a storyline that engages the audience and they wait for the next part. 
  • Make sure after uploading the IGTV you post the preview on the story. 
  • Listen to the audience, plan for success, create engaging content. 
  • Also, you can put up bloopers for the videos you have put up, to make a viral wave amid the audience.

Bottomline -

IGTV is like the best feature that was missing from Instagram! It allows businesses, influencers, and everyone an opportunity to grow and promote their content and brand perfectly, effectively, and easily. It is a blooming, and booming platform for those who are looking for exposure for their brand. 

For us, the trendsetter for this week is IGTV, as with the lockdown being extended again and again, brands and influencers are creating content, IGTV series to increase the engagement. 

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