The Weekend RoundUp - Hashtag Got Us Like ‘#Impressed’

The Weekend RoundUp – Hashtag Got Us Like ‘#Impressed’

We have read about the hashtags, the entire week! And, I #sassyscribbler #akashivani #has #started #talking #hashtag #language. *Hilarious* right? 

But, it is not if you have to master the art of hashtags! Be it Instagram hashtags or Twitter hashtags, we have read about the hashtag rules that differ for each of the platforms. So, we will round up everything and also know about the Do’s and Don’ts of the hashtags that you should remember, because

Do’s and Don’ts

Dos of the Hashtags -

  • Make hashtags user friendly

The first thing you can do is capitalizing the first letter of each word in a hashtag, come on that is more readable and also gives clarity. Capitalization provides clarity to the long message you are presenting in your hashtag. For instance, when you use a long hashtag, it is not readable and often taken wrong, so to avoid any ambiguity of where one-word ends and other begins, use capitalization. 

  • Make hashtags short -

Make hashtags short

I hope it is quite easy to understand with the picture above that the hashtags have to be short and perfect. Yes, we do need to use long hashtags sometimes but ensure that you use the ‘capitalization’ explained in the previous point. Small hashtags are necessary as they are easily readable and memorable plus the search volume is great!

  • Use Hashtag in the Body:

Hashtags don’t necessarily have to be an afterthought added to the end of a post! But you can use them in the actual caption body or message body. This is especially useful for Twitter where the character limit is less. 

  • Encourage People to Use your Hashtag:

Just like Lay’s did it with #SmileDekeDekho, it is important that you create a catchy, unique and engaging hashtag for your campaign and ask people to use the hashtag in their posts. For instance, if you are holding a contest then ask your audience to use the same hashtag in their posts or reposts to be a part of the contest. 

Don’ts of the Hashtags -

  • Don’t make hashtags to long:

Short and precise hashtags win the race. Adhere to making short hashtags. 

  • Don’t hashtag unrelated topics:

Though we have to mention trending hashtags that are completely irrelevant but sometimes it is also necessary to not add them. Because few people are searching for relevant content on that hashtag, and it might frustrate them. The best way to attain this problem is to only tag a term if the users searching that topic, they would find it helpful. 

  • Avoid plagiarism when creating hashtags for the campaign:

It is super-important that before and after you create a hashtag for your campaign, check it over the web, it shouldn’t collide with any of the existing hashtags. 

In all, your hashtags should look like this 

 creating hashtags

This was all for the hashtags this week! I will be back with the best topic for you the next week. Till then you can join our webinars specially designed for all the learners out there looking for a brighter and better career. Have a great Lockdown Sunday!
Have a great Lockdown Sunday

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