The Ultimate Compilation of Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing to Survive

The Ultimate Compilation of Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing to Survive

I am back with the knowledge corner for this week! And, it is time when we all should focus on the rosy prospects and just stay at home! With the ‘work from home’ culture not being a taboo anymore, at least for our seniors, not for our parents, because they surely can see our eating habits and want us to go out ASAP.

Jokes apart, do you know? Which industry is least affected by this pandemic? It is the digital marketing industry

It is the reality of life, we have boarded on a technology-dependent world and it is an ever-changing, and ever-growing world. One of the most important reasons why digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing is because the world has become digitally-abled!


Another reason why the MNCs and small businesses are turning towards the digital marketing world is that the money they invest has good returns! Digital marketing is infinitely more affordable and trustworthy than traditional marketing. The message you wish to send to your customers reaches within microseconds and that too to a wider audience. 

Pay attention to the brick and mortar stores transforming into e-commerce sites and the small businesses instead of opening a shop are using social media platforms to sell their products! 

digital marketing world

There is a reason behind all these, and we will explore them today in this ‘knowledge corner’. 

Let’s begin the countdown of the benefits of digital marketing - 

01. Level up the game:

Do you remember the time when a single cheat code used to revive us in the game of vice city? Well, it is the same happiness! Yes, taking up digital marketing evens out the game between the small businesses and the big brands. It allows and gives chances to both equally to gain attention and drive their business sales. 

So, digital marketing gives a fair chance to compete! If you feel like you have a business that cannot compete with the top leading brands, and you will be ultimately overshadowed, then this isn’t the case, you can be the top brand too. Simply learn the tricks and tips to rank higher, to make a good social media presence and you will be seen brighter and wider in front of your target audience. Yes, digital marketing does magic!

02. Saves bucks:

Another equally important reason why digital marketing is the need of the hour! It is affordable. The money you spend on a pizza can be used to put up a paid ad for your business. Moreover, all you have to do to reach your audience is to send an email or put up a social media campaign. 

The small businesses have very little resources and even capitalization! This is why digital marketing is a profitable, beneficial and risk-free path to get a chance to be out there in limelight. 

Do you know? - 40% of businessmen claimed to have saved significant costs by choosing digital marketing for the promotion of products and services.

 digital marketing for the promotion of products and services

It is proven that digital marketers get better cost per leads than other methods!

And, this is why about 28% of businessmen are choosing to shift towards digital marketing from traditional marketing. I hope many of you will understand the need for this industry is growing, nothing can stop it and people will choose it to market their products and services, which ultimately increases the job openings!

(Students, can you pay attention! Multiple jobs await you after the lockdown or maybe now? Digital, right!)

03. Assured conversions:

The businesses that have chosen the digital marketing channel to market their product and services online get assured conversions! And, why not everything that you need to achieve can be done online. If your business is already thriving in traditional marketing, you will be missing out on numerous leads, subscribers, clients, and sales.

The most straightforward way to not miss on it is by going for digital marketing! The measured success is defined by the percentage rate of incoming traffic that gets converted into leads, subscribers and ultimately sales. 

And, for this, all you need is streamlining your business towards good campaigns that drive instant leads. With the use of the right digital marketing tools and techniques like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and email marketing, one can achieve immeasurable success.

04. Better days, better revenues guaranteed:

“Companies using digital marketing strategies have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy!”

What is a better place other than the internet to showcase your products and services and to put them on sale? No other channel has the power that digital marketing has. It reaches a wider audience and ensures that people get converted to leads and finally the business receives the growth. 

If you are the one with small business or medium enterprises then here it is, you have 3.3 times better chances to expand the business. 

05. Your customers are online:

Are you avoiding digital marketing? Then, it is high time that you move your focus towards digital marketing. 

You ask why? Well, the main thing is that your customers and potential customers are already online. They are surfing through your competitor’s account! Or they might be looking for a business like yours! So, if they don’t find you online, probably they will go for someone else and you lose your business growth. This is how things are going down for people who have still not opted for digital marketing. Because if someone has an interest in your business, they will go online to search for you, and that curiosity if not fed with the online presence you will lose a lot of customers. 

Moreover, digital marketing facilitates interaction with the targeted audience!

targeted audience

Interacting with the customers can guide you with what they are actually looking for and you can accordingly plan your future digital marketing strategies! Other benefits that you and your business get are - 

  • Effective and precise targeting. 
  • Increased customer satisfaction. 
  • Marketing efficiency and quick results. 
  • Increased brand awareness. 
  • Increased brand credibility. 

06. Digital marketing caters mobile users:

“40% of online transactions are done using a mobile device!”

Yes! Everyone is on their phones traveling from one application/website to another to find the perfect product online. Mobiles have changed how people used to shop. They are opting to buy from an Instagram page or a Facebook sale or from dedicated brand websites or from mobile applications and the major role is played by our hero - Digital marketing. 

07. Builds brand reputation, trust, and credibility:

“90% of respondents claim that they would trust information about a brand or product or service if the data comes from people they know!”

So what if no one knows your small business yet or you haven’t got the reach with the traditional marketing, it is time to switch to digital marketing. It will give you a sound online presence through which customers will come to you. All you have to do is go for the best social media marketing and build a good, well-integrated website and deliver the best products and services to the customers coming to you. 

Builds brand reputation

Digital marketing can bring customers to you but it doesn’t improve the quality of your products, so focus on your product and do digital marketing side by side. These potential customers will become the ones that buy from you and also then they will trust more if you have delivered the right products and services. 

Digital marketing will earn you BRAND TRUST and BRAND REPUTATION!

08. Digital marketing delivers better ROI:

With digital marketing, you get a steady flow of traffic that further converts in leads and sales. This ultimately turns into a better ROI. For this, all you have to do is analyze each campaign or ads you are running and accordingly find out whether they are beneficial or not. 

“For every dollar spent on email marketing, businesses get an ROI of $40.”

steady flow of traffic

This was all about the digital marketing treasures! Yes, you get the above-mentioned perks when you switch from traditional marketing to digital marketing. If interested, you can learn digital marketing in Udaipur at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia's fastest-growing digital marketing school and learn about the different modules of digital marketing, closely.

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