The Sovereign of Digital Marketing - Landing Pages

The Sovereign of Digital Marketing – Landing Pages

A Case Study of A Successful Campaign

You’ve got all the basic knowledge from our previous blog which was all about landing pages and how it improvises your digital marketing skills! Stirring the right ingredients to the top that is, amazing growth, amazing revenue, amazing leads, and amazing engagement!

Yeah, we ran out of words saying that! 

Amazing landing pages brews amazing results. 

A well-designed and well-integrated landing page can greatly increase conversions for your PPC or marketing campaigns! Fascinating, isn’t it?

In simplest terms, a landing page is a place a user ends up after clicking on a link on social media! This can get you the details for email marketing or for other marketing purposes. 

Rather than directing visitors from sources to your website, you can direct them to a greatly designed landing page that paves them to the way where you exactly wish them to be. It is all about a godly design that is topped with the right CTAs, simple design and less distraction so that the visitor navigates to the form smoothly and input all the information that helps you to convert these leads into customers. 

A Successful Campaign by Orionators for Miraj Labels

We will be discussing a successful campaign run by Orionators for Miraj Labels! The discussions and the kick-off meetings led us to design landing pages that drove mind-boggling results. 

The problem stated by Miraj Labels was as

  • They wanted leads and also wish to create a good wave in the fashion world to promote their hybrid fashionwear brand collection. 
  • Moreover, they stated that they want to do it by an event held especially for the fashion designer in Udaipur. 
  • Let people know that it is a multi-brand store. 
  • And, brand awareness.

The solution as given by the Orionators - With a productive ‘think, discuss, share’ session, the team members came up with the idea of -

  • Creating landing pages that ask the visitor/interested participants to fill-up the form. 
  • Not only this, everyone decided what would go up on the landing page and also on social media. 
  • A unique name for the event. 
  • Entire branding and marketing. 

They came up with a unique name - ‘Solasta’. And, created the following landing pages for generating leads and also making the event a big success.

The event was created to give a chance to the aspiring fashion cravers to be known as a brand and live their dreams. It was a seven-day fashion carnival where everyone got a chance to exhibit their three best designs on the runway. 

  • The landing page had a simple, concise and crisp structure. 
  • With a catchy line and a couple of creative CTAs.
  • The registration form included all the attributes that were required to be a part of the event from the visitors. 



About the event

Social Media Ads -

Linking the traffic through ads posted on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. The stories were shared and given a link to the landing page! It guided the traffic, i.e., targeted audience to the landing page for gaining leads. 



Success meter -

This is what Miraj Labels achieved with this simple yet effective landing page and the social media advertisement that led to this page! These were the impact of the campaign and the landing pages -


Landing page metrics - 

We reached to 110,908 people! And, the success rate was 84.62%. 


110,908 people landed on the landing page through the ad. 

If you are ready to get an insight into how to make a good landing page or you wish to learn more about it, then learn digital marketing course at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing institute. Get into the nitty-gritty of the different modules. Join us and know the tips and tricks to rank your websites and drive traffic to your site.

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