The New education policy

The New Education Policy Opens Door To Digital Marketing Learning

Where we all were struggling with the choice to make when we were in the 10th, i.e., whether to opt for science, commerce, and arts, here is the new education policy to ease out the entire process of learning!

On July 28, the government unveiled the new national education policy to transform the schools and colleges. It restructured the school education by setting out 3-6 years as pre-school age, and also dismisses the emphasis on board exams! 

Bridging the widest gap between the Indian and foreign universities, the unnecessary constraints on the students while choosing subjects have been diluted!

The new education policy aims at modifying the structure from 10 years + 2 years to 5+3+3+4 structure! Students now have the liberty to choose whatever subjects they want and go on with their passion. The multidisciplinary system of education will ensure that students do not have to constraint and strain their minds out while choosing subjects. 

Resultantly, they have the freedom to choose whatever subject they want and in turn, commence on their ride towards a brighter future all built on the foundation of dreams. 

The provision of starting internships as early as class 6, will help the students to get on the track before time reducing the unnecessary time that they used to waste in learning things that they didn’t want to, but had to!

It was a much-needed step in the education system. 

education system

What does this new education policy ensure?

  • It will ensure a strong base for children starting from their primary years!
  • Vocational training (technical education) and coding in an institution will help the children to explore, learn, and get acquainted with the life skills prior. 
  • Get themselves familiarize with the world outside the classrooms. 
  • A flexible learning system increases the chances of educating children with the latest ongoing trends that are profitable for their future. 

This has been the most promising changes, we are moving towards a more flexible, more creative, and more holistic development of our children. 

Step outside the four walls of classroom, the children can explore the digital world too!

Yes, with the new education policy, your children make space for learning and pursue certification at a very young age. Even a 6th grader can step into our digital marketing institution and get learning!

Learn for their future, and get acquainted with the digital marketing world!

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

The Scope of Digital Marketing in India!

In 2020, India has seen a surge in the growth of digital marketing, people who once surpassed and ignored digital marketing for their business/brand have now understood why online presence matters. 

In today’s digital era each and everyone irrespective of their gender, age, or location, want to learn digital marketing! Why?

India has the most job openings in the digital marketing sector!

The number of job openings has grown exponentially, hence a career in digital marketing in India is gaining relevance. 

Naukri application and the timesjobs application alone have job openings of about 1,72,666 and 2,94,530 respectively. Even if your kid has different plans, the digital marketing certification will help them get the exposure, and to crack into high-profile job opportunities anywhere!

The Career in Digital Marketing in India!

Learning digital marketing will give the children various job opportunities! They will learn about the ongoing market, the search engine optimization skills, the social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram which is in fact loved by them a lot, and also website designing and development. 

This gives a holistic development to the children and lets them explore the horizon of opportunities. 

How our digital marketing learning makes children ready for their future?

01. Opportunities to Unleash Creativity:

Kids are creative! We can clearly see this from their presence on social media, their thoughts, and their creativity is beyond everything. And, we at Orionators school of learning, provide them the right platform to trigger the creativity. 

They can showcase their talent on the right platform, and feel happy about what they are doing. They will explore that social media platforms are more than just posting a picture, it is a place to market, and it revolves around the good content. 

Digital marketing is an exciting field! This doesn’t mean that the other jobs are boring, but here you discover your skills and also unveil the creativity trapped inside. So, if your children are creative in their work rather than letting them go on the road that has been chosen by everyone, guide them to learn digital marketing. 

02. Exposure, exposure, exposure:

Yes, with the new education policy, the students have a lot of time to find the person inside them, and learning is the best way. Once they get into the digital marketing institute, they will be freer to express and leave the shyness behind, as everyone comes up with ideas, and queries, and even make new contacts. 

We at orionators school of learning, provide exposure to the children! We guide them right, we ask them to participate equally, and also experiment with the digital marketing skills they’ve learned on LIVE projects. 

digital marketer


03. Many career options:

Digital marketing is an ocean, and with the new education policy, your children can swim all through the ocean to explore amazing career options. 

At the end of the digital marketing learning, there is a doorway to beautiful streams! Want to become a social media marketer? You will! Want to know how to make a website? You will!

These are just a few. When you enter the digital marketing institute you get to learn many things - content writing, website development, SEO, SMM, affiliate, everything that makes you market-ready. 

And, once ready, you have access to numerous job roles available within each stream. You can become a content creator, web developer, social media manager, an SEO expert, a skilled affiliate marketer, and many more things. 

The possibilities are immeasurable when you learn Digital Marketing, and you get the chance to explore a lot here!

This is a much-awaited change and people have already started what plans they have for their children to make them ready for their future! Seek a revolutionary change and move forth towards a brighter future for your kids. This was all about how education policy change can give amazing benefits, and also how it gives opportunities to seek certification courses, internship, and learning the core marketing skills. 

If you are eager to learn any of these techniques or the entire marketing or how to please your customer, irrespective of your business size or genre, then learn digital marketing courses at the OSL – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing school. We dig deep into the different modules. Join us and know the basics, tips, and tricks to all the modules including social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and website design and development!

Hey, don’t forget to look at our online short courses range! Learn skills and get ahead of the race. 

They are just for INR 499/- and completely curated for you!

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