The Knowledge Corner - Learn About Digital Marketing on Facebook Group

The Knowledge Corner – Learn About Digital Marketing on Facebook Group

Answer this -

Do you belong to at least one Facebook group?


Creative posts being shared, a line up of job openings and a lot that is going around in your city, is what you get on your groups right? Or probably a memory from your school shared by your friends?

Well, this was all fun, but have you ever thought that Facebook groups can be the best hotspot for your business?

If you haven’t thought about it, then now is the right time to think about it. 

Because Facebook Group marketing is going to grow in 2020 and it will never stop for the upcoming years too!

Today, in this blog, me, ‘sassyscribbler’, will show you how to leverage a Facebook group for your company! Welcome to the knowledge corner for this week. 

And, no it is not about creating a group, and inviting friends and relatives to join it, the group is all about digital marketing, not you!

But before we start guiding you with 6 clever ways to do so, know why it is super-important for businesses to step into the Facebook groups for digital marketing. 

Why Facebook Group marketing is super important?

Facebook groups bring everyone together! And, this is the reason why they need your attention in the first place. 

 Fafacebook Group marketing

These will be the benefits if you use Facebook Groups for Business -

01. More organic reach: 

Did you order some organic reach?

Facebook algorithm is at your back, looking for group posts!

Yes, you read it right! Facebook prioritizes content from groups that users frequently engage with. So, if you constantly publish to a group and getting likes or reactions to it, then you’re about to the feed into the Facebook algorithm.

1.4 billion people use Facebook Groups and there are more than 10 million groups!

And, this is the reason why Facebook groups are the weapon to get more engagement, more organic reach!

02. Connects the audience directly to you:

It is a research done on the Facebook Group that nearly half of the consumers simply join private communities so they can engage and communicate with the brands directly!

Connects the audience directly

So, take advantage of it! They are interested in your content, they’re willing to know your services and products, and also wish to know how it is useful to them. 

This is the best way to build brand credibility and also get maximum engagement. Facebook groups are the best way to meet your loyal customers and to-be customers. 

03. A worthy relationship with customers:

With Facebook group adhering to people posting from their personal accounts, this allows a lot of opportunities to engage with potential customers closely! And, why not, even I would connect to a genuine account more rather than a brand. 

Moreover, you will be answering, and commenting and posting through your personal account which will be real for everyone in that group and they will be intact with your brand more. 

A worthy relationship with customers

And, with that people are more likely to share it more as it will be posted by their friend or a human friend!

So, these were the benefits! 

“More engagement, More Organic Reach, More Sales, More and More Benefits!”

What else do we need for a business to be successful?

And, this is all done by Facebook Group merged with Digital Marketing!


Now, let me unveil the 4 smart, and sharp-witted ways to use Facebook groups for marketing! 


01. Create a Facebook group for business:

For first, create a Facebook group! Set the ground rules! Ask yourself, what are your goals? What do you expect the members to post? What are the guidelines to keep everything in check?

It is very crucial that everything is clear and up-to-the-mark! For instance, you can include these rules - 

  • Positive comments, feedback, and conversations welcomed.
  • Taking a strong stand on bullying and hate speech. 
  • Not entertaining spams and irrelevant links. 
  • Respecting the privacy of each and every member. 

After you are done with this! It is time to set up a gift for your members!

02. Provide value to your customers:

Reward your customers and make them feel super special and this can be done for people who have already bought your products! This ultimately lures in the potential customers to buy your products and avail the gifts given to the customers. 

Connect to the audience through gifts and rewards! This will open up conversations and engagement on your group’s posts. For instance, you can include a link on your page or send emails inviting customers to join!

Every 20 Minutes, 1 million links are shared!

03. Build your community:

Don’t forget that you are in the Facebook group for marketing and it’s about your brand, not you. A group should be about the members and how the posts can provide value to the customers or Facebook users. 

04. Build relationships:

Build up relationships with your audiences and also big brand ambassadors so that you can deal with your products and services much better. Keep in touch with your biggest fans, talk to them via comments and ask them to participate more in the contests held by your brand or you can ask them for their emails for further regular emails or newsletters. 

This way you can build up your crowd and also increase your sales! Plus, it also improves brand credibility and raises awareness. 

This was all about the knowledge corner this week! We’ve learned about what is Facebook group marketing and how it can benefit. Along with this, we have also discovered a few tricks that can be used to increase engagement. If interested, you can learn digital marketing in Udaipur at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia's fastest-growing digital marketing school and learn about the different modules including Facebook marketing, closely. 

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