The Beginner’s Guide to the Hashtag Game!

More Likes, More Followers with the right Hashtag Game!

The cross-hatched symbol that we have all noticed has a hidden story behind it. A story of plugging the post just in the right place with the right hashtags, moreover a story of the best social media strategy!

If you are a vivid social media platform user, be it twitter, Instagram or any other platform, you might see a short word or a keyword preceded by ‘#’. It might seem confusing and unnecessary, but it is doing a lot of work. 

Want to see how? 

Open up your Instagram, click on any top Instagram hashtag or click on any hashtag given on a post, you will be able to see posts related to it. 

Yes, when used on a social media platform like Instagram and Twitter, hashtags function as a way to categorize the content. It will collect all the public posts and photographs that use the same hashtag and put them in a category. 

How simple to reach a wider audience, right?

Simply attach one trending top Instagram hashtag on your own photo or video, and it will be discoverable to anyone searching the same hashtag. 

Similarly, on Twitter, this ‘#’ sign turns into a searchable link that directly organizes content into a category that also has a similar topic. For instance, if you’re writing something about the COVID-19 then you would mention #covid19 in your posts. 

Fun fact - 

A post with at least one top Instagram hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than those with no hashtags. 

Yes! Hashtag game strong = great branding and great growth!

What is a hashtag?

When you search it on Google, it shows this - 


Hashtags, before it became a term and was even added to the Oxford English Dictionary, hashtags were simply the pound symbol!

In 2007, Twitter began to use this sign as a method of indexing keywords, this was done to facilitate good search results. And, after that most of the social media platforms initiated leveraging hashtags for the same purpose. 

Why hashtags should be importantly used?

You will run out of fingers while counting the importance of hashtags! These are the best to get a hoard of traffic on your posts and also to your account!

your account

I can’t write them all, but here are the three reasons 

  • Increased engagement -

Using Instagram hashtags or using hashtags on other social media platforms that rank and categorize hashtags in a different category, can greatly increase awareness and also engagement! ‘How’, you ask? People would see your public posts if you use the trending hashtags and if they like it, they will share it, and this promises more engagement and awareness too. For instance, if you have a post for the awareness of ‘COVID-19’ or Coronavirus then you have to use the #covid19 or #coronavirus importantly. 

“Twitter reported that brands who use hashtags see a 50 percent increase in engagement  compared to those who don’t.”

Using hashtags shows positive impact on your number of retweets! Some of them have also found that including hashtags 55% increased the retweets and shares. However, when including the hashtags, social media strategies have to be used and also the hashtags that are beneficial encircles your brand/products/services and have proven results!

  • Brand building:

Instagram hashtags or hashtags on twitter, these guarantee an effective way to build your brand! It can be done by introducing new products or generating a campaign that encircles your business or generating interest for your business. 

Brand building

Here’s a good example of our favorite and a dream car for many - Audi! A unique hashtag - #WantAnR8 came into action. It was done when a while back, R8 released! A twitter user named Joanne McCoy used this hashtag to let the brand know how badly she wanted this car. 

And, to everyone surprise, 

to everyone surprise

the brand gave her a surprise by letting her drive the beautiful R8 for an entire day. 

(I secretly wish to be Joanne!)

The hashtag was later used by the brand to promote its car launch! And, the twitter hashtag started trending, people starting using it and also the brand surprised a few of them by letting them drive it for a day. 

By this, we understand how - 

A simple hashtag can build the brand, generate excitement and also promote the launch of a car or any product/service!

There are a few more you can look for! Like the #ShareACoke by Coca-Cola where the brand came up with the idea of sharing a coke by offering personalized labels for bottles! This way they increased the engagement multiple folds.

  • Find your audience in a jiffy:

Not just the above-mentioned benefits, the use of Twitter hashtags, Instagram hashtags or anywhere where there is hashtag indexing, they can help you find your target audience!


Find your audience in a jiffy

Moreover, they will find you and your brand! And, these can be done by simply including hashtags in your captions and post! It is effective within social media sites like Instagram, and Twitter! You can follow a hashtag and see all the posts that use them. 

For instance, if someone follows the hashtag #traveling, they will see all the recent posts that have that hashtag in their feed. 

Find your audience


Hashtag Supported Platforms -

There are only few platforms that support hashtags! And, these are - Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other platforms. 

01. Twitter Hashtags -

Twitter hashtags are the first ones to come into action! The hashtags are more versatile on this platform than others. Twitter hashtags are mainly used to denote the topic or debate or a topic that strikes conversations. You can always view the trending hashtags on the ‘Trends’ sidebar of your feed. It is curated according to your taste and searches. 

02. Instagram Hashtags -

Instagram’s hashtags can be used in the captions! Yes, you can use them in the caption to complement photos shared on Instagram and this will let you be discovered in the same hashtag genre. 

Moreover, if someone finds you under that hashtag and loves your post then you can get a follower and also get a like! Whenever you search for a hashtag, you can see how many posts are there on that particular Instagram hashtag and also you can find the other relating hashtags. 

03. Pinterest Hashtags -  

On this platform, hashtags are used to mark and search for content. When you click on the hashtag in a pin description then you see results that contain the exact hashtag, and also pins with the same word or phrase used in their description. 

These were about the top social media platforms in which the hashtags are being used for long. There are more platforms that now use the hashtags to categorize content and this can be beneficial for those who want to gain engagement on their posts and also build brand awareness. 

Tip - 

Use a unique hashtag for your campaign to make it viral and famous among the audience!


Curious about what’s trending on Instagram Hashtags today, then I am here with the list that you can see and use in your posts to gain maximum engagement. 

Top Instagram Hashtags Today -

On Twitter, you can find the separate column where the trending hashtags are given with the volume at which they are being used in the tweets!

Like the Lockdown 2.0 is being used in about 11.5K tweets and similarly others. 

Top Instagram Hashtags

You can use various methods to find the Instagram hashtags, for instance, you can see what your competitors are using, you can explore the hashtag tab in the trending feed, and you can even use the ones which relate to your business and also use your brand’s unique hashtags. 

So this was all about your introduction to the hashtag world! They are super-important and are used by various social media platforms to take the trending game a lot higher. 

Hashtags are the icing on the cake! Don’t forget to add extra flavor and amazing presentation! Drive immense traffic, get more engagement and be on the trend list by indulging in the right, and trending hashtags.  If interested, you can learn digital marketing in Udaipur at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia's fastest-growing digital marketing institute and learn about the different modules of digital marketing, closely.

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