Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The Internet had an intense effect on mankind! It has not only affected the way we live, but it has also strikingly affected our working lifestyle. Long before the concept of 4 hours work week, we all had the desire to work less and earn more. 

Who doesn’t wish to be a digital nomad? A nomad that wanders around, visits places he/she love while also earning a lot of money during the journey. 

And, affiliate marketing is the best way you can achieve this dreamy digital journey and also leave behind the 9 to 5 job. 

Imagine getting up to a notification like this - 

notification like this

Amazing, isn’t it? Simply by promoting other people’s products through an affiliate network, you earn a commission on each purchase made through your marketing.

So, if affiliate marketing fascinates you, then you are the right place. We will talk about what is affiliate marketing, why you should opt for it, and how to start it!

For first, let’s dive deep into the long-winded definition of affiliate marketing. 

“Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting the products or services of other companies or persons in exchange for a commission on the resulting sale.”

So basically, you find a reputable affiliate product you like and promote it to others through marketing and earn profits with each purchase. It helps you untether the shackles of corporate responsibilities and get into a comfort zone with your job. 

You’re independent and have no thresholds to be met like in the corporate world. But the key is - “The more you sell, the more you earn.”

What is the beauty of affiliate marketing?

Well, for first, there are no boundaries in both trying to get audiences and in achieving a particular goal! You can go limitless with your ideas to advertise a product and set your individual goals. Plus, you can select and work for multiple companies at the same time. 

Easy-peasy, isn’t it? But how do you begin with the affiliate marketing! For beginners, it is super-important to have thorough knowledge about the basics. If you are basics aren’t clear and crisp, you’ll not be able to dip your hands in ample profits. 

It isn’t as easy as it seems. You must have a significant platform and numerous audience! You have to invest your time and your creative outlook because if there is no traffic on your platform, there would be no sales and you end up earning nothing. 

So, coming back to the point, how to start affiliate marketing if you are a beginner. Get ready with your pens and note down the important steps - 

1. Understand the different terms related to affiliate marketing:

First and foremost, know about the difference between affiliate marketing merchant and affiliate marketer. 

  • Merchant -

Also known as the vendor, the seller, the brand, the creator, or the retailor! This the party that would ‘have to have’ the products. It can be a startup or a big brand, anyone that creates products. 

For instance, Amazon is a hub of all the products like beauty products to electronic items. It is the merchant! They don’t have to be actively involved in the program other than providing products that you could market and also the commission that you earn if anyone makes a purchase. 

  • Affiliate -

The publisher or the affiliate marketer is the individual or entire company that earns money by promoting one or multiple affiliate products to potential customers and convincing them to buy merchant’s products. The earning will be as per your contribution. 

Here is how the cycle works - 

how the cycle works

Still not clear? Read this - 

  • If you have any product or service that you wish to sell to more customers then you go for finding the best promoters or publishers to advertise the service. This means you are an affiliate marketing merchant. 
  • If you are the person that actively promote and advertise the products and service of a merchant, then you are a marketer.

2. Choose the product type you wish to promote

The next step is to be aware of the product types that you think is of your type or you can successfully promote via affiliate marketing. You can try the popular platforms that provide this program like Flipkart, and Amazon. They provide a wide range of product lists to choose from. 

Find the one that is best suited for you! Make sure you choose a genre that you are familiar with. This process of choosing a product type is called ‘niche’. Ensure checking the commission rates on each site and compare for the best to go with. 

3. Create a website:

As now you are aware of the basic terms and the product type that you love to promote or advertise, it is time to create a space to do all of it! Yes, a website! It is considered as the most powerful way to get onto the minds of potential customers. You can promote affiliate links on it. 

It is one of the most credible ways to advertise. The credibile-relationship with the audience will help you create a bond with them. Be creative with the approach and introduce good content to them such that people prefer choosing the products or services recommended by you. 

4. Sign up in the affiliate marketing program:

Next thing after creating a website is signing up for the affiliate program! Go for the ones that provide the highest commissions for the selected product category. You can check the commission rates provided by the Amazon affiliate program and Flipkart on their site. 

5. Add affiliate links to your blog or website:

Here are the steps to add affiliate links onto your blog or website -

  • First, you need to log in to your affiliate program, for instance, Amazon. 
  • Search for a product that you are looking forth to promote by entering a keyword. Click the option you want to use in the Amazon associates site strip. 
  • Copy the code for the link.
  • Simply paste this link in your blog post or social media or on your website where you wish to promote products. 

    Add affiliate links to your blog  

6. Turn your advertising game on:

Now it is your time to show your affiliate marketing skills! Write content encircling the product. Focus on how to use, what are the benefits and any other topic that is interesting from the reader’s perspective.

Build a relationship with the audience! It is a must to know different ways to do so because from this you will get the traffic and end up earning money. You can go for email marketing, PPC advertisement and placing advertisements on different websites. 

Final words - 

Affiliate marketing is a slow and steady process, but once you get into it there’s no going back! You will get used to the earning and why not, it is the easiest and the most comfortable job unlike the boring 9 to 5 jobs where you have to meet deadlines on a regular basis. Be patient, use different techniques to promote the products and services and earn good customers. I repeat, the more you sell, the more you earn. 

If you are looking forth to learn digital marketing or you wish to know more about the different modules including affiliate marketing, then learn it from Orionators School of Learning. Join us and know the nitty-gritty of digital marketing modules.

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