How to get your ads go viral among millions of people across the internet?

How to Get your Ads Go Viral Among Millions of People Across the Internet?

Getting your ads visible to the majority of the audience seems like a difficult and tedious task, but with Google Display Network inside the Google AdWords, it is far simpler than you can ever imagine. Wait! Don’t rush to Google searching for this alien term “Google Display Network”. Stay! We are here to brief you with all the basics you need to know to be friends with this term. 

What is GDN?

The Google Display Network is designed to help you reach out to your right audience while they are browsing their favorite websites, videos or other online sites using mobile devices or other systems. It provides you with targeting options that strategically drop your message to your potential customers at the right time, without being irritating. 

How GDN does that?


It leverages your existing audiences to find out similar audience who might also be keen to know about your product/service. It even lets you use remarketing lists, so that you can count on your loyal customers time and again that once showed interest in your brand. 

Not only this, but GDN also aids big time in scoring more conversions using automated targeting.  It automatically spots out the high-performing audience from the existing ones and automatically adjusts your bid for the ad to yield you highest possible ROI (Return on Investment). Adding more to goodness, smart display campaigns coupled with automated targeting & bidding with creative to boost up the conversions.  

Oh, nice! What kind of ads can we create on this GDN?

Following are the types of ads that you can run on the Google display network for getting wider audience attention:

1. Responsive Ads: 


These ads are partially automated, to create which you will have to enter ad text, images, logo and Google will take care of the performance of that ad thereafter. Google makes sure those ads blend well with the publisher’s site automatically.

2. Uploaded image ads:

To get more control options as compared to the former type, you can upload Ads of varying sizes as per your choice.

3. Engagement inducing ads:

These types of ads run videos or images on YouTube across the Display Network.

4. Gmail Ads:

These ads are displayed as expandable ads on the top most panel of Gmail Inbox.

Who Decides the Schedule for these Ads?

When people search for certain goods or services, display network automatically reaches out to them with your ads if relevant. Google even sometimes puts these ads in front of people, way before they start searching; this kinda reminds them of something relevant that needs their attention. 

This way your ads run with the help of GDN, and you can check what web pages your ads are shown on and which ones are earning you high returns on investment. If you apply any changes to ads, that would reflect in 12-24 hours. Therefore, it is advisable to setup your campaign a few days before the planned launch date.  

To add more to your knowledge, we can enlighten you further with these most frequently asked questions about GDN. Take a look!

1. What Types of Campaigns can be Set up using GDN?

a. Managed Placements:

You manage where you want your ads to be placed, for which you submit a list of websites where you want your ads to show. If those ads are in GDN and if your bid is satisfactorily high, then your ads will be shown. 


b. Contextually Targeted:

In this type, instead of submitting the list of sites to publish your ads on, you submit themes. Themes indicate the type of content on a particular page, which if relevant to your ad content, show your ads on those pages. This way Google increases the ad relevancy, for example, if someone searched for shoes, they won’t be shown you ad, which has content related to cap.

c. Topic Targeting:

We know Google indexes every page on the basis of categories. And every category is sub-listed under a wider topic. For eg. Business news, denim outfits, etc. These are wider categories or topics. So in this type of campaign you can submit to Google the list of topics that are relevant to your niche, thus giving you more precise control to ensure good results. Topic targeting is very easier and much more effective.

2. What can be the Most Common Mistakes People make while using Display Network Campaigns?

a. Forgetting to choose the specific GDN campaign type:

When you sign up for Adwords campaign, Google automatically opts your ad in for both Search as well as Display network.  Although this is not a drawback, it limits your powers to optimize those ads later. And therefore it is advisable to carefully set up the campaigns.

b. Limited aiming leading to limited reach:

Talking about Contextual Targeting, if you do not give enough themes to Google relevant to your ad type, then your ad will not be a part of many AdGroups. This limits your ads potential reach by not showing is to enough people and thus giving a major pitfall.

c. Forgetting to maintain the campaign after it goes live:

You can’t simply set up a campaign and then just forget about it. No matter how meticulously you chose the filters, you still will be exposed to large junk traffic. So you will have to keep updating and improving your campaign by managing it further, so that you actually target more specifically, thus getting high return on Investment.

3. What types of businesses must make use of Display Network?

Almost every type of business can use GDN for ads display. Image ads work amazingly well for your website if your products need visual attention and you have also got some great incentive to offer.

But to state a fact, GDN works better for services rather than for Ecommerce websites. But if strategized well, it can be a profitable option for anyone amongst the two. If your business has a small AD budget, we would not recommend using GDN for ads. Because, to be able to manage ad, you need to have data and to have data you firstly need to have clicks. Also, if your website has no means to calculate conversions, then GDN is not recommended.

4. Can having a separate landing page for Display Network Campaign boost your campaign performance?


We all know how important it is to have your lading page well synchronized with your ad, so you can certainly tailor-make another landing page for display network and for the search network. Although it is not important to have the entire look of the landing page changed, only a subtle difference in content and imagery may work.

So, this was the key to getting millions of ad views with the help of the Google Display Network. Before closure, we would also like to drop you a pro-tip:

**Never just run 2-3 ads in your campaign of GDN, in fact, run 10 ads and then take the top two performers and then create landing pages for them that target more specifically**

There are more technical metric and terms that you need to learn before being able to improvise and leverage GDN effectively. 

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