StyleSnap: latest innovation from Amazon Fashion

Amazon StyleSnap: The feature that makes people buy things by just Snapping

There are hundreds of speculations coming around with Amazon stealing the thunder with outstanding StyleSnap feature. And why not, aren’t we marketers the people who sell ‘user-experience the key to successful ecommerce business” thing.

It is truly amazing how Amazon’s Style Snap will up the game for others to follow. Surely Amazon has played hard this time and is going to remain for another few years. Augmented Reality and Artificial intelligence in many industries have done a splendid job. Take real estate for an example or basic engineering. Go for medical science and you will find it there, education yes, it is there too. There is no industry left in this tech-eruption, but today it is all about eCommerce.

So, what is this latest innovation from Amazon Fashion everyone is going gaga for?

The past week ecommerce headlines were painted by the Amazon’s re:MARS 2019 Conference where it announced a new in-app feature dubbed as StyleSnap. The feature allows users to take a photo or upload a screenshot of any item of clothing to give you the results of similar product matches. So, the AI-powered feature uses image recognition that allows you to search for things by a mere click of the camera. Amazon’s StyleSnap feature helps you get recommendation of similar items on Amazon, that match the photo. Not only that, the feature is equipped to take a large variety of factors into consideration such as brand, price range, customer reviews and more.  

A lot like Pinterest with a twist of Amazon amaze

Yes, it is similar to Pinterest Lens Tool and functions a lot like it. But that is the best thing about technology is isn’t it, you can imitate it to build something entirely good and different. Innovating or replicating customer experience is surely evolved by this feature which is a good thing. And in the competitive boundaries, it is all about profits and that is how your worth is scaled.

So reimaging and inspiring fashion is something okay as it can work in profits for both Amazon and Pinterest. But yes, with this reframing it would be interesting to see who dominates the market. With Amazon already wearing the turf, we can’t say how Pinterest will be able to compete it.

Closely inspecting, we found that the feature will not be in regular use for now. But having something this good in an ecommerce application, will surely up the ante for the rest to follow.

We dubbed it as the new way of one-click shopping, the way to shop for clothes with StyleSnap Amazon. Amazon is one of the most trusted shopping applications, in terms of user experience, security and a lot more.  Pinterest sure is good but it is still very new to establish that kind of faith amongst users. Purchase flow and process is still a big thing to work on for Pinterest to become something as big of a name like Amazon.

Snapchat Angle

So, Snapchat started testing the option last September, and there aren’t many updates since then. With Amazon bringing in StyleSnap you can consider it as an extension of the snap camera feature it used for giving away similar product matches.

There is no doubt that Amazon has had plenty of time bringing the AI camera feature into its processes before introducing StyleSnap. There are about 560 products currently on the platform and mostly they have a visual product example, it was a good thing they utilized that big of a data to add value into the user experience.


SnapStyle is a good addition specifically with the lifestyle images. If the function works as good as advertised, we can look forward to a fashionable segment of consumer experience evolving.

Also, another thing that has dragged our attention is the small fishes that cannot invest into the technologies such as AR and AI and now that big players have moved onto them, it has become competitively more challenging for them.

Also, more big ecommerce fishes will be sooner or later start investing and adapting to the trend and as Pinterest launched the IPO and started on the establishment there is a raging risk of a major competition.

It is still to see what Amazon will do now that it too is in the game and Pinterest is not at the lone leverage. We would end with the not saying, the air in the ecommerce competition balloon is getting hotter than ever.

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