Strengthen Your Strategic Planning with Twitter’s Event Calendar for June

Strengthen Your Strategic Planning with Twitter’s Event Calendar for June

New brands and conversations are constantly unfolding on twitter. But right now, amid the perplexities of the global pandemic, the twitter calendars are looking the way they used to. Hopefully, there are some positive signs and twitter has come up with an event calendar for June that has all the buzz-worthy dates and events that you can plan on. 

It’s here and all those who’re looking for an escape, you people can have a look at the opportunities and events coming up this month!

Twitter’s Event Calendar for June

Source: Twitter

Every month twitter comes up with a calendar with some specific dates and events so that you don’t miss out on what’s happening around in the world. Firstly, you need to mark all the dates and events coming up, so that you’re prepared for them. Here’s a brief to some specific events highlighted by twitter:

  • Pride month: Twitter has urged all the brands to express their gratitude and support via messages that depict a point of view.
  • Best Friends Day: According to twitter this is an amazing opportunity for creative promotions.
  • Summer Solstice: An opportunity for all to connect with their audience through posts that captures feelings of summertime. 
  • National Selfie Day: Ask your audience to share pictures where they’re using your products or how they’re loving your brand.
  • Father’s Day: Create ideas for exclusive sales and user-generated content.
  • Social Media Day: You can’t miss this as this is how you connect with your audience.

Events might not be much, but you know how to grab a chance! The definition of celebration has slightly changed during these challenging days of the pandemic. The world is on hold and people are badly looking for an escape! They’re looking for different ways to connect and you have the golden opportunity to connect with them amid the ongoing restrictions. It’s time, either be the victim of the circumstances or be victorious in the fight! Also, it’s a great opportunity to strengthen your strategic planning and increase operational efficiency, market share, and not to forget the profitability of the business. Isn’t it?

Strategic planning helps you prepare beforehand and it lets you initiate influence rather than just blindly responding to the situations. Dive into the benefits and you’ll know how!

01. Establishes direction 

It establishes the realistic goals of the company and defines the purpose while providing a base from which progress can be measured.

02. Increases market share and profitability

By crafting a dedicated strategic plan, the company gets valuable insights into different market trends, consumer segments, and buying patterns. If you have a well-planned and targeted approach, then a clear strategic intent can be channeled into sales and marketing efforts which leads to an increased possibility of market share and profitability. 

03. Be proactive instead of reactive

The current dynamic business environment demands every business to have a great strategic plan. Strategic planning can take your business ahead of the curve and on the top of the trending list too. 

Overall, strategic planning can make your business more sustainable as it takes into account the potential opportunities and trends happening around the world. So, with this, you can make the best use of the opportunity given by twitter as it releases its calendar for June. Why miss any of the days whether its #worldemojiday or the great Olympics? This is the best time to connect with your audience and getting a little closer to them while maintaining the distancing regulations in mind. 

Make it a month to remember!

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