Somethings You Believe Aren’t True - Instagram Myths Debunked!

Somethings You Believe Aren’t True – Instagram Myths Debunked!

In continuation with the previous blog, I’ve come up with the next set of myths that you believe. Instagram is the second most accessed network after Facebook, and no matter what, people can’t get enough of it. 

They choose it for shopping, for memes, for sharing photographs, and to explore and follow their favourite brands. And, this is where all the Instagram Marketing game begins. 

Instagram is the center stage for marketing. Why?

  • It has high engagement rates.
  • You can easily connect with your brand’s target audience. 
  • You can sell products directly to your customers.
  • You can create a good brand reputation.

In all, Instagram is the most potent juggernaut to connect with the audience and to break the sales target. 

But, there is a lot of myth around it that needs to be bashed immediately. Let’s begin -

MYTH 1 - Instagram Stories Are Not Important!

Instagram stories have always been a controversial topic amid the marketers, and they have been associated with the myth that these are not useful and cannot drive sales. Stories are equally crucial as posts. These are great for brand awareness and relationship building. 

You can go for posting a quiz on stories and get the engagement! People love participating in polls and contest, or true and false questionnaires.

Instagram Stories Are Not Important

Also, you can go for those swipe up to buy stories for making great sales. This allows easy access to people who are interested in your product/service and also a clean CTA that will enable users to see and click through the link to a website. Not to forget, the newest update of Instagram, they introduced a new sticker, named, SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS that can be used to get maximum exposure for your brand. Ask your friends, fellow-mates to post stories to get more followers and most importantly, to bring the audience to your page. 

MYTH 2 - Follower Count is What Counts in Marketing!

Okay, this is the most common myth that everyone finds real! Yes, it is true that follower count matters, but only if you are an influencer, and make a living out of likes, comments, and followers. Solely because, it gets you business, and you get to advertise products on your Instagram page. 

But if you are a brand/business, follower count doesn’t matter, what counts is ENGAGEMENT!

Followers count matters as it acts as social proof, and the more you have followers, the more you can use it to showcase your products/services to a large crowd. But, follower count isn’t essential measurement. As I’ve already stated, the ‘more people you engage’ matters. 

Engagement Rate = The number of engagement you receive ÷ Number of people who saw the post or total followers!
number of engagement

This engagement rate is used by Instagram to put your content/creative at the right position in the newsfeed. And, this ultimately results in boosting your follower number. So, be creative with your post, give something valuable, and you will, in turn, attract users. Never buy followers! Suppose the follower count still is problematic for you; in that case, you can use Visibility-Boosting Techniques like having contests, using more hashtags, going for paid ads, and sharing it in groups related to your business/brand.

Focus on engagement, follower count will follow you!

MYTH 3 - Fewer Hashtags Equals to Benefits!

No! It isn’t true. Yes, I told you in the previous blog that you don’t have to hashtag everything; this means, you have to use the ones that are relevant to your post, to your brand tone, and also those who have the most search volume (but related). On Twitter, you have to use fewer hashtags that is upto 2, but on Instagram, you can extend it upto 30 hashtags.
Fewer Hashtags Equals to Benefits

You can even use reach-oriented hashtags in the read more tag, as on Instagram, you are not restricted by character count. Also, on some posts, you can add hashtags in the comment section to make your post reach to your targeted audience. 

And, if you find yourself confused about what hashtags to use, you can visit different free hashtags tools that can give a list of top searched hashtags. 

MYTH 4 - Follow for Follow Works Amazingly!

Brands and businesses who are new to Instagram often follow this technique as they are in the thought of Increasing followers instantly. This works, but it comes with a drawback, some of the followers will unfollow you, once you unfollow them. Instead, focus on growing your organic followers and creating engaging campaigns rather than running after fake followers, and ‘follow for follow’ followers. 

Just Remember This - It might work, but they won’t participate in engaging with your content and engagement rate is super-important!

MYTH 5 - Quantity of Posts Should Be High!

Yet another myth that takes everything down! Never lower your quality and never run for quantity. If you are posting a single quality post/creative in one day, then it will be beneficial for you, rather than posting 4 irrelevant content on your Instagram. 

Run After Quality Not After Quantity

Give your audience something worthy and something that solves their pain point rather than flooding their feed. For this, you can follow a practice, create a social media content calendar for an entire month and write the posting date across each one of them. Don’t overstuff; just focus on quality and the objective behind each post. 

Rather than posting 3 posts a day, go for posting more stories and a post daily. 

digital marketing certified

These are some of the common Instagram marketing myths that I think you’ve heard! Make sure you put them all aside and focus on quality content that builds your brand and also takes you closer to your set sales goal. And, even the next time you believe anything, make sure you check the sources and the claims. 

Share your thoughts in the comment section below! We will love to solve your queries about the Instagram marketing things you believe!

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