Secret Disclosed – Know How To Create Result-Driven Social Media Campaign!


You got a notification on your mobile phone! Do you spend more than 6 hours on your smartphones, or are you normal?

People are always on their phone, either browsing through the Instagram feed or being active on Facebook. Every month, there are about 2 Billion active users on Facebook, and more than 1 Billion on Instagram, and this is why it is super-important that you know the value of Social Media for marketing. 

So many people are checking their smartphone notifications and social media feeds, this concludes there is no better way to market than on social media!

Social Media Is EFFECTIVE!

  • Your target audience is there! 
  • Your brand gets the most exposure there!
  • It is low-cost, impactful, and the most effective way!
  • It increases website traffic. 
  • It leads the way to higher sales!
  • It allows you to create brand loyalty. 

With billions of people on social media platforms and more coming on board every day, these platforms are never going anywhere. It is no brainer that businesses and brands need social media platforms to promote their products and services. 

Social media campaigns, when done in the right way, in the right direction, can spread like fire in bushes. It can generate a lot of engagement!

More than 78% of businesses hire social media agencies to reach out to successful digital marketing goals. And, almost 73% believe that social media is the best place to do it effectively.

Social media campaign reaches audiences in a low-cost, impactful way; this is the reason why social media marketing campaigns have to be taken seriously. 

Using social media campaigns as your topmost priority will allow you to reach your target audience, engage with current and reach potential customers, increase followers and traffic on the website, and it will enable you to reach out trends or even create trends.
digital marketing certified

What is a Social Media Campaign?

When your vehicle runs out of fuel, what do you do? Fill the tank, full right? Social media campaigns are the fuel your marketing strategies require! These are to burst and boost your sales, increase brand awareness, and also to build the brand reputation. 

The social media campaign is a list of creative posts or coordinated activities with a singular motive for a particular occasion or a set time, with results that can be analysed and measured. 

And, the social media campaign is carried out on either a single platform or across all the social media platforms. But there are different types of social media campaigns that one should know -

01. Influencer Outreach:

It is amongst the most common social media marketing campaign techniques! All you have to do is identify the influencers that have a thing familiar with your industry, and they must be present on the platform that is your primary target. 

These influencers will cover a topic or a passion and have a following! Think of them as a publisher who will publish your content, and create and build your brand base and fan following. It can be anything ranging from reviews, or even unboxing videos, or a campaign that has a catchy hashtag carried out to showcase a social message. 

02. UGC:

Content created by your audience! User-generated contests/campaigns. Contests are the best thing that you can do if you want to carry out UGC campaigns. They are popular, engaging, and fun, and most importantly, people love to participate. In turn, you have to give out goodies or gifts to the participants.

Your brand gets exposure! Your brand gets loyal customers, and you get the best sales. The Starbucks white cup and red cup contests are the best examples.

Starbucks white cup and red cup contests

03. Sponsored Conversation:

The Twitter conversation spread like wildfire! Yes, these give your brand instant exposure and increase your audience. Here’s a perfect example -

Sponsored Conversation

Some brands also have a conversation with the audience to spice things up, to have the most fantastic following, and exposure. People love conversation like this and would post on their wall, or even they will participate. It increases brand exposure and leaves a positive mark. Here is the example of how Amazon responded to one of their customers in the quirkiest way and won hearts -
how Amazon responded to one of their customers in the quirkiest way

04. Lead generation campaigns:

The process of capturing the interest of a customer to develop leads. It includes a strategy that uses a particular media source and an offer to create inbound leads. 

05. Engagement campaigns:

Engagement campaign, as explained in the previous blog, is about how KFC made the most out of it. Holding a contest is a fantastic campaign strategy that any brand could ever run to -

“drive tremendous traffic to their page, to increase the number of likes, comments, and also to find, connect, and gain new customers.”
Engagement campaigns
This is what we learn through engagement campaigns - Quizzes are not just confined to engagement; they go beyond it; they are data mines. 

Without further ado, let’s look into the tips and tricks to create the best social media campaign. You have to be somewhere to reach somewhere, so here is how you begin with the campaign saga. 

01. Understand the Goal of the Campaign:

Your goal defines what type of social media campaign has to be carried. Whether you just want engagement, or you want people to participate and put their entries or you just want to make a viral trend with it. 

Ask yourself the following question, and you will get the answer -

  • Are you promoting an event?
  • Are you taking a step towards awareness about a social cause?
  • Are you ready to give out gifts and rewards?
  • Are you thinking of making them fill a form and take out information?

Understand the end-goal and accordingly move forth.
Understand the Goal of the Campaign 

Also, you must measure the content that you create according to the following parameters -

  • Is it catchy?
  • Is it share-worthy?
  • Is it new?
  • Is it entertaining and lovable?

02. Where to Promote the Campaign?:

Now you have to decide what kind of content you will require for each channel! From Twitter to Instagram and Facebook, the content can vary accordingly. For instance, if you are posting on Facebook, you will need Facebook Ad Content and images created according to the specifications. 

You can promote your campaign on multiple platforms - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even send out emails. 

03. Create a Content Calendar:

Being systematic and prompt is super-important. So, ensure that you complete the content according to their date, type, and priority. You can maintain it all in a sheet. 

04. Schedule Post:

It is time to schedule! You’ve got a strategy, you’ve got a content calendar ready, and you are well aware of your target audience, now it is time to put everything together and get them ready for posting. You can use the tools to schedule and keep everything done beforehand. 

05. Respond and Monitor:

Your work is not done until to drive the results. Keep an eye on how people are responding and if the required answer to them over their comment. This way, you increase engagement.

This was all about the social media campaign. 

social media campaign

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