Rules to Note Down for the Hashtag Game!

In this blog, we will know about how to use ‘hashtags’ on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

But before that, we will discuss what hashtags to use!

So, we know about hashtags and everyone uses it randomly on every post and every picture, but this is the worst use of the hashtags if you ask me! ‘Why’, you ask?

Hashtags are not just some elements to decorate! These are the elements that help you master the art of social media. And, for this, there are many reasons -

  • They build your company’s brand.
  • They boost the marketing campaign.
  • Connects you with the audience! 
  • Lets you keep a connection with the audience. 
  • Also, you can gain more customers. 

Connects you with the audience

That’s why you can take advantage of these amazing hashtags on every platform! Be it twitter, be it LinkedIn, these can help you outgrow the set limit! If you are wondering what hashtags to use? And, how can you be sure they are the best?

Well, I have got a solution. After consulting with our amazing social media team, I have come up with the best ways to find the best ones!

So, let’s begin -

5 Ways to find the best hashtags!

Remember this - Hashtags are a great way to get your message or learning in front of the audience who are actively looking for the same topic! But you have to be very concise and clear, moreover, you have to use the best ones to get that attention and engagement. 

Now that we know what a hashtag is and why it is important, that we learned in our previous blog!  It’s time to break down the procedure of how to find the right hashtags. 

They will only increase engagement and build your brand if you use the right hashtags in your social media posts, otherwise, it won’t matter, and you won’t be able to leverage any benefits. 

Here are 5 ways in which you can find the hashtags to be included in your posts so that you get faster results!

01. Trend-Check:

As of now, you know what your brand’s niche is! So, now all you have to do is find the hashtags related to it! Done with that too?

Now, you have to keep a check on the trends. The trends come and go as fast as the wind, so you have to keep a check on the trending topic or hashtag within your brand’s competitors or brand’s niche-centric pages or other brands. Take note of that daily!

The trending hashtags can be used in your posts too to increase brand awareness and also to reach out to the maximum audience. 

There are various tools by which you can find out what hashtags are ranking! Hashtagify and are some of the great tools that give wide information and deep insights into the hashtags. 

Hashtagify and


02. Be influenced by the influencers:

The influencers are one step ahead in gaining maximum engagement and so find the influencers within your brand’s niche and take notes! Yes, they have used the hashtags for a reason, either they are trending or they engage people more. You can even use the above-mentioned hashtag tools to search for different keywords through Instagram and Twitter! This will help you to optimize your posts accordingly. 

03. Be clear and specific:

It is super-important to use targeted hashtags instead of using the ones that everyone is using! Yes, you have to use the ones which drive results and moreover those which are brand-centric. This increases the possibility of having more audience. 

Be clear and specific

If you don’t have your own business hashtag, then find the ones which are common and justifies the picture!

“The more specific you are with your hashtag, the more audience you are targeting! Which in turn equals better engagement!”

04. Use brand-specific and relevant hashtags:

Sometimes using generic content hashtags or popular trending ones can cause your post to be lost amidst the other posts with the same popular and trending hashtags, hence it is really important that you create a unique brand-specific hashtag. Be it branding, promotions, events, contests, or other campaigns, you can use these unique hashtags so that only your posts and campaign pops up!

Note - Selecting the best hashtag also depends on the social media platform as the rules vary on each of them. 

Brand hashtags will organize all the posts that are tagged with it on the hashtag column page! This is super-helpful when you are trying to collect entries or want people to participate in a contest or a campaign. Like Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke campaign!


It is one of the most brilliant campaigns ever!

The idea behind the hashtag drove amazing results! The number of sales, the number of user-generated content went uphill. People were snapping Instagram stories of their shots of bottles with their friend’s or family member’s name! 


If you have an original idea like Coca-Cola! Make the most of it! It is wonderful to come up with such campaigns that are broadly driven by hashtags! Don’t hesitate, think beyond and try to connect with your audience!

05. Make sure your hashtag game is in accordance with the platform:

As already mentioned above, the hashtags should be according to the rules given by different platforms. The use of hashtag varies on each and every platform. 

Hashtags on photo and video sharing platforms like Instagram are often focused on the description or the product showcases in the post. While the scenario is contradictory on Twitter. 

On Twitter, the hashtags tend to be more focused on a topic or a conversation! And, even the hashtags count vary!

  • Twitter: You can use not more than 2 hashtags because of the character count restrictions. It is for the best engagement. 
  • Facebook: Use 2 hashtags. It is observed that if you use one popular hashtag and one custom hashtag for your brand then you get more engagement. 
  • Instagram: Allows up to 30 hashtags but keep it to no more than 11 per post! 
  • LinkedIn: No limit but the highly recommended limit is up to 5. Otherwise, the post will be marked as spam by LinkedIn.


Now that we have talked about how hashtags differ on different platforms! Let’s jump into the rules one must follow on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 


How to use Instagram hashtags?

Starting with the limit that you all have to adhere to while using hashtags on Instagram -

The optimal number of hashtags: 9 to 15!

As we all know, on Instagram you can even follow a hashtag, one can take advantage of it to make their post go viral or famous. So, how is the Instagram hashtag different from the other platform. 

The key trait that differs Instagram hashtags from other platform is 

  • The number of hashtags. 
  • On Instagram, if you use more hashtags, you get more engagement. 


I have researched a lot and came up with these tips for you to use hashtags on Instagram. 

  • If you use hashtags on Instagram hashtags, then you will get 12.6% more engagement! So, it is important that you use relevant hashtags. 
  • Use more and more hashtags as the upper limit is 30 hashtags. But make sure that you adhere to the 15 hashtag rule!

15 hashtag rule

  • You can view the analytics for your business from the number of people who saw your post. You can even see post’s reach and how your post was found, which also includes a ‘from hashtag’ metric. 
  • You can even change your hashtags to see if it brings you the best results then focus on the ones which are best and drop the others. 

How to use Twitter hashtags?

The number of hashtags to be used on Twitter - 1 to 2!

Yes, that’s it the number of hashtags of Twitter is less and it works wonders unlike Instagram where more hashtags equals more engagement. 

Did you know Twitter is the place where the hashtag trend originated? Yes, Chris Messina an American blogger first started the ‘hashtag’ trend on Twitter!

There is a separate column on Twitter where you can see the top trending hashtags and the ones which are exclusively a hot topic amid the twitter family. It is a powerful tool for your social media strategy and one shouldn’t miss it ever!

But, beware! On Twitter, ‘Less is Best’! Use fewer hashtags!

Make your profile public, use hashtags that increase your brand’s reach! Any tweet with two visible and best hashtags can reach out to people who don’t even follow your brand’s page.

Branded hashtags on Twitter allow companies to engage in real-time conversations!

Note - Make sure your hashtag is relevant and also is in sync with messaging. Don’t just jump onto the trending ones, stay around your brand’s niche and play safe with the best motive. 

On Twitter, you can engage in conversations with other brands through hashtags and up the game of marketing. You can always see conversation that got famous on Twitter with hashtags between brands. 

How to use Facebook hashtags?

Unlike Twitter and Instagram, most of the profiles on Facebook are private! About 28% of the profiles are private on Facebook! So, how do the hashtags affect? 

Well, you cannot reach a wider audience here and cannot start the conversations over a hashtag. So, how can these special sprinklers help you grow your audience

You can use Facebook to promote campaigns across other platforms! 

For instance, you can promote the campaign or the contest on some other social media platforms through Facebook! This way you can leverage the benefit from all the platforms and also increase awareness. 

The optimal number of hashtags that you can use on Facebook is 1 to 2.

Note that - To search for hashtags on Facebook all you have to do is -

  • Head to the search bar just like on Twitter or Instagram. 
  • Type the topic you are searching for. 
  • You will get all the hashtags that are public on brands and influencer profiles. 
  • Plus, you can click on an individual hashtag to see more related posts. 
  • Monitor the hashtags by using URL

How to use LinkedIn hashtags?

Hashtags are new on LinkedIn but not that new! People have started using it extensively! Using hashtags on LinkedIn will give you the best chance of being discovered. So, when you write up an update or article, just add the relevant hashtag and this will make you discoverable. 

relevant hashtag

You can use topical hashtags, like #business #marketing. LinkedIn suggest certain hashtags, you can add more specific ones by searching for them. Make sure you find brand-specific hashtags that narrow your niche and also drive amazing results.

To wrap it up!

Hashtags are the sprinkles that you need to put into the posts not just to highlight and make your posts look better and beautiful but to also add the flavor of engagement and organic traffic to your brand. 

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