Quarantine and learn about the Instagram shoppable post

Quarantine and Learn About the Instagram Shoppable Posts

Hey there! Yes, you! I am talking to you!

Are you the one sitting like↓this at your home right now?



You might be going from one channel to another, one web series to another web series, to pass the time and be closer to, what is trending on Instagram, ‘Quarantine and Chill’. Right?

Well, no matter how hard we ignore it, but we are kind of losing the best time of our lives. Yes, things are not fine in the world, but can we do anything else to contribute to the support other than sitting at home and just watching the news to see the numbers going on top!

No, right?

So, here’s something that you can try - instead of ‘Quarantine and Chill’, go for ‘Quarantine and Learn’!

At this point in time, we have no idea when we will be able to travel abroad or even go out of the home. But we don’t need to be idle and always sitting in front of the television set. We can ensure learning new things.

Digital marketing is an ever-growing business and it has no stop, and it won’t ever stop! And, so I am here with the latest trending thing that you might have noticed on Instagram, ‘shoppable posts’!

Don’t know what a shoppable post is? Well, look at this - 

shoppable post

This is a perfect instance of the shoppable post!

For most of the people, and probably for everyone, selling on Instagram became a lot easier with the launch of Instagram’s shoppable posts feature. 

What are shoppable posts?

Testing since 2016 and finally launching the entire feature across all the nations, Instagram has transformed from a casual social platform to a full-scale sales channel for all the businesses. 

Shoppable posts are posts on Instagram that are available for sale. The bag on the top right corner shows that the products shown in the picture are for sale. 

 the picture are for sale

When the customer hovers over or taps on the picture it shows the price and also you can click on the product price you’ll be redirected to the page where you can buy the same product!

Crazy and easy right?

Who’s going to save pocket-money when it comes to purchasing any product so easily!

Instagram shoppable posts are changing the way people shop. Until now, before the launch of the shoppable posts, putting up a link in the Instagram bio was the only way to drive organic traffic towards your website.

However, now with the shoppable links, brands have been transforming their Instagram accounts into visual stores. Adding product tags, information regarding them, and linking it to the product web pages. 

But to do this, there should be an Instagram shop!

What is the Instagram shop?

With over 1 Billion people using Instagram monthly, it would be certainly wrong for the businesses to not take it seriously!

An Instagram Shop is a place where you integrate your product catalog with your Instagram profile. In turn, this allows you to promote your product range directly to the users through posts, or stories, or in the explore tab ‘shop’ module, and also in the separate ‘Shop’ tab in your profile. 

Spot the ‘SHOP’ tab next to ‘Email’ in the below image. This is an Instagram shop and the images with tags, which is, ‘Product tags’ is ‘Shoppable posts’. 

 ‘Product tags’ is ‘Shoppable posts

Why Businesses Should Be Using Instagram Shoppable Posts?

So now you might be thinking how can this be useful?

Well, do you remember the trick of using the link of the business’s shopping page in Instagram Bio? That step was way too hard to drive organic traffic to your site, while with the shoppable posts people can easily visit the site without leaving the Instagram page. 

And, why not, shoppable posts are Instagram’s big step to make it a more business-friendly platform. 


So, here’s why businesses should use Instagram shoppable posts in their accounts - 

  • 80% of Instagram’s 800 million users are already following an ‘active shopping business’ account. 
  • 200 million users visit one or more business profiles daily. 
  • 60% of people who say they discover new products on Instagram.

Giving people the ability to shop natively within the application with fewer efforts and best user experience, is the best? - What do you think?

I read it on a post by an Instagram business blog that few started to gain ample benefits even in the testing phase of shoppable posts or Instagram posts. 

Savannah Boysen, Marketing Manager, TYME expresses - “Our traffic from Instagram has increased by 44% since implementing shopping on Instagram. It's a clean and simple way to show your product in a lifestyle setting, without affecting the user experience.”

How is it beneficial?

Still, confused about how it is beneficial for the users as well as the businesses? Well, there’s no denying that it is one of the best updates ever by Instagram. 

Benefit 1 - Makes Shopping Easier for Consumers

Amidst all the noise and crowd in the world online, it is time to make the loudest, clear voice through these shoppable posts! With so many businesses online fighting for a place, it can be extremely tough to get customers to pay attention to you, but with this shoppable post feature, you make everything user-friendly and easy!

An Instagram shop does all this -

  • It deletes the friction from the purchasing process for customers by making shopping easy. 
  • Easy check on prices, catalog and also learn about the product in detail. 
  • A click away from shopping - makes it the best way for customers to shop for anything. 
  • One tap away from your website! Drives immense organic traffic, which is beneficial for businesses. 

Benefit 2 - Let’s businesses promote products directly!

Instagram has always been the best and ultimate way to connect to audiences in a massive way! And, it with its shoppable posts feature, allows businesses to promote products directly.

All you have to do is enter the Instagram Shop! 

As already explained above, an Instagram shop lets you seamlessly integrate all your Instagram content with your own store!

Get rid of the ‘Click the Link’ in your bio, and get set and earn through ‘SHOPPABLE POSTS’. 

Benefit 3 - More Reach

Yes! Not only on your Instagram’s exclusive shop, when you tag a product in a post, but that post is also included in Instagram’s new shop explore tab. 

Spot the shop tab!

Spot the shop tab

This increases the engagement to your shoppable posts! People find it in the explore feed under the shop tab. All you have to do is follow practices like optimizing your hashtags! And, with the power of the hashtag, your product will be enlisted in the shop tab. 

How does it help?

Your posts will be more exposed to the crowd! Moreover, it will be shown to your target audience. In turn, increasing engagement and user’s interest. 

And, adding to it, people will trust your brand and consider purchasing! High chances to get organic traffic and also great, great sales!

So this was all about the shoppable posts on Instagram! The bottom line, it is the most powerful weapon that you should learn about. Don’t waste your time sitting in front of the idiot box, instead invest it in learning new terms, new things, even new languages. 

Quarantine and learn - should be the motto of everyone!

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