Pinterest Launches New Marketing Tools!

Pinterest Launches New Marketing Tools!

Topping the social media update news is Pinterest, a place where more than 400 million people around the world come to find inspiration to do anything that concerns their brand or their home, or anything. From finding inspiration for decorating their home or learning how to make a particular hairstyle, Pinterest creates a positive environment for all the creators and passionate people.

Here is the hot news -

During the Pinterest Presents - The first global advertiser summit with sessions in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia, for offering the attendees a dip into Pinterest’s vision to build an inclusive and positive platform for creators. They announced ‘Several new ad tools to provide more insights into campaign performance, and enhanced opportunity to reach the right audience.’ 

The new feature - PINTEREST PREMIERE

This is a new video ad option that will enable advertisers to purchase exclusive video placement in the feed. Also, one can choose the filter to make it correctly targeted. For instance, selecting the different targeting options that include setting a specific demographic, interest or category that too for a certain time frame. 

Here are some of the options provided by the PINTEREST PREMIERE 

  • Align video ad targeting with specific demographic and also specific category. 
  • It allows broader targeting and reaches. 
  • It will facilitate improved audience research and broader outreach, which will pave the way to numerous new opportunities. 
  • It will also facilitate an improved shopping experience, 
  • They are also working on better catalogue management options and new automated bidding and budgeting solutions.

As Pinterest videos already saw a broader reach on the application, this feature of ads will also add to the marketers’ benefits. 

Why does this addition matter?

Videos are already the most impactful medium to build up a connection with the audience. These enhanced ad targeting options come as the best platform for marketers to get more viewers and buyers. As Gen Z groups grew 40% year over year in 2020 on Pinterest, the research says that they’re 2.6 times more likely to buy something after they’ve viewed a brand’s video content on the platform. 

With more than 400 million active users and rising, Pinterest is bringing a creative eCommerce wave that is beneficial for the brands. 

Not only this, but Pinterest has also updated the ‘interactive trends tool’. This will provide more specific insights into ongoing trends, engagement behaviours across the platform. 

How to use video on Pinterest for business?

It is very clear that Pinterest video offers a great opportunity to grow your audience and drive more sales, and now you have the option to target more precisely. All you have to do is create video content that resonates well with your audience.  

Here is another way to upload a video without actually uploading it -

Yeah, instead of uploading the video directly on Pinterest, you can simply pin the link to a video that is somewhere else, like on YouTube or other video platforms. Here are some of the quick way to pin linked video -

  1. Pin it directly: Just like you would upload an image and pin it, you can pin directly from the page where the video is embedded or hosted. Simply visit the page and use the ‘Pin It’ chrome extension. There will be a dialogue box where you can add the description and then directly pin it. 
  2. Add a link: Copy the URL of a video, go to Pinterest, click on Add a pin, and paste the URL. 

Video Ads on Pinterest

These ads play when they come into view in the feed of an account. The Pinterest user can play the video in a larger view, replay it, or play it with audio. These are best for -

  • Brand awareness
  • More video views
  • Conversion campaigns
  • Directing the traffic to the website to increase sales. 

You can create a video ad on Pinterest simply by -

It is done the same as you promote any other Pin in Ads Manager. When selecting your ads, click on ‘Video’ or ‘Max Video’ to view all the video pins that are available for the ads. Or you can create a video pin as mentioned above. 

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