OSL Stirs Up the Online Learning with the Digital Marketing Short Courses

OSL Stirs Up the Online Learning with the Digital Marketing Short Courses

Education has changed drastically during the past few months. The world came down and got locked-in due to the COVID-19. And, still, the condition prevails! More than 300 Million students worldwide had and still have their education totally disrupted by the spread of coronavirus. Not only this, but people who were thinking to step into a whole new world for their professional journey also experienced their life slowing down. 

Amid all this, we at Orionators school of learning didn’t stop working. Instead, we chose the online path to reach out and deliver the best to the students with our digital marketing short courses just at INR 2,100. 

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With the thought of ‘education over everything else’, we brought a set of digital marketing online courses to continue education and to inculcate skills in the aspirants. Our trainers are committed to helping everyone have a positive learning experience, whether online or in the institute. 

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In this uncertain environment, it is important that learning continues, even if it can’t happen in person, or at a particular place, it mustn’t STOP.  That’s the sole reason why we’re providing access to our expert digital marketing learning and best practices, and other online learning related to it, with our short digital marketing course. 

To this, our Head of Operations and Lead Trainer, Mr. Kumar Savino exclaimed, “With the world slowly unlocking, it is time to get back on track. Many industries are slowly opening and this, in turn, opens the door for numerous job opportunities. To fasten the process and to make learning easily accessed from anywhere, we came up with pocket-friendly short digital marketing courses. These short courses are pocket-friendly, easy to access, and persist the same quality that we’ve been delivering for so long. This is to ease out the process of learning. Students can access the pre-recorded short courses from anywhere and can pause and ask the query instantly to us. 

Be ready for the recovery, and to pop-up differently!”

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The uncertainty of the future is understandable and inevitable. Nonetheless, this too shall pass! But, nothing stops learning, growing, and achieving dreams one has for themself. Taking up the short courses will help you to grow and get your dream job, or build up your dream business. 

Start learning with Orionators school of learning! And, explore the most in-demand skills, and advance your career, set yourself for your own business.

We have 3 short courses for now and will be updating more soon. The short courses are -

  • Digital marketing starter learning kit (4 in 1 course) 
  • SEM (AdWords + SEO)
  • E-commerce website marketing (Website + Advertisement)

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Digital marketing starter learning kit (4 in 1 course)

Website development - 

It includes the introduction, the plan, and strategy to a website, integration of domain and hosting, WordPress installation, Webpage creation and designing, WordPress themes, and homepage design! Also, there is an introduction to plugins, how to use it. 

Google Adwords -

It includes an introduction to Adwords, understanding the paradigm of the ads, understanding ad campaigns, search ads, display ads, video ads, introduction to keywords, learn bid and budget, conversion tracking, dynamic ads, remarketing, ad report, advanced bid adjustment, and the best way to create an ad copy. 

Lead generation -

What is lead generation, how to generate leads, what is webform, introduction to landing pages, taking leverage of thank you page, understanding the lead funnel, best lead generation machine, practices to generate leads, advance lead generation techniques! Everything under lead generation!

Email marketing - 

Introduction to email marketing, the difference between legit and illegit email marketing, how email works, the definition of optin and double opt-in, introduction to a newsletter and how to create it, bulk mailing, what is an autoresponder, email statistics, best practices of email marketing, how to land email into the inbox, and email automation. 

All this for just 2100/-.

Next, we have the ‘SEM (AdWords + SEO) Short course -

It has the entire Google AdWords, and search engine optimization! How to go hand-in-hand with the Google algorithm will be easily understandable by you with our industry expert trainers. 

E-Commerce Marketing Masterclass - 

What you will learn?

  • Do’s and Don’ts while building your own website!
  • SEO-optimized website to bring in more traffic from Google and other search platforms.
  • Make a fast, mobile-friendly website that doubles your sales by 2X.
  • Decrease your website visitor bounce rate and make the visitors spend a long time on your site.
  • Learn the best use of Keywords in Advertisements as well as the website.

It is good for everyone who wants to earn from their business/brand website but doesn’t have an idea from where to start. For the website owners or page owners who are unable to get traffic and sales, no matter how good their products/services are. And also, for those who want to upgrade their online advertisement skills during the lockdown. 

All the short courses are just for INR 2100/-. 

OSL brings the best industry trainers, who are all set and keen to deliver you practical sessions on digital marketing, right in your comfort zone. The easy access to video sessions will allow you to learn and implement the skills hand in hand. Also, there are doubt-clearing live sessions to ensure optimum learning. 

You not only will learn new money-earning skills, and update your skills but taking up this short course you will also add valuable certificates to your resume. 

Why you should take up these short courses?

  • Upskilling is becoming mandatory and necessary.
  • For self-paced learning! All of you have your own pace of learning, some learn faster, some learn slower and better, so these pre-recorded pocket-friendly short courses will be in your pocket always, you can pause and learn or learn it one go. 
  • Stay relevant in this quickly changing world, and this can be done only if you upskill with the courses or learning. Never stop learning!
  • Add certifications and see the magic happen in your career life. 

Online learning is a more accessible, flexible, and efficient method of training that we at Orionators School of Learning have brought to you. Training people of all ages and industries, and even beginners. 

With these short courses, you can be assured to stay in the competition! Learn the key digital marketing course with professional training, and ample other benefits. Sign up now

Also, if you are eager to learn the entire digital marketing, then learn digital marketing course at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing institute in Udaipur. We dig deep into the different modules. Join us and know the basics, tips, and tricks to all the modules including social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and website design and development!

Hey, don’t forget to look at our complete course range! Learn skills and get ahead of the race. 

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