Miss ‘Tik-Tok’? Try YouTube ‘Shorts’

Miss ‘Tik-Tok’? Try YouTube ‘Shorts’

We thought Instagram Reels had filled the gap of Tik-Tok in India, but YouTube has come up with a new version - Shorts. It is a whole new world for people who have a knack to act, to dance, or to sing, or to create a lip-sync video. 

YouTube has launched an early beta of YouTube Shorts in India that opens the door to create short videos right from the YouTube mobile application. YouTube is already a place to watch engaging videos, and one cannot stop watching the videos over it, it is effectively user-engaging. And, this new addition makes it a wholesome place. 

People who love to create videos only by their mobile phones, it is time to try Shorts. You can create a 15 seconds video that will be discoverable on the homepage and the shorts shelf.
YouTube Shorts

What is Shorts? What are the Features?

Yes, we know that YouTube Shorts is similar to Tik-Tok, but yet let’s discover the features. For first, it is a new way to express yourself within a time frame of 15 seconds or less. There are three main areas to discover -

  • Creation - Here, you will have a multitude of options to capture a video and clip/trim, or make any other change in creating multiple video clips together. 
  • Add Songs - The options allow you to add songs from YouTube’s extensive library of songs that for sure, is the biggest and will continue to grow. 
  • Timer - Ease to create videos that are hands-free and has a timer and countdown for easy video creation.
  • Controls - Different controls will make videos much more engaging. For instance, Shorts gives you the flexibility to control the speed and be creative with it, slow motion or time-lapse both can be created with ease. 

What is Shorts

Why is it Important?

YouTube has 265 Million Active Users in India as of December 2019, and it Continues to Grow Exponentially in 2020!

It is the most significant competitors for everyone, including Netflix! And, with the ban of TikTok in India, it was just the right time to launch Shorts. This is because the creators are looking for a viable and fantastic platform that can generate them revenue just similar to TikTok, and for sure, with about 265 Million users, it is possible. 

Moreover, for YouTube, the users will spend more time looking and browsing through the videos. So, it is a beneficial opportunity for marketers, as it will increase ad revenue. 

Not only this, but the digital marketers also have the opportunity to put up short educational videos, or even launch their products in a most interactive, and engaging way. The next significance that it holds is that YouTube is also adding a new discovery panel to highlight shorts content and will also boost exposure, so ‘Yay’ for the influencers, and the marketers who want their content to be showcased. 

The Reach, Prominence, and Exposure of Shorts Content on YouTube will be the Key to Getting Most Attention!

This was all about the recent update by YouTube; we are excited to try it out! Are you too?

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