Major Trends in Digital Business in COVID-19

Major Trends in Digital Business in COVID-19 – Know How to Respond to them!

From walking freely in the office to talk to your favorite colleague to walking from the living room to kitchen to get the 4th meal of the day, 

From ordering food online to searching for the recipes online, 

From watching movies on weekends to switching to every web series and movies twice, 

Yes, our lives have changed so quickly in the past many weeks as COVID-19 became a pandemic! With schools closed, offices closed, restaurants closed, nothing stopped! Instead, people are working from home and coming up with great ideas for their businesses or for their companies. 

As people’s behaviors change, the search patterns are changing too! It is observed by every digital marketer that the COVID-19 has impacted Google Ads Results for different industries. And, the results are unknown! Many of the industries are adapting to the change swiftly and smoothly but few of them are still pondering how to do this?

But this doesn’t mean that the change will lead to failure, instead, as more data emerges we can be a part of the trend and hold the storm right at the door to save the business. 

In this blog, we will examine some of the trends that have popped up over the recent days and weeks amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and what are the actions or strategies that can lead us to the positive side of the outlook!

Trend 1 - COVID-19 drops store visits by 90% in one month!

COVID-19 drops store visits by 90% in one month

The first and foremost, moreover, the obvious one! Everyone is practicing social distancing and staying back at home, what do you expect, the closedown and the drop of store visit by a greater percentage. 

Most brick and mortar stores are feeling the pangs of limited foot traffic and the loneliness of limited sales! In Google ads, many advertisers track the store visit conversions to understand the offline impact of their online advertising and many of them have used these statistics to optimize their PPC campaigns and saw significant differences. 

While the drop off began in store-visits from the last week of February! As the virus made it’s foot prominent, the second week of March saw immense changes. 

So this is how people can face it fiercely -

01. Design a simple website:

Your company’s presence online is super-important and your small business doesn’t need a complex website, go for a basic website. A website can be made without codes with the help of simple tricks and tips and the basic knowledge of WordPress! Ensure you are optimizing your landing pages for Google too. 

02. Get your business on Google My Business:

Google My Business is the best way to display your business hours, address, posts, photos, and even reviews! It is the best place to make a presence in the digital world and the search engine world. And, if you are already on it, then make sure every information is updated, if you have made a new website, include that too in the information. And, if there are any changes, keep updating it. Let people find you easily and the best place to make a presence is on Google. 

03. Social media is the right place to get engagement:

Switch to social media for giving information about your business! During this lockdown, people will be looking for updates to confirm whether you are open or not, and this information should be all over Google My Business, Facebook and Instagram. Be sure that you create a free business page on Facebook and also a page on Instagram so that you can easily give updates to your customers and tell them about the business is open. 

04. Get your products online:

Through Google Merchant Center you can get your products online easily! And, being online is the need of the hour, people are now shifting towards buying products online. Ecommerce is an attractive field that keeps your sales coming in, in any condition! 

To start selling your products online - 

  • Create a Google Merchant Center account. 
  • Upload your products online. 
  • Use an automated product feed to keep your products, prices, and inventory updated on Google. 
  • Once the first products are online, check and optimize your Google Shopping feed regularly. Update product titles, write the descriptions, upload images and do other things that ensure searchers can find it easily online.

05. Promote your business online:

Putting up the business online is the best decision you can ever make! You will be surprised by the response you get from the online world. But it is all because of some of the practices like Search Engine Optimization. But, another way you can do this is by advertising across different channels and social media platforms. The end result is amazing traffic, plenty of sales, and you win the trust of the customers. 

  • Google Ads: You can reach a wider audience as they search for your genre-centric keywords and you have to pay only when the customer clicks on your ad. Plus, you can also reach potential customers across all the Google applications - Google Maps, display ads, Gmail, and YouTube.
  • Facebook Ads: With almost 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the best place to gain a wide audience and low cost. 

And, no it isn’t complicated as it sounds, you can easily learn how to make ads and earn a lot of money! 

You can learn PPC with our FREE webinar! Mr. Kumar Savino, the expert is teaching it in the easiest way!

Trend 2 - COVID-19 Dominates All the Searches!

Okay, locked inside the house people are worried about what is happening around the globe. And, hence they are turning towards the news to find out what’s happening and searching the questions that first strike their mind on Google Search. 

And, this has changed the graphs! Over the past few weeks the terms like 

COVID-19’ and ‘coronavirus’ have reached the heights! These keywords have left everyone behind. 

This is the graph of the ‘Interest over time’ by Google trends. 

‘Interest over time’ by Google trend


And, this is how the graph for the US looks like - 

the graph for the US


How to adjust according to these search changes?

Adjust your PPC campaigns for new search terms and volume!

01. Regularly review your search terms report:

PPC has become very important as the searches are quickly changing and are all related to COVID-19. If we don’t pay attention to it then things are going to be ugly for our Ads. it is important and the need of the hour that you keep a track of your traffic and add new negative keywords to prevent your campaigns from reaching irrelevant searchers. 

Note that - By using negative keywords, you ensure that your ad doesn’t show for a particular word. By preventing your ad from showing on irrelevant searches, you save a lot of money on wasted clicks and create more opportunities for it to be on display on searches that are relevant and leads to conversions. 

02. Prevention is better than cure! Search for the negative keywords before they start trending:

There will be more keywords that are going to trend soon! To not to take risk of attracting unsavory or irrelevant searches and wasting that campaign budget you’ve decided, make sure you analyze well about those negative keywords. Use a keyword tool to do so. 

03. Follow trending COVID-19 searches:

As we have provided the graph by Google Trends, you can also find what people are searching online with this amazing tool. There is a dedicated space where the specific COVID-19 search trends are shown, you can review this hub and see how people are changing their interests/searches according to the changing news. 

Trend 3 - Mobile search traffic cut by nearly 25% in March!

All of us are staying indoors and it has been noticed that with the least movement, we are also not using our mobile phones for the search as compared to the desktops. The Google Search ad traffic is falling across all the devices but it is observed that it fell by 25% on mobile phones. The mobile phone traffic is dropping by 25% while that of the tablet is a 19% drop! And, this is happening for all the devices.

Mobile search traffic cut by nearly 25% in March

With the mobile traffic declining faster as shown in the graph, this is going to ruin the ‘mobile-first’ philosophy! This shift has a suggestion for the PPC strategy. And, this is how one can tackle it all -

Adjust your PPC campaigns for less mobile traffic

01. Visit the device bid again:

You might be well-acquainted with the bidding terms! Then, revisit your current device bid adjustments as more of the audience is shifting to use laptops and desktops more than the mobile, so expect to see big shifts across the devices.

02. Put your hands in smart bidding:

Seeing some mind-boggling shifts, it is going to be difficult to find out how the search behavior will be affected! Google’s smart bidding strategies will help you to adjust the bids in real-time! Ensure that you keep your goal in focus, and also the campaign budget!

For this go to the device bid adjustments in the edit panel, and enter a value for ‘desktop’, ‘mobile’, and ‘tablet’. The values are from -90% to +900%. You can also enter -100% to opt-out of a device! And, that too for a selected ad campaign.

These were a few of the trends that are shifting and making changes in the way you perceive digital marketing. We ask you to be vigilant and watch the daily updates and trends, plus if you own a business make sure you have a strong online presence.  If interested, you can learn digital marketing in Udaipur at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia's fastest-growing digital marketing school and learn about the different modules of digital marketing, closely.

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