Look Into The ‘ What, Why, and How’ of Engagement Campaign with KFC

Look Into The ‘ What, Why, and How’ of Engagement Campaign with KFC

What is the most fascinating thing on let’s say Facebook or Instagram and even LinkedIn that you as an individual would love to be a part of? Did I hear, you would love to be a part of a contest?

Well, yes, contests are the most fantastic engagement campaign that any brand could ever run to drive amazing traffic to their page, to increase the number of likes, comments, and also to find, connect, and gain new customers. It is believed that quizzes are not just confined to engagement; they go beyond it; they are data mines. 

These are fantastic options for a brand to learn about their audience’s likes and dislikes! And, they can direct their upcoming strategies towards the set filters. 

digital marketing certified

KFC India brought out an applaud-worthy campaign that gained immeasurable success. Working out on the quirk factor, KFC India showcases how it leveraged the fried chicken day to generate conversations and help the followers to bring out their love for chicken in a fun and creative way. 

Let’s look into the case -

The fried chicken day is super-important for KFC for an apparent reason, and even the consumers look forward to this day so that they can look at how KFC is going to amaze them. This year, it was even more special as COVID-19 pandemic has kept everyone locked and now cautious about stepping out with lockdown periods and precautionary steps. And, KFC presented the consumers with an exciting opportunity to come forward and share their love for fried chicken. 

share their love for fried chicken

What was the Objective Behind the Engagement Campaign?

The idea was to bring back and to remind the masses about their love for fried chicken, and what better day than Fried Chicken Day? The fundamental objective was to reinforce the connect with the brand and remind the consumers about their love for food. And, the brand celebrated the day for a week. 

The Concept -

“No love like fried chicken love”, the campaign was rolled out on social media. The celebration started for the fried chicken day with a contest on the brand’s social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Here were the creatives posted by KFC India for engagement!

KFC India for engagement

Easy, and engaging, the contest witnessed entries from everywhere their consumers were. They confessed and commented about their love for fried chicken through creative memes, songs, quotes, poems, stickers, etc. 

confessed and commented about their love for fried chicken

Sab mein tu dikhta hai, yaara main kya kru? Is so engaging that people went crazy commenting their set lines and Bollywood songs that remind them of their love for fried chicken. 

mingling fried chicken with the idea of long video calls

Not only these amazing creatives with captivating captions, but the brand also created a creative concept by mingling fried chicken with the idea of long video calls. They added the much-needed zing and fun. 

Leg Piece

They had the following results from the engagement campaign -

  • 1.5+ million impressions
  • They reached more than 1.3 million fried chicken fans
  • Received engagement of more than 225K
  • More than 700 love confessions from the followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

The brand was actually successful in establishing the connection between them and the audience. They successfully brought out the love of people for fried chicken through this creative campaign. 

This was all about the best campaign by KFC India that taught us how a simple yet effective campaign plan for the engagement, significantly where the contest is involved could drive success and reach the set heights. 

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