Liven-Up your Facebook Live Streams with this Newest Update

Liven-Up your Facebook Live Streams with this Newest Update

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Facebook witnessed a sudden increase in the use! 

The messaging activity was recorded up by 50% across Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. 


The use of live video on Messenger was up by 70% 

live video on Messenger

Testing it from March, and announcing the launch of the new update in the live video that could help you make the live sessions, more interactive and more creative for your audience. And, now is the time, that it rolled out the update. 

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Facebook Updates Live Producer Streaming Platform which Includes Graphic Overlays and Featured Comments During Broadcasts!

The update is still to be rolled out for everyone, this week, Facebook has been rolling this feature for the creators. After research, we found some of the pictures shared by Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith via Matt Navarra of the new tool in the run. 

Graphic Overlays

What are the options given in the new live streaming?

See the screenshot shared by the Facebook marketing expert -

Facebook marketing

You can clearly see the tabs above, that states the number of graphic overlays that you can use on your live stream. They are under the tab ‘Graphics’. 

  • You can add a news ticker. And, even adjust the speed of it! It will scroll along the bottom of the broadcast.  
  • You can highlight viewers’ comments on top of the LIVE stream. 
  • You can run polls, and display viewer results during the live stream. Yes, ‘Live and working’!
  • Display viewer results in real-time

So, here out, if you love live streaming then you can display high-level creativity in your Facebook live streams. The options will add a professional touch and people will be creating and also consuming this feature. 

Also, there is a ‘Feature Link’ option. 

‘Feature Link’ option.

This is the means to drive traffic from your stream. You can show a link during the live video to let viewers know about your website or anything that you want them to go on. This will help raise money through a third-party platform. 

Description - You have to write a description that will show right next to the link you are displaying. It is basically a kind of CTA. 

Website Link - You have to paste the link to your website, or the link you wish to show your audience during the LIVE streaming. 

How it will help the businesses/brands?

  • Makes it easy for you to live stream while also monetizing the entire process by putting up the link and asking the audience to go to it. 
  • You can use it to highlight your products and services. 
  • These are handy, helpful tools, which can help you grow your audience in a professional way, and also direct them to your website for sales. 
  • You can make an impact like never before with the graphic overlay. 

Since everyone has shifted towards Facebook for their entertainment and also to connect to the brands and businesses, it can be a golden opportunity for everyone including influencers to make a perfect presence. 

Also, live streams has higher level of engagement than the normal video uploads! So, yay, for everyone!

This feature is yet to come for everyone! 

Using Facebook for marketing is one of the most important part of digital marketing. Be it Facebook advertisements, or campaigns, or live streams, each and every one of these carry a benefit of its own.

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