How to generate leads from LinkedIn

6 Ways in Which LinkedIn can Work Wonders for your Business

LinkedIn has grown as the largest social networking platform for the professional across the globe. Since its inception, LinkedIn caters to more than 460 million users, offering countless opportunities and exposure in the B2B sector. The best part is that unlike the rest of the social media platforms, LinkedIn is comparatively less crowded and has a more consistent audience that can help you target better. Here people only follow you if they have a genuine interest in your expertise and have a clear purpose to connect with you. Here people sharing genuine interest in the same niche and industries connect and make a larger community, thus making the targeting even easier. 

LinkedIn is a go to site for all the people who are interested in business networking. It pools all the business owners, working professionals and job seekers, each to fulfill their own purpose. So let us tell you how to make the most out of this amazing platform:

1. Set up your profile:

We know the first impression is very important and to make a lasting first impression, our profile has to be strong and attractive in the first place. If it is a company profile make sure that your brand name is highlighted. You can make use of the banner image to make your profile look welcoming.  If it is your personal profile, you have to keep it relatable to your target visitors. Do not forget to keep it friendly.

setup company profile

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Your profile must be very direct about who you are. It should be friendly as well as professional balanced well. Also, keep in mind to add links to your website or your blogs in your profile, because that supports your purpose and validates your profile.

2. Build connections:

One can simply not sit idle after creating an attractive profile; you have to reach out to people to be able to communicate your brand message. Try to connect with people you have worked with you or have studied with you. LinkedIn also proposes you in the very beginning to add people who are already in your phone’s contact list or in your email list. 

Do not forget to search for the experts in your niche and your seniors, whose connection will reap you good knowledge and guidance. The more connections you have the more you will be visible to other people and the more updated feed you will have. 

3. Stay active:

Lazy profile does not attract any one, so you have to be very active regarding your status updates to keep your followers entertained. If it is your business profile, then you must ensure that you keep building trust with your potential clients. Use your judgment to analyze how frequently you must be posting. 

active on linkedin

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Invite your contacts to add you on LinkedIn, and post articles/ news about your industry or from the well known people in your industry. This helps increase your Click Through Rates. To make this possible, you can make calendars regarding your posts and stick to that schedule.

4. Join/create groups related to your niche:

There are more than 1 million groups on LinkedIn and almost 90% of the users on Linked In belong to at least one group. Find the networks related to your niche in which you can share your blogs. To find groups on LinkedIn click in the “Interests-> groups” and search for the topics that are related to your interest. From the suggested groups you can join anyone that you find interesting. Make sure you join the groups that have genuine engagement and no spamming elements.

You can also create a group yourself, that includes the professionals and customers interested in your niche. Do not forget to give clear guidelines to the members on what to post on a prior basis. You can increase trust and develop reputation by providing useful ideas, tips and information. 

linkedin groups

image: source

5. Engage with good content:

This is the key principle to gain the trust and loyalty of your prospects, i.e., the more engaging content you provide, the better relationship is formed between you and your target customers. For this, you can always post about latest updates tips, DIY and all what helps bring your brand name afloat. Include questions, share statistics in the status and comment back to the people who respond. This helps in keeping the conversation alive and keeps your users engaged. 

You can also create polls to instigate the interest of the ones visiting your feed to get a good engagement. Of course to drive traffic to your blog, LinkedIn is a good market place. Many groups also have a promotions section, wherein they propose business deals, offers and discounts. If you update your feed or group with attention grabbing headlines and images, then 

6. Enable your LinkedIn Share Button:

You can directly reach out to your connections by sending those LinkedIn Emails. It works just like normal email marketing campaigns that help you to spread the word amongst your connections. You can even make your message personal by mentioning your recipient’s name. You can send out regular updates to your connections with these emails, but avoid spamming your connections.

share on linkedin

image: source


You can even share your blogs and articles that are interesting and insightful. This will help you make a better brand reputation. Also one must add LinkedIn share button in their blog to make it easy for people to share it there itself.

Starting from making a strong network, to creating the right impressions, to engaging with the connections so made LinkedIn is a fine platform that facilitates all of this. Apply these tips to increase your business blog traffic and hike your ROI. Join OSL to learn more about effective usage of LinkedIn. 

OSL is Asia’s fastest growing digital marketing school that can help you know the A B C of digital marketing. Join us to know the magic tricks that can help you make money online with every blink of an eye by guiding you to drive your diligently created data in the right way.

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