LinkedIn introduces new tools for company pages

LinkedIn introduces new tools for company pages!

The COVID-19 not only changed the lifestyle but has also affected the other aspects of life like the work culture. It has changed the way people connect with colleagues, clients, customers, and inter-departmental conversation. But, a few still experience issues when it comes to connecting with their communities. And, so, here is the update that LinkedIn came up with -

LinkedIn added some new tools for brands! These tools help to boost their organic promotion efforts on the platform while also helping more connection with colleagues over LinkedIn. 

To this, LinkedIn says - ‘Your success is important to us, especially in today’s virtual environment. That’s why we’re excited to introduce new features on Pages to help you strengthen your professional communities and make it easier than ever to foster a connection with your employees, customers, partners and brand advocates.’

You can view the video here - YouTube

So, what are the features that LinkedIn has added that assists to boost the brand’s organic promotion efforts and also more connection with the colleagues! Let’s look at them. 

01. My company tab:

People have shifted to the New Normal and have adapted the ‘Work from home’ culture whole-heartedly. LinkedIn has introduced a new way to do it. LinkedIn has elevated the way to help brands/businesses/organizations to engage with their employees and build a stronger connection. Being a safe and trusted platform, LinkedIn announced updates to the ‘My company tab’ for free. 

So, how does it work? 

Well, all the brand page admin has to do is share organic content through the recommend tool and suggest trending topics or articles or anything to their employees. And, the employees can further reshare through the ‘Content suggestions’ tool. This employee advocacy program can be monitored through the analytics feature. You can see the reach of the shared organic content. 

Also, according to LinkedIn’s research, it shows that 60% of employees are more likely to engage with the posts from coworkers when compared to the non-coworkers. Not only this, the content is 14x time more likely to share their company’s page content than those from others. 

All of this is at ease with the addition of the MY COMPANY TAB. You can easily engage with your employees, and also they will be sharing and gaining the attention of others who follow them. This heightens the conversation and engagement between employees and the company. 

02. Lead gen forms in product pages:

This is another feature added by LinkedIn! And I absolutely love it. You can create a community around your products. So what is a product page?

A product page is a dedicated space where all - customers, users, and experts can come together to share their experience, or they can even ask questions around a product. According to LinkedIn, they have helped almost 10,000 companies to post more than 12,000 products to the Product page’s ecosystem, since it has started. 


How does it work? Well, it helps in generating quality leads. When a member clicks on a product, the LinkedIn profile automatically generates. 

Today, we’re excited to bring Lead Gen Forms right to your Product Page – for free. Lead Gen Forms let you drive more high-quality leads through pre-filled forms populated with a member’s LinkedIn profile data. When a member clicks on one of your products, their LinkedIn profile information automatically inhabits an in-app form that they can submit instantly if they want to learn more about the selected product. 

03. More features added to stories for brand pages:

The LinkedIn stories were launched last year! It is an absolutely amazing way for members to share professional moments or in-office activities and the environment with the built community. And, now LinkedIn has added new features to the stories to help brand page admins to engage with their customers, partners, and fans using the stories format.

They have added some ideas for you to explore. For instance, they have come up with ideas to leverage the platform by playful storytelling tools and temporary content like - information that is just for a day, a thought, office scenes, or behind-the-scenes. 

This helps in building connections with the audience, and also, people love to see such content. You can also add the ‘swipe up’ feature to let your audience navigate to your desired page or landing page. This way, one can generate leads, maximize engagement, and conversion. 

These are some good features that can be used by brands to increase engagement, brand awareness and reach. 

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