How to leverage buyer personas to increase your leads

How to Leverage Buyer Personas to Increase your Leads?

There is a lot of guesswork that goes on right now in the marketing business, isn’t it? You are not completely sure about the success of any given campaign you are creating. It would be a great help if you could only make it more assured. So, how do you completely bypass the guesswork and make your campaign more accurate and less prone to disasters? 

First things first, you need to quit content replication and pay more attention to the quality than the quantity of data being poured down each day on the internet with no results. How about you start the smart work and target a specific audience in the market for getting the desired reaction. Don’t you agree, it would be much better to put your resources and hard work entirely on what will surely turn out? 

Being in business since last 5 years we have found out that marketing automation, when combined with a buyer persona, saves resources big time. Don’t panic if you don’t know what market automation or buyer persona is, because you are about to learn it here today. So let’s get started. 

Definition First

If you are new in the marketing business, you are very likely to be unknown to the marketing automation and its basic. Since we can only explain it in a nutshell in this blog, we suggest you choose our online or in-class digital marketing course by taking our rewarding Certified Programme in Digital Marketing

So, like we were saying.  marketing automation is a suite of tools that helps us, digital marketers, to drive more leads, nurture them and turn them into sales. One of the most typical examples of market automation includes behavioral email marketing, anonymous site visitor tracking, advanced analytics, report, sales tools and more. 

Market automation is every possible cool technology you can think that is used by digital marketers in various industries to effectively market their products and services on multiple platforms through different channels online. It includes the repetitive tasks and automation of it for reduced efforts with smart technology. 

Cool isn’t it? If you have tried any of these tools, you must have gone through the processes of establishing a buyer persona for your business. Buyer/user persona thus can be a big help in optimizing your ad campaigns. Their persona is the idealization of the audience that you are targeting and using that you begins building your campaign. 

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Use of User Persona in Market Automation 

Automation and user persona can be used for successfully running any marketing campaign. You can leverage to make your market automation process much more fruitful. It is highly relative in changing the ways are communicating with your prospects. 

You are much more filtered to and your marketing automatically becomes much more laser-focused on delivering you the results of your choice. Development of a user personas helps you to identify and segment your audiences. This ease of market automation gives you the power to produce and distribute the right content and make your marketing much more effective. This use of personas into the market automation process helps you in elevating conversion rates.

Use of personas can help you thus in following the way to optimizing your marketing: 

  • Effective targeting of a large market
  • Increasing the power of your email marketing
  • Optimization of landing pages
  • Improvement in the key market segmentation process
  • Increased open rates, CTR, and conversions

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How to Create a User Persona?

While planning a new campaign, the first thing as a digital marketing professional we do is to create a different set of messages that attends to the curiosity of various buyer personas.

Your message speaks differently for every persona that has something to do with your campaign and that is how you create your ad.  For example, one message is concerned about piquing of business revenue, second is about lead generation, third is for the ultimate buy of your product, etc.  

Thus, you create three different messages for three different personas in the above example, where one was for brand awareness, the second was for lead generation and third for conversion. So, here let's say you create three personas namely: Tom for brand awareness, Harry for Lead Generation and Chad for conversion. 

This custom messaging here is of great use and after you have made the user persona, now it has become easier for you to segment your market for any given reaction you need from your ad campaigns. 

Platforms and User Persona 

Most platforms give you the freedom to select a buyer persona by simply answering some question. All it takes is 5 to 6 easy questions to describe the kind of persona you have made for your ad campaign. 

Also, further if a set of lead already in your system, they also allow you to assign persona based on their core attribute and buying behavior. This property of market automation makes it more personalized and self-sufficient to give you desired results. You are able to reach out to more prospects and cater to their queries, building you chances of better conversion. And in no time using buyer persona your campaign will be flying and giving your conversions better than ever before. 

Where does it Impact the Most?

So, now let’s talk about the results of this practice. Once you have started adopting it in your marketing methods, don’t forget to come down to the comment section to tell us about the impact. Some of the common differences you will witness are here below: 

1. Optimized Content 

With this, you will stop wasting your time in creating generic blogs and creating useless landing pages. Rather you will hyper boost your content with the use of personas grab the attention of your core audience. Right, and the resulting message will be conveyed to your audience.  

2. Simplified Market Automation

Your market automation process will be more effective as segmentation will leverage you the power to get desired and quick results. User persona thus helps you in customizing your message, segmenting your market and give you lightning fast results. 

3. Hawk eyed Targeting  

It is like hitting a jackpot, each time. Create the content that people are looking for, craft something that satiates the query of your target audience and voila! You have saved your time, resource and enhanced your conversions to a great length. So, be creative and put efforts into something that actually results. 

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Learn About your Users

In the end, it is right to say that, through digital marketing uses technology to a great length but still it essential that you understand the human nature and bring out the needed human touch in your content and in your ad campaigns. It makes much easier for you to connect with them and helps you create a diverse range of user persona. 

So, you can boost your conversions using the practice we have suggested and expect a significant hike in the conversion rates, ROI and CTR. 

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