Lays Join Hands with Other Brands Leaving Everyone ‘Aww’Struck!

When we thought nothing can be more exotic and worth the watch on Instagram, Lays got all interesting and made it ‘Insta’garam with the best co-marketing effort! 


Well, you might have come across something different in the packaging of Lays! Yes, it had the name of other brands on it, with the message ‘Thank You’ and a unique hashtag ‘#Heartwork.


This all started with another campaign that Lays did earlier this month! It launched a campaign to express the gratitude towards the unsung heroes - Farmers, retailers, truck drivers, and everyone who despite the challenging and the most terrible situation continued to work tirelessly to bring joy to millions of consumers across the country. 

With the tagline that is super catchy - ‘Their Hardwork is Heartwork’

And the song - ‘Ye heartwork kehlata hai.’

The campaign was a hit! And, taking this forward, Lay’s further aimed to mobilize partners across the industry to pay gratitude for the un-stoppable work they’ve done even during these times. 

Ye heartwork kehlata hai

Idea Behind this Initiative -

The idea was to bring together the industries to express extreme gratitude towards the super-heroes for their continued hard work, or to say with the tone of the campaign, it is heartwork. 

To bring this message in action, Lay’s did this for 20 different brands, from Social Samosa and Flipkart to Vistara and Swiggy, each and every brand’s logo is on the package of Lay’s. And, also these brands responded back by sharing a witty line, or a witty thanks to lay’s for the recognition of their hard work. 


And, not only these, Lay’s made the best effort to not only thank the brands but also did it in a quirky manner. This campaign drove amazing engagement not only on lay’s social media page but also on the other featured brand’s page!

Engaging brands and the followers too, the activity has created a whirlwind in the social media world.

You might be wondering what this type of marketing is called?

It is called - Co-Marketing!

When two companies collaborate on a promotional effort for a co-branded offer, it is called co-marketing! In this partnership, both companies promote a piece of content and share the results of that campaign promotion. 

This is what Lay’s did here, it launched a campaign, and then pitched-in all the brands for co-marketing efforts to drive great awareness, and engagement. By leveraging the relationship, and the campaign, the co-marketing strategies are designed to deliver more leads, buzz, and awareness, with fewer efforts!

Why Should One Go For Co-Marketing?

Co-marketing helps brands to reach a new audience and build their followers! Like in the case of Lays campaign, they tagged other companies, and then the other brands posted it on their page leading to gain the audience of the other brand’s audience. 

Thus the same campaign gets promoted on both the pages and the reach is multiplied instantly! 

There are two types of co-marketing efforts -

  • An effort that is behind a lead generation form to capture contact information. The goal is to share the downloads from the offers! And, the entire thing is shared by both the partners. It can be anything - ebook, webinars, templates, course guide, and many more other things that are downloadable. 
  • And, the other way is to carry out a co-marketing campaign. The two brands or the partners agree to host an event together and split the costs. 

But, the most important thing when one goes for a co-marketing effort is to make sure that the goal, purpose, and the project is of similar tone for the brands. 

That is if the goal of one brand is lead generation, it should be the same for the other brand too. You can do this by the following points -

  • Audience check - Checking if the target audience for the brand is the same with the other brand. This is important as anything you want, whether it is lead generation or brand awareness, it is to be done by the target audience.
  • Benefit from the campaign - A benefit that equally fits for both the brands. At least, the campaign should drive leads for both. 
  • Beneficial partnership - It should be equally beneficial for the brands. 
  • A top-notch brand - you should always go for the brand for co-marketing, which has a good reputation in the market. A brand that increases your credibility by just posting it on their page. 
  • Above all it should be enjoyable, it should be viral, and highly shareable. 

These strategic partnerships and shareable campaigns can help businesses to benefit the most!


  • This technique is cost-effective! By clubbing together the resources and creatives, one can make the most engagement. 
  • Sharing audience and growing audience by a singular approach. 
  • Building followers and fan list, and sometimes even the buyer list!
  • Delight customers.
  • Create and foster a positive long-term relationship with the fellow brand. 

This was the magic of Lay’s #Heartwork campaign. In this blog, we have discussed even the theory behind the campaign and how it can benefit you too!


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