Know Why Negative Reviews Are Important For Your Brand!

Here is a question for you - What will you do if I ask you to order jeans online from XYZ site? You will go online search for reviews on multiple websites and then decide on the basis of the review, right? 

So, if you are a business owner or a brand owner, you might be worried about how to deal with the negative reviews? And that it would affect your brand value? Also, it would make you lose customers?

Well, leave all the worries behind, because - NEGATIVE REVIEWS ARE IMPORTANT! So, if you are trying all your power to get five-star reviews across the board and prevent or ignore all the negative reviews, then, stop. Believe it or not, the negative reviews are more critical and will help you grow your business in a different way. 

Pushing positive reviews more will give a perception to your customers that all the reviews are fake.
Pushing positive reviews

Why are the negative reviews necessary?

Well, to put it in one line - people love negative reviews, they tend to read it more. Because bad reviews give the customer a sense of the worst scenario that they might face. People want to know what can go wrong and understand whether it will affect them or not!

And, obviously, for instance, you are buying jeans from an unknown website, and you read a review stating - that it is a little different from the image, but the fitting is good! My opinion is it would work alright for me if the colour of the jeans is a bit darker or lighter, and I would still order. 

This helped to expect less of the colour, but I would be super happy with the fitting. 

This is why negative reviews are vital!

If you are still not convinced, then here are some pointers that you must know about -

01. It assists in buying decisions:

The main focus for some, or I may say, most of them is on the negative reviews. Negative reviews can provide them with more pieces of information about what can go wrong while the positive ones will tell them what the best thing about the product is. 

The reason behind the negative ones being observed the most is because they want to find out why the other people were dissatisfied.
It assists in buying decisions

The bad reviews aren’t that bad, these are actual experiences that show that the product didn’t meet their expectations in some ways. 

02. Get a chance to communicate with your audience:

When you receive a bad review, you don’t have to scroll and ignore it. Instead, you can attend it with open arms. Don’t respond negatively; go for responding positively so that it does no extra harm to the brand. 

This is because generally, it puts your brand in negative limelight and also reduces trust amid the masses. So, if you are thinking, how you can deal with the negative comments -

  • Solution-oriented response:

    It is essential to respond to the reviews, and so we tell you to give proper responses. For instance, if someone has reported a defect in your product; you can respond to it as - Hello, thanks for bringing this to our notice, our customer support team will contact you for further exchange or even checkup of the product.
    This kind of review sometimes turns the one star to five stars also! So, entertain and reply to them in the best way so that they don’t feel unattended and the people who read this review trust you.

  • Humorous reply:

    Only if it is sensible, and someone is trying to defame your brand intentionally, you can respond with a sarcastic reply or if it is a reply that can be replied with a song, go for it. Keep your customers entertained, even if some of them are actually creating a fuss.

Humorous reply
Humorous reply

03. Negative reviews highlight the positive ones:

As I have already mentioned above, the audience goes through every type of review, whether it is positive or negative. So, when you get a negative review and a positive review, the customer is going to read both of them and ultimately reach a conclusion. 

Some negative reviews may be about the pros and cons of the product, which can present you as a good brand too. Such unbiased reviews highlights positive reviews. 

04. It helps you to improve:

Negative remarks help you to improve and grow in the right direction. It shows how you are going wrong or how you cannot satiate your customer’s requirement. With many brands and businesses coming to action, it is vital to look on the negative side too, so that you grow and improve, and be better than ever before.
businesses coming to action

With every comment or review, you will understand what the pain point of your customer is, and it will resultantly help you to improve your service and your product. 

05. Negative reviews increase your conversion rate:

If you have a lot of negative reviews, don’t fret. It is actually good, and you can always increase the rating with positive reviews. The average ratings that are acceptable are 4.2 to 4.5, not exactly 5 because people then have a sense of doubt about all reviews being fake and unauthentic. 

To keep it simple, ‘Customers trust and find it authentic if there are some negative reviews. All the 5 stars will make you ‘too good to be true’.’ 

It was all about the negative reviews which are actually good. So, instead of being low about them and also replying annoying comments to your customers, look at it as a blessing in disguise and reply to them whole-heartedly. 

In all, the positive or negative review is essential; as most shoppers will go on search engines like Google and Bing, or even on Facebook, to find the product, they wish to buy. These search engines have their unique way to index and bring the content on top, but indeed, they love and value original content. So, when someone puts a review, your brand will be shown by the algorithm in the search result.

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