Know Why Artificial Intelligence is Improving Customer Experience!

Know Why Artificial Intelligence is Improving Customer Experience!

In the previous blog, we have learned about what is Artificial intelligence and how it has been shaping digital marketing. We have talked a lot about customer experience. But how artificial intelligence helps in improving customer experience?

Hold on, we will tell you all about it in this blog. 

Artificial intelligence is playing a massive role in shaping businesses and providing a fantastic way to operate smoothly! It has made managing large data, analyzing them, and implying them easy! Artificial intelligence has transformed everything from data collection, technology, to digital marketing, it has made everything faster and accurate. 

Above all, it has promised us something even bigger, something worthy for each and every brand/business, which is, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE!

Customer experience is the major part that decides whether the brand survives or not!

And, this is where artificial intelligence mixed with digital marketing brings a whole new updated and worthy transformation.

So, without further ado, let’s look into the ways Artificial Intelligence is improving customer experience. 

01. Amazing email content curation:

Everyone is so bummed with the opening rates of their emails! And, probably people wonder how would they compose and schedule the mails so that they can get the success they are looking for!

The problem is, even with the right subject line, the right content, you cannot reach the audience, like each one of them on your list. This is where artificial intelligence comes in! The algorithm records a subscriber’s email browsing data and website use. This makes it easy to understand how the user interacts with your emails. This helps in selecting and detecting content that is highly relevant and create personalized emails. Artificial intelligence with digital marketing helps in sending highly personalized emails to every customer by analyzing a customer’s interest and reading pattern, and even time to read. And, sending the most relevant content to them. 

02. Improved and best customer experience:

Chatbots that we talked about in the last blog, is the perfect instance of this ‘best customer experience’. It has vastly proved to give the best customer experience! Why? Because it is available 24*7 and gives personalized experience. 

  • Personalization - Your customers expect personalization when they visit your website or online store. They have their queries to be answered and Artificial intelligence offers it to them. From placing orders, face recognition, or fingerprint access. A more customer interactive and personalized experience are offered when you integrate artificial intelligence with digital marketing. 
  • Create a seamless experience for use - Chatbots are designed to do this! Resolving and answering all the queries of the customers. Addressing the issues way before they realize themselves and providing the same solution. 
  • Increases sales: A chatbot makes the shopping experience smooth for the customer in contradiction to the live sales representatives. Thus helping in increasing sales. 

03. Increases productivity:

Artificial intelligence whether in email marketing, chatbot, or advertising it reduces the work a lot! It is efficient enough to collect large data, to analyze it, to start conversations with customers, providing them the information they need, and also help them by giving instructions for purchasing. Chatbots are efficient! They solve queries! 

04. Works without breaks - 24*7 Happy customer experience:

Unlike the sales representatives that will take a lunch break or go out for tea time, the chatbots are 24*7 available to assist the customer. Artificial intelligence is more productive, cheaper, doesn’t need sleep, doesn’t take breaks, and never gets sick! It can work 24*7 and also does no mistake.

You get more productive, efficient, and greater productivity.

05. Automated life assistance:

Alexa is the perfect instance of Artificial intelligence that works on the voice! Most of us use Alexa to operate music, light, and we know it makes our life easier. It is like that assistance that we ever wanted. For instance, many banks are linking with Alexa and Google Home to allow customers to schedule payments or any other bank operation. Even you can book a movie through them at just a voice command. These are the ways in which artificial intelligence is transforming the customer experience, and this is how it has a major goal in expanding its services. 

This was all about how artificial intelligence when mingled with digital marketing can prove the best of both worlds! This is how enabling artificial intelligence has proven relief for the marketing world.

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