Know What The Buzz Is All About - WhatsApp Marketing

Know What The Buzz Is All About – WhatsApp Marketing

What is the first thing that you do after getting up? Reply to those texts on WhatsApp that you couldn’t reply because you felt asleep. WhatsApp is the one messaging platform that is used by almost everyone and is accessed the entire day, so it is a great platform for Marketing. 


Here is something that you don’t know -

WhatsApp was created in 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton who were ex-Yahoo employees and got rejected for a job in Facebook. They were the fastest to have 450 Million monthly active users. Later in 2014, Facebook acquired them for $16 Billion. 

It has now over WhatsApp has two billion monthly active users!

Which is indeed a massive number, and one should never miss such a platform for marketing. 

When the application launched, it was just a basic SMS platform that allowed a user to send a text to a friend, send photos or videos, and make voice calls. But, now brands are leveraging this platform to know more about their customers. 

Reasons why you MUST use WhatsApp for your marketing! 

It is great, but why? You have got numerous reasons that you must use it -

  • WhatsApp is free to use. 
  • It lets you send images, docs, brochures, catalogues, review forms, everything. 
  • It can be used as a survey tool. You can ask your customers directly for feedback. 
  • You can use it for group discussions. 
  • You can send customized alerts and notifications for a new event or a sale. 

Amazing right? But how it can be done?

What are the WhatsApp marketing tricks and tips that you have to follow?

For first, let me tell you this thing - People love to engage with brands, so if your audience is on WhatsApp (which is sure, they are!), make sure you have a well pre-planned strategy to focus on. 

Let’s begin with the tips that you’ve to follow -

01. Real-time customer service:

With the features of an amazing chat platform, you can go and address your customers closely. You can know what they want? What are the issues they are facing? Or even if they have a doubt, you can solve it! All of it in real-time. 

In a world, where no one has plenty of time to connect to the customer service, the messaging application makes it super-easy and smooth. WhatsApp offers you the opportunity to assist your customers and provide them with a solution in real-time.  

It helps you to -

  • Manage and improve the quality of your service.
  • Become a loyal brand to your audience.
  • Provide them personalized service. 
  • Engage with your audience in a hassle-free and easy communication platform. 

Your team of skilled professional or you, yourself, can use the amazing features on the web-WhatsApp where you can access to features at utmost ease. Prepare a questionnaire and get onto it. 

02. Grow your community with group messaging features:

WhatsApp allows you to create or be a part of a group where you can send your business-related messages. You can create groups of up to 256 members, through this you can build your own community. This feature will allow you to create a group where you can collectively allow the users to submit their answers on a survey. 

This way, you will know a lot -

  • You will know the public’s opinion about your upcoming product range. 
  • What features they might like in a new product.
  • You can arrange an event and share it with only the clients or customers with specific needs or interest.

03. Announce exclusive sales or events:

The creative concept is loved by everyone. And, it is what your audience must get. Make new exclusive offers to your audience through WhatsApp. There are brands like Absolut Vodka who did amazingly in their promotions that too by including WhatsApp in its strategy. 

This is what Absolut Vodka did -

They wanted to create a buzz of their limited edition for Argentina and to publicize their launch, they organized an exclusive party. And, this was the time when they wanted to build awareness and achieve close communication with the audience. And, no better way than WhatsApp. 

They launched a campaign on Facebook and on every platform, asking the audience to participate if they wanted to attend this Exclusive Party by Absolut Vodka. And, the participation included to talk and convince ‘Sven the doorman’ who has to speak for the brand and choose the lucky entry ticket winners. 

lucky entry ticket winners

Audiences interacted with Sven and tried to convince him by sending creative fun images, even proposing him, and they came up with amazing videos to convince him. More than 600 users engaged in this activity. 

You can too arrange a buzz for your new launch or an exclusive offer with WhatsApp. 

04. Keep the content crisp and clear:

Whether you are sending a notification about an offer or you are sending an assistance message, it is important that you keep the content crisp and clear. It is essential that you understand that your customer has trust in you, and you have to provide them with utter respect and quality in communication. 

The message needs to be clear with the intention, should not deviate from the topic, and also should have a CTA. Besides this, you have to send everything in a single paragraph, as multiple messages can be annoying for the customer. 

Highlight the offers, highlight the CTAs, and also make sure your message is direct (if it is an offer, specify it! If it is a contest, specify it!)

05. Use status to showcase your offers or for your brand:

It can be anything - a campaign or an offer, you can showcase this on the best feature - Story! Put it up as a contest that ‘The first 50 to respond to this story will get a 25% discount’ and see your messages going high.
Use status to showcase your offers

Story feature allows you to explore the creative marketer within you. 

These were some of the ways that you can try and ace WhatsApp marketing. If you are eager to learn digital marketing, then we at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing institute in Udaipur give a full-fledged course to make you a professional. We dig deep into the 36 different modules. Join us and know the basics, tips, and tricks to all the modules, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and website design and development!

Hey, don’t forget to look at our online short courses range! Learn skills and get ahead of the race. 

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