Know the Reason Why Amazon’s Email Marketing is On Point

Email inboxes are flooded with a lot of promotional emails or newsletters, or automated emails that do not have an impact on anyone! With around 269 Billion emails sent each day, there is a lot of competition for you to be noticed amid all the chaotic emails. 

In the last blog, we discussed the Foolproof Formula for Easy Email Marketing, and today we will go through how Amazon steals heart with it. 

Amazon has evolved a lot! It is an American multination conglomerate technology company that has covered maximum sectors like e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. We even read how it implies artificial intelligence to impress customers and to show them exactly what they are looking for. 

Amazon’s Email Marketing

Now when it comes to email marketing, it is acing that too! Ruling the e-commerce and other sectors successfully for more than 2 decades, their marketing strategy is something that anyone who inspires to be an entrepreneur or own a business can learn. 

Before your audience does this to you - unsubscribe, leave the mails unread, or mark all them together and put them in the bin, let’s learn from the PRO. 

35% of revenue is generated by Amazon’s highly-optimized recommendation engine, and emails play a big part in this engine. 

Amazing amazon right? Amazon’s emails are known to convert more than their on-site recommendation, which is a huge number. 

These facts sweep us off the floor, and we wish to do whatever Amazon does! The bigger question is what Amazon does so differently in email marketing?

Let’s know about it -

01. Instant emails:

You would have noticed the emails when you just got off their website! Like ‘Hey you might like this’ or ‘hey you left this in your cart’ or ‘These are the recommendations based on what items you purchased’. The email-to-website flow is not hindered by Amazon. It sends you the same mail by observing what you have browsed, what you are looking for, and what you have been stalking for a while. It curates the email accordingly. 

So, no matter what, people tend to click on the link and that results in conversion.  

Key - Every action is just a click away! The easy procedure results in earning more!

So, how does it do this? 

  • The look and feel of the email are similar to its website. Exactly the same feel! 
  • The message is always precise, on the point, and easy to read. 
  • Recommendations make a connection with the reader, it makes the reader feels like it is exactly what they wanted. 
  • Also, the easy action buttons. The ‘Add to wish list’, ‘add to cart’ button in the mail are super direct and leads to the cart page directly without any extra step. 

Also, when you purchase anything after it is delivered to your place. Amazon sends an email like - ‘How did you like the purchase?’. Which is super-beneficial and helps them get the testimonials. 

Researches depict that the entire user flow without interruption is the best thing that you can offer to your customers. It makes the conversion procedure faster. So, here it is what you can learn from Amazon is that they keep their emails straightforward, simple, and easy to function. 

02. Constant follow-up emails:

So, I got this email from Amazon giving me a precise detailing of discounts on each clothing apparel. Then, they send me an email again telling me that they are offering discounts on particular clothing. So, the entire procedure changes the psychology and people tend to purchase the item. 

Key - A single email cannot convince your audience! Follow-up emails and bringing the discount or offers in front of them regularly might convert them!

To convince the prospect one should always follow the ‘targeted follow-ups’ way to make a huge difference and set their mind on purchasing the service or product. Ensure that you take the most advantage of this learning. 

03. Short and precise email content:

No words are ever seen on an email from Amazon! Never ever! Only the product is showcased with each of them having a CTA button which is ‘add to cart’ or ‘add to wishlist’ button. Hence, making the emails more user-friendly, easy to understand, and effective. 

The only information which is shown is the title of the recommended product, an image, the price, and a CTA. That’s all!

Key - Instead of wordy emails go for the minimal approach based on the browsing history and the interest of customers. 

Providing only that information which is necessary to make a purchasing decision is the best way to ensure that you get a ‘sure-sure’ conversion. 

04. Personalization:

Amazon has a huge system behind its ‘all-i-know’ approach. The reason is the artificial intelligence and it allows them to send emails that are personalized according to the interest of the customer. 

Example? Well, you might have noticed an instance email just after you have searched Amazon for a pen, or let’s say for a particular brand watch. The next moment you will get emails that are personalized for you! It will have all the watches you saw and the ones that they recommend on it.

Key - Keep a track of what your customer loves! And, you can personalize the emails accordingly! Know the pain-point and hit it just right.  

Amazon sends out the most recommended products every week too! These emails are personalized as per the users’ browsing patterns using some segmentation strategies. 

In conclusion, email marketing is one of the best ways to create a bond with potential customers! Amazon is acing it and so can you! Keep trying different ways and you may succeed in email marketing, just ensure that you keep the above-mentioned key points in mind. Also, you can send emails on the current scenario for more engagement. 

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