Know How you Can Do Business Without Money

Know How you Can Do Business Without Money!

Do you stand in the following cases?

You are a young boy/girl that has just got out of college and want to step into the entrepreneur world! 

Or you are a working professional that wants to start something besides your 9-5 job for those extra party plannings! 

Or you are a housewife that has just been chasing for an idea to earn money online!

Eager to Escape the Rat Race? 

We are here with some of the brilliant ideas from which you can earn a lot of money with zero or minimal investment!

In any of the following cases, you have many ways you can turn this desire of yours into real cash in no time. And, all with the perk of working from the comfort of your home. And, the platform we are talking about is the Internet, and the right way to do this is Digital Marketing. 

There are endless opportunities that await you, and I know you might be thinking of selling a product online by building a business. 

Yes, that is the best way, but it takes time and money for your product collection to be a blockbuster. If you already have an offline store, then you can go for building a business online, but if you are looking for having a zero investment or minimal investment plan or you are starting from scratch then -

Here are some of the ways that are easy, people are always searching for these services, and you can make a living out of it. 

Let’s Begin -

01. Affiliate Marketing:

One of the best ways to earn that strikes my mind first is affiliate marketing. It is one of the easiest, reliable, and excellent earning methods. Affiliate marketing is considered to be one of the most accessible modes of earning, and I would like you to know it more closely. 

Affiliate Marketing

All you have to do is sign into an affiliate program (Like Amazon affiliate program) and then you have to recommend someone’s product/services to your audience. The more purchase you get through your affiliate link, you earn a commission. 

With your good connection and your referral, you will earn commissions accordingly. 

02. Quora Marketing:

As a third-person perspective and keeping the whole digital marketing theory apart, tell us what you will do when you want to purchase any product, say a lipstick or a bat? You will search about it over Google; you will look at the reviews on Google, and also look for answers by people on Quora?


Well, this is what Quora marketing is exactly! Quora is an ultimate tool for marketing! All you have to do is remember that the mission is to answer queries by genuine users on this platform. No blasting on advertising the product directly, instead go for a regular and meaningful way to answer the query. 

Quora marketing is promoting the products or services of any brand or the brand you are doing affiliate for, by just answering the user’s questions!


Well, there are plenty -

  • It will drive traffic to the site. 
  • Multiply sales if you are marketing through affiliate links and earn you high commissions. 
  • If you are simply blogging, then maybe, maybe the big publishers catch on you. 

03. Freelance Content Writing:

There are various platforms where you can find jobs for freelance writing. Yes, there are legit people who want their content to be written on a daily basis. So, if you have a knack for writing, or you are into the creative world of writing, go for this zero investment business plan!

Writing is one of the brightest skills that you can have as an entrepreneur!
Freelance Content Writing

For this, just prep yourself up with basic knowledge about blogging, articles, SEO writing, poster writing, books, ad content writing, even branding and communication writing. This will present you as a professional, and then you can pick up projects from online platforms - LinkedIn, or from close contacts. 

Even some of the digital marketing agencies are searching for freelance writers! Charge them accordingly, and earn a lot. 

04. Dropshipping:

For this, you require a minimal investment that won’t cost you more than 8k. Dropshipping is a great way to start a business on a budget without having a warehouse filled with numerous products. You just need to get pre-existing products from a dealer or supplier, and they will be all responsible for fulfilment, packaging, and shipping. 

All you have to do is market the products and make it reach the target audience, once a buyer buys from you, you make an order with the third party, and the third party will handle everything else, i.e., packing and shipping. Just pass on the order to them with address and every detail.

05. Ghost Writing:

This is another zero investment plan for making money. There are many agencies, businesses, and brands that have their entire focus on marketing, and fail to take out time to write a blog post regularly. 

So, they are searching for passionate writers just like you! All you have to do is write a great piece of content, no matter what it is, a blog post or an eBook. This will be published under the brand’s name, and you will credit as money. 

06. Freelance Social Media Marketing:

Big brands/businesses are searching for social media marketers that cost them less than agencies! So, if you are an enthusiast, learn social media marketing, especially Instagram and Facebook marketing. 

It requires knowledge of ads, how to boost a post or a page, how to create creative content for their brand in their tone, and what festive posts should go on their page, and in all how to build their community. 

With simple knowledge, you can earn a lot being a freelancer social media marketer.

If you have been dreaming and desiring to find the easiest way to earn money with zero investment, then it is time to shift to the digital marketing world. There are various terminologies that you don’t know about, and these can get you 1000… of money in your bank account. These were just a few of them if you are eager to learn digital marketing, then we at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing training institute give a full-fledged course to make you a professional. We dig deep into the 36 different modules. Join us and know the basics, tips, and tricks to all the modules, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and website design and development!

Hey, don’t forget to look at our online short courses range! Learn skills and get ahead of the race. 

They are just for INR 25,000/- and completely curated for you!
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