Know how to Write the Best SMS Marketing Message

Know how to Write the Best SMS Marketing Message!

We have known about SMS marketing, and how it can be beneficial for every business and brand with vital statistics. Now it all comes down to ‘how to write the best SMS marketing message?’.

SMS marketing is often criticised for being spammy, but it can be the best means to get what you want when you write it down correctly and to the point. Best ROI, best engagement, and best response; all you get when you perfectly accomplish SMS marketing. 

SMS has an open rate of 98% and a response time of 90 seconds. 

So, you can guess how amazing it is! Let’s talk about the tips that you must follow to write a good SMS marketing message. 

01. Short and to the point:

As we know, the nature of an SMS is to be short and precise, just like you plans for a birthday party and shoot up your contacts with ‘Hey, be there at my birthday party at 7 p.m. at XYZ location.’ So, your customer is going to read only for a split seconds and you have to grab the attention. 

You are limited to 160 characters per message! And, so with such short message, you have to first grab the attention of customer by providing necessary or important point. For instance, if it is an offer, open up with words like ‘SALE’, or ‘DISCOUNT’. 

Your job is to address the reader’s query of what’s in store for them! Give them a straight, sure-shot answer. 

02. Highlighting:

You can’t put up colours to grab the attention in an SMS, but here is one thing that you can do to highlight the super-important things. Capitalize them! Text message is omnipresent due to its simplicity, there is no bold, no italic, no way you can format a text, so, emphasise important words rather by making them capital. 

For instance, if my focus is on telling them that there is a sale, then I will write it as SALE. If I am providing a free service like delivery, then it will be like ‘FREE DELIVERY’. And, some other instances are ‘LIMITED TIME OFFER’. 

But use them wisely and only if necessary! 

03. Personalized SMS:

Personalize the SMS, people love it! This can be helpful for engaging with the reader. You can do this by mentioning name. By using a person’s name, you will be able to create a connection and break down all the impersonal barriers. Also, people connect more if they see their name in it, and try to read the entire message. Make sure you don’t exceed the 160 characters limit while doing it.

04. Strong CTA:

If you just send a text, then you will be left with nothing in your hand. You must tell your customer what to do next and this is where a strong call-to-action is required. Recipients are always looking for clues for what to do next, where to find the sale, what link to go if they wish to see your collection. A strong and clear call to action helps them with that. 

Where to place the call-to-action? Well, the best place is to put it at the end of the message! 

Some of the common call-to-action are - Sign up now, buy it, get discount, act fast, don’t miss out, limited time offer, lowest price, explore. 

05. Include an opt-out option:

SMS marketing is an amazing channel but it cannot be forced. So, you have to give your customer enough space to out of your messaging. You can give a line at the end like - ‘To opt-out, send STOP to 02123 (Any number)! 

06. Don’t use short forms:

Yes, you are used to send those texts on WhatsApp like TBH, WBU, etc., but don’t use them in your professional marketing, unless you are going for a quirky, fun filled content. If a business sends an SMS to their customers using text language, then it completely devalues the brand and also is considered spam by some of the customers. 

07. Short sentences over paragraphs:

Short sentences are more engaging, and can be easily remembered! So, stick to writing short sentences that grabs the attention of your reader. Let the content sink in, rather than irritating long paragraphs, write short sentences. 

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