Email Personalization

Know All About The Need of The Hour – Email Personalization!

What if you received a mail that showcases your personal preferences or information that is all about you?

You will certainly open it and make sure that you read the mail thoroughly! This is what email personalization is! 

It is an email marketing process that uses personal information of subscribers to produce targeted emails, which in turn, increases the email marketing metrics. 

Why one should know about email marketing?

Well, Email is 40x more effective than social media when it comes to gaining new customers.

And, personalization is the best way to send emails that get people to convert directly. In the context of email marketing, it is an act of targeting an email campaign to a specific subscriber by taking advantage of the data and information you have in your database. 

What kind of personal information?

  • It can be their first name. 
  • It can be the last product they bought. 
  • It can be the thing that they browsed and didn’t buy. 
  • It can be where they live, or the locality. 
  • It can be the number of times they logged into your application or accessed your website or any other data that they gave you via a landing page form.


The personalization of email starts from adding the name in the subject line to showing them the products that go well with their gender, or any other location-related offers or even ‘problem faced by them’ related. 

Email personalization of your campaigns has proven to increase your open and click-through rates and can have an amazing impact on the ROI and revenue. 

Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than those without a subject line. 

Why is email personalization important?

  • Gives the best and new experience to the customers - Understanding the subscriber’s personality is the main goal of personalization, and with such goals, you can achieve whatever you want. The entire process of emails becomes more interesting and engaging and gives them a positive impact. 
  • Improves the relationship with the customer - Personalization takes the relationship of a user and a brand to the next level, it makes the bond closer and stronger. With them, subscriber feels that brands examine and responds to their personal taste and needs. 
  • More email opportunities - With personalization, the brand gets more time slot to think more and work on fewer emails rather than bulking and broadcasting emails to the subscribers. 
  • Increase in ROI and sales - Personalized mails are loved by subscribers and they will surely increase the number of sales! Make sure you provide the link to the products directly from the email. 
  • Level up the marketing standards - Sales emails are traditional style and the new fad is personalized emails, it is important that you step up and improve your marketing game. 

How to do it? Well, I have done the research work and presented a few of the ways in which you can learn and create email personalization on your own!

01. Names for the personalized effect:

Names can make people open their mails. The effectiveness of such subject lines that starts with the name of the receiver is 3x times more. A study shows that simply adding the name to the subject line can give you the following results -

  • Click through rates increased by 14%.
  • Boost sales by 31%.
  • People are less likely to unsubscribe your emails. 

But, you have to be proper, an overdo can kill the mission!

Names for the personalized effect

Source - Google

02. Segmenting email lists:

To execute something successfully, you need to have a full-proof plan, and if you are ready, and have made up your mind to learn all about email personalization, then begin by creating a blueprint. 

Segmenting your lists is a great start! For your email marketing campaign to be a success, or to achieve the highest opening rate of emails, you have to collect relevant data for it. 

All you can do is start a survey and ask your subscribers to fill-up the form. And, create a list of subscribers according to the following category -

  • Geographical
  • Participation in showing interest in the products on your website. 
  • Content download.
  • Pages they love to visit. 
  • What they love most on your website. 
  • What they want to be improvised. 

You can accordingly send the emails that are personalized in the way that you target the following pointers. 

digital marketer

03. Send them behavior triggers:

Have you ever noticed that Myntra sends you mail of missing you, or you left something in your cart? These emails are personalized to show the behavior triggers! Sending emails based on a customer’s action makes sure that you keep track of their position in your website journey or the role they have played in your application. 

This way you re-engage with your customer if they have lost interest in your brand. Identifying behavioral patterns of customers can make you reach your marketing goals. 

04. Personalized standouts:

A birthday? Or an anniversary? Your customer base is waiting for you to give them a birthday discount or even a mail. This way you build a good relationship while also increasing the brand reputation, and credibility. 

Personalized standouts

Source - Google

05. DIY Mails:

Yes, if you hold a range of products or services that are useful for your target audience, then you should tell them all about it through personalized emails. Send them emails that have a guide on how to use the product or service. 

Provide the opportunity to make the most out of your product or services. Tell them about the USPs and also make them aware of the qualities that might help them. This will increase loyalty and also brand credibility. 

Remember this - people want to know about the products and services that are in store and absolutely meet their requirements. 

This was all about email personalization! Make sure that you use it for your brand or for where you work and let the email do the talking! 

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