Instagram’s New Feature to Support Small Scale Businesses

Know All About Instagram’s New Feature to Support Small Scale Businesses

Morning - 9.00 A.M as I got up and directly checked my Instagram! I saw the newest update! 

Yes, Facebook-owned Instagram announced a new feature to help businesses that are facing immense challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis. Instagram launched a ‘Support Small Business’ sticker. 

Support Small Business’ sticker

It can be used by everyone to bring their favorite business into the highlight. Other Instagram users can see who is using the sticker via a shared story. 

Amazing right? At least a great news for those who were thinking how would they ever bring light to their small businesses at this time of the pandemic. This update by Instagram allows businesses to raise their brand awareness and build visibility. As social media is the only way in which small businesses can prosper or at least derive some profits during this lockdown, this update can serve a lot. 

Why this update holds a high significance?

  • This is due to the Online behavioral shifts! This update is just an aid to those who are looking for exploring new brands for their requirements. 
  • Also, these updates indicate that it is high time for those small business owners who have been refraining themselves from the online world to take a step into it. 
  • The coronavirus has not only changed the standard of living, but it has also brought everyone into the realization that good or bad, some trends even change the scenario in the digital world

I have given the hyperlinks above in the points that you should go through to understand how and why digital marketing is so important for small businesses. 

Coming back to the Instagram update! I think it is super-genius for them to inspect the current scenario and take a step to be a helping hand to the striving small businesses. The entire market is affected. 

The impact of coronavirus has caused uncertainty and pain all over the world! Moreover, the small business owners are staggering and are on the verge of losing. In a survey, it is found that three in four small business owners are super concerned about the economic impact of COVID-19. 

economic impact of COVID-19

38% of small business owners are not confident in the financial future of their business!

But, there is still light at the end of the tunnel! With the government allowing the online businesses to start, it is high time to bring your business online and make a great social media presence. And, if you are looking for exposure we have the saver -

‘Support Small Business’ Sticker by Instagram!

What is the superpower of this sticker?

This sticker can help businesses reach new customers and stay connected to the audience they serve or will serve! Moreover, businesses can also use the sticker to shout out other entrepreneurs or small businesses in their community. 

This means while you save yourself, you can save the small businesses in the community as well from drenching from the COVID-19 impact. 


When businesses are mentioned in the sticker, it makes a direct impact on the audience and they can view the profile of the tagged business easily and directly. Also, they can repost the content to their stories or message people who tagged them. 

Mark my words, it is more important to stay up-to-date and stay connected to your followers or customers right now rather than just sitting and ranting over the economy. It is high-time to get your small business online. 

Benefits with this stickers are a lot!

  • Your brand gets the right exposure. 
  • You connect to new customers at new horizons. 
  • Your business circle grows. 
  • You are noticed and trusted if anyone mentions you in their story, in turn, brand reliability and credibility increases. 
  • In turn, your online business grows and gains the speed faster than any other medium. 

Show your love to the businesses you care about via this sticker!

As the situation with COVID-19 evolves and is evolving, staying connected, and helping others is what we can do to bring light to small businesses. Also, small businesses can tag themselves in the story! You can ask friends, family members, who love you to support your small business. Are you ready to support your favorite business? Go ahead and put up the story. 

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