Know all about Facebook in-stream video ads!

Know all about Facebook in-stream video ads!

Have you ever seen this - 

 in-stream video ads

Well, then you are already aware about the Facebook in-stream video ads. Started in 2017, Facebook in-stream video ads opened the door to endless benefits for brands/businesses. The social media platform understood that as people are watching longer videos on their smartphones, they are going to watch an ad too. So, Facebook provided an opportunity to the advertisers to place their ads in the live stream videos.

What is a Facebook in-stream video ad?

To simplify, in-stream video ads are like mini commercials! They show up in the middle of another streaming video. After the main video content plays for 60 seconds, the in-stream video ads can be seen. The first 15 seconds of an in-stream ad will be played, and then the viewer is given a choice to either watch the rest of the ad or skip it and return to the original video. 

Similar to any other Facebook ad, these in-stream ads come with filters to allow the advertisers to target precisely. One can choose their target audiences for in-stream video ads as these ads are audience-based. The customers will see it according to their interest record. 

Why must one use Facebook in-stream video ads?

Right now, Facebook is the most popular video-sharing platform coming next to YouTube. It is the potent weapon that can be used by any digital marketer. Here are some of the elite benefits -

01. Grabs attention immediately:

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then think about a moving picture - VIDEOS! In-stream ads are  great for grabbing attention, as the person watching the main video is already intrigued in the video, and when your ad shows up, you can be sure that they’ll watch your ad all the way. 

TIP - Make sure that you grab the attention of the viewer in the first 3-5 seconds and they will watch it entirely without skipping. 

02. Increased ad engagement:

Ad engagement has a direct impact on your brand. And, Facebook algorithm takes a close note of it. For instance, if you are selling an online course, the in-stream video ads can help you drive more engagement. 

03. More visibility:

Over 1 billion people in a month see an ad through Facebook’s Audience Network! It is also found that the non-skippable video ads hold the viewer’s attention more than the other video ad options. 

04. Brand awareness:

The audience-based targeting makes it easy to deliver ads to those people who will be actually interested. The in-stream ads help to boost the brand awareness with this amazing feature. People will know about your brand when the ad starts playing amidst the main video. 

05. Increased reach:

Good ads can get you everything - brand awareness, good reach, and amazing engagement! When a viewer skips an advertisement, it is because of the irrelevance or poorly executed idea. The in-stream ads with creative, entertaining, and innovative useful ads get shares and also grabs attention.

If your goal is to increase visibility, brand awareness, reach, and engagement, you must use in-stream video ads!

Now, let’s know about the different in-stream video ad placements! 

Digital advertisers have two options - Facebook and the audience network. 

  • On Facebook:

    In-stream video ads that play during mid-roll from specific or familiar publishers and digital first creators that specifically tailor their content according to the Facebook audience. The Facebook ones play only after 60 seconds of the main video content, and are viewed on mobile devices. 

  • Facebook’s Audience Network:

    These are different from the Facebook in-stream video ads. They may appear before or during the video content, i.e., pre roll or mid roll; on different publisher sites and apps. The duration for them is 10-30 seconds long. Under this type, the in-stream video ads are available on both mobile and desktop.

Facebook’s Audience Network

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