Know About your Competitor’s Twitter Strategy with this New List!

Know About your Competitor’s Twitter Strategy with this New List!

Twitter is the new place for marketing! From the conversation thread between brands that become sensational to the news that leaves you awestruck, Twitter is a power-packed place entertaining everything and everyone. 

You might be aware of Twitter lists that have been from a long time within the application as a means to easily track and categorize different users, keep eye on the trends of a specific industry, and many more things.
easily track and categorize different users

Before we begin, let’s focus on what is the Twitter list?

Twitter list is a systematised selection of Twitter accounts. It is used by social media users to either create their list to help organize their marketing strategies or to look into the ones created by their competitors. 

So, how it works? 

The Twitter list timeline only displays the tweets curated only from the selected accounts. These have been the secret weapon and one can easily track and categorize different users, interests, and other many more things. 

Twitter Allows Individual Users to Create Upto 1,000 lists, with upto 5,000 users on it!

Impressive right? The idea behind this is to manage and help businesses to follow tweets from people. Recently, Twitter has been working to put more efforts on Lists. The last update by Twitter added few options for the created lists -

  • Enables users to pin their created lists as swipeable, alternate news feeds.
  • Easy access to the latest update in each of your chosen List categories. 
  • Added new list of discovery tools which allows users to locate relevant lists by different users. 

list of tips that will help social media users

Now, Twitter has come up with a list of tips that will help social media users to use the list to the fullest. Here are the 4 tips that are given by Twitter -

01. Twitter list to stay close to your competitors close:

As the Twitter list has all the information filtered to your wish, a curated competitor Twitter list can provide insights into the tactics and also how effective your competitor’s strategy is! 

It will tell you about how competitors are -

  • Handling community management.
  • Whether they are engaging in real-time or not. 
  • What is their offer support
  • What is the tone of the tweets they do?
  • What type of content is posted by them? Educational? Inspirational? Or conversational?

This will highly help the audience to know about what works well? And, what they can use to connect well with the audience while also pushing up content/tweets strategically. 

02. Keep a check on the trends, latest strategies:

Creating a curated Twitter list of your selected brands who have a strong presence whether they are of your industry or not. Inspiration is everywhere! Content on Twitter is inspirational, it is evolving, it is consistently used by brands to come up with the best digital marketing strategies that are super-fun and engaging. This will help you keep a check on what and how the different brands are doing it, and how they are actively participating in trends. 

The advise it to keep a check on the brands and people who have a strong Twitter presence even if they are outside your industry, this helps you to check out the different strategies, and also know what trends should be followed by your industry.

03. Connecting with the brands:

A twitter list dedicated to fellow accounts! This list will offer additional insight into what are the trending content, what events are being promoted, what are the cultural moments around the corner. And, all of this information is a swipe away. 

digital marketing certified

04. News:

News update, real-time content trends, events happening in social media, and everything you want to know to make the best digital marketing strategy  Twitter list is dedicated to social media industry new, go for tech reporters, influencers, and publications who report on everything social and tech-focused. 

Twitter advises that social media managers should consider setting up a specific consolidated list that consists of all the reporters and people who post specific updates and news related to your industry or even other. This will help you to keep a check and proceed further to participate in different ongoing trends. 

Twitter lists are a great feature, and if you are still unknown about it, then you should really give it a try. This will keep you up-to-date with the trends, and will also guide you how the different brands have a strong Twitter presence.

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