Know About Viral Marketing - The Secret to Become Famous Overnight!

Know About Viral Marketing – The Secret to Become Famous Overnight!

Do you dream about waking up to the notifications as -

1000+ shares. 

10k+ followers.

411,307 views + likes

Amazing, isn’t it?

Want it right away?

This is what viral marketing does!

If you are still desiring the same for your business, and have tried everything to get it on. Then, it is time to switch to viral marketing. Give it a try, it is done rightfully by top brands and they are earning a lot from it plus also ensuring the brand roots to be all over the online world as well as the offline world. 

Raising brand awareness is one of the top things that everyone is looking out for their business. They want it to go viral amid people and want social media posts or videos to get the required engagement and shares. But before you try to make content that pushes away people rather than attracting them, it is important to know about what is viral marketing. 

What is Viral Marketing?

It is a style of promotion that relies on the audience to generate the message of a product or service!

Or to put it more clearly, 

Viral marketing is a marketing strategy to get others to share your products/services for you. 

So, basically you encourage other people to spread your product or services and when it reaches a point where it is being shared by the public on a wider base than just the target audience, it is called ‘viral’. This is how it looks like this ↓ .

Viral marketing is a marketing strategy

Exactly this way, your audience grows! As they share your content, you’ll get more followers or more users for your services/products. 

It is ‘Each One, Teach One’ approach. Or the audience creating an audience!

And, it may sound unrealistic right now that your product goes viral and is being spread to the masses by the masses, it is literally true. For this, you have to create a piece of viral content. And, if you are successful in it, watch everyone’s social media full of it. 

What can be that viral content?

The viral marketing elements can be a video, post, audio, picture, content or even a joke! All you have to do is keep in mind that the audience connects with your brand’s message. Literally, everything and anything can go viral if you set up an emotional connection with the audience and also meets the requirements of the marketers. 

Viral marketing is all about ‘engaging, entertaining, unique’ content that can be easily connected to and also ensure that people share it with their group. You must have heard about a number of videos, audios or memes getting viral within a short time. Like you saw a meme 10minutes ago and it gets viral over the other meme pages!

Ever wondered why?

It is because these people had something unique to be shared. 

For instance, the baby Yoda meme that got so viral that everyone started making memes over it. 

engaging, entertaining, unique

This random idea took over the entire social media feeds instantly. This is because memes resonate well with the people, they share it if they find it funny or unique. Yes, even brands and top marketers are adding memes as one of their viral marketing techniques.

 use viral marketing

The same goes for viral marketing where the customer shares a brand’s content or ad because their message is attention-worthy. 

Like the campaign by Netflix - Life without Netflix. 

It was a super-hit amidst the crowd and especially their target audience - the young crowd! They cleverly slipped into the Indian audience with a creatively designed video that generated a lot of buzz on Facebook and Twitter. It got viral with its hashtag #LifeWithoutNetflix and the #TheNetflixLife.

80% of online firms use viral marketing to get their brand message across the audience!

How Does Viral Marketing Work?

For now, I guess you would have understood that viral marketing is just to get your message out there to be shared, liked and loved. But how does it work?

You create content that is so compelling that people share it immediately after they see it?

Or you provide the method through which it becomes easy for people to share it with their family and friends?

But here is the bummer, before you sit back all relaxed to enjoy plenty of benefits and wait for your content to gain world-wide exposure - “300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute!” and, it takes a lot for your content to be special so that it stands out from the crowd. 

Your content should be a standout, it should hit the right chords! And, you can check it up with the following questions that are given in this image, because it takes a lot even a handful of likes and shares. 

How Does Viral Marketing Work

Don’t ever go ‘salesy’ with your viral marketing content, instead focus on creating buzz, or creating something that increases brand engagement and awareness. With viral marketing, you can build trust and then dominate the market. 

Talking about advantages, there are countless benefits of viral marketing. And, half of them I have already mentioned in the above sentences. 

The Advantages of Viral Marketing!

So, going viral wasn’t enough for us, right? We, humans, have a tendency to thrive for more and more. (Just like I thrive for likes the second after I post my selfie on Instagram!)

To get that amazing and consistent fame, it is important that you learn the basics of viral marketing by heart because 15 minutes of fame cannot lead you to the results you want. These are the benefits that you get by viral marketing -

  • Very less or no advertising costs:

Obviously! You don’t have to share your content through any other paid marketing, all you have to do is put up great content and let it spread like a fire. People will share it with people so you don’t need to pay to promote the content anywhere. 

  • Increases brand awareness:

It is the sole purpose of viral marketing! Yes, your business or brand will create compelling content about your products or services right, okay not to direct but your brand will be in it. This appealing content will be shared by many, to their friends and family, everyone. And, this is where people know about your brand in a memorable way. It can be anything with which people remember you and love your content.

  •  Brand credibility:

This is what we all business owners, and influencers crave! We want to be trusted by the audience!

Brand credibility

And, you can surely get it with the viral marketing content! Whether it is an article, image, video, gif, or even podcast. Anything that sells the products or creates a memorable impression in their mind, will ultimately build trust for your brand. And, people will even remember your product when they wish to buy a thing of the same genre. 

  • Accelerated inbound lead growth:

With getting viral for your branding and marketing video or content, with the immense sharing across the internet you are going to get immense traffic on your website and even people would be buying for you. People would be going to your website to find out what it is? What product do you sell so that the content is getting viral? And, they might even try your product or service. So, ensure that you think your viral marketing campaign thoroughly so that your leads are directed on a path where you get the benefits. 

This was all about viral marketing, we will be learning about the cheat sheet to it tomorrow! Stay tuned, keep reading blogs and keep that quarantine tension away. Learn digital marketing course at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing school. Get into the nitty-gritty of the different modules. Join us and know the tips and tricks to all the modules including social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and website design and development!


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