Get 1 Million Subscribers/Followers on YouTube and TikTok

Know About the Secret to Get 1 Million Subscribers/Followers on YouTube and TikTok

I know after reading and watching the YouTube vs TikTok roast video, you might be wondering how Carry Minati got so many likes in such a short span?

Well, it is purely because he just hit the rod when it was hot! The whole controversy was already in trend, and he came up with a quality content that was really appreciable and worth a watch!

But, if you see it, even Carry Minati started with nothing! He started as a small YouTuber now he is the best! What are the hacks that can be used if you are new to YouTube?

And, for the rebels, who are still thinking to get on the TikTok, it is fine, you are absolutely doing it right if you think to upload quality, entertaining content!

In this blog, I have compiled some of the best hacks for earning a million subscribers for YouTube as well as TikTok!

Drum roll, please!

This is what we are going to help you with! Yes, the golden play button to show off on your Instagram. This play button is received after you have 1,000,000 subscribers. 

Let’s begin with YouTube hacks to get the golden play button!

The road to a million subscribers is difficult, but these hacks can help you to get there faster. Firstly, if you are just starting out after getting super-impressed by what Carry Minati received, it will be a lot of work for you! But a clean slate is better than a lot of ideas put up together. 

Advice: Don’t tackle the audience all at once! 

Tip 1 - Ask your viewers to subscribe!

You can attract people with your quality content! Be it a storyline, a DIY, or anything once you have settled and explore the best part or your hidden talent, it is time to compile a video but hey, you are missing a thing!

A Call-to-Action is always your major focus! 

Sometimes your audience needs to be reminded, the subscribe button is the key to success. 

The big red subscribe should be your aim. So, point it out, if someone sees your video it is really important that you have to ask them to point out the bell button, which is to have the notification for your further uploads, and also ask them to press the subscribe button. 

This is your reminder too. It shows that you’ve got valuable content, and you are making it easy for them to keep up with your upcoming work. 

No, it isn’t salesy! This is our motive, right? To become the sensation and earn maximum subscribers. Also, if you already using this patent line - ‘Like, share or subscribe karo’ or ‘Tap the bell icon to not miss my next video’, then demonstrate why your channel is worth watching and subscribing to. 

Pointer to ask for subscribers without being boring -

  • Use jokes to slip into the ‘subscribe me’ aim. 
  • Do a witty line as Prajakta Koli does at the end of the video.
  • Only ask once, don’t repeat it again and again in the entire video. 
  • Also, you can like to fill the audience with excitement to like and subscribe, like Carry Minati did ‘2million Likes lao’. 

Tip 2 - FOMO Time

Give your audience a cliff-hanger for the next episode! Give them FOMO about what is going to happen, or what you are going to teach in the next video. This way people tend to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to get notified!

Make sure it is quite interesting!

Tip 3 - Interact with the audience

Make them your friends! People love interactions, and so one should always make videos like they are having a conversation with someone. If you form a relationship with your viewers, they are most likely to be engaged and impressed, and moreover, they will follow your channel!

Tip 4 - Thumbnail is the key

So, you might have noticed those ‘Get fit in 5 Days’ or ‘Secret to long hair’, right? The thumbnails and the taglines are the real eye-catchers. And, this is what brings the viewers attention to you. Ensure you give them something valuable, something catchy, and most importantly an urge to open up your video just by looking at the thumbnail or one-liner. 

Tip 5 - Share the video everywhere

Okay, just after the upload of the first video don’t expect a million subscribers, wait and have patience. Let your work do the talking! But there is this way that makes the entire process faster. 

Share the video on Instagram, put in the bio, put it up on the story, and even make a post of it. Do the same on Facebook!

And, you can even write a blog around it and embed the video. 

TikTok hacks to get a million followers!

First, you have to swear that you will keep the track of trends on TikTok and also ensure that you provide quality content. Be it acting, dancing, or lip-syncing, or any other talent, you should, I repeat, you must do it with the best storyline, best efforts, and amazing quality content. 

There are over 800 Million monthly active users on TikTok! So, yeah, plenty of opportunities to get famous and get a million followers. 

Tip 1 - Identify the target audience

Think, re-think, and think again, what is most loved by the audience of TikTok. Are they loving the satisfying videos or they are into dance? Or they are into storylines or singing? Identify and start doing that which suits you the most and is also a loved category by the audience. 

The more the TikTok users view your videos, the more likes and followers you will end up with. 

Tip 2 - Take part in every trend and challenges

The most important part of being a successful TikToker is that you don’t miss any trend or challenges that are brewed on this platform. It is the best way you can connect with the audience and also have a chance to be featured in the feed. So, make sure, when a trend comes you are ready with your content ASAP.

There were many challenges like - Flip the switch, Passing the brush challenge, the savage sassy song dance challenge!

Note that - With the brewing interest of everyone in TikTok, people are even eager to learn how to make TikTok videos, so if you have this talent and know how those transition videos are made. Then, come up with cool learning videos for those who want to try it. 

Tip 3 - Share it!

Sharing is growing in the digital marketing field! So make sure you share the TikTok videos on Instagram and also on Facebook to get more engagement. If you get a million subscriber people will turn towards you for their marketing campaign

Tip 4 - Hashtag game

Hashtags are loved by every platform! These are the easiest way to rank, to be the part of the search, and to also gain subscribers/followers. There is no clear guide for using hashtags on TikTok, but you can go for content-specific hashtags and general hashtags that define your act or related to the platform.

This makes your content discoverable. 

Begin! Begin now if you wish to get 1 Million subscribers! Lockdown is already boring, so don’t make it worse, instead, discover your talent and present it on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. 

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