Make a Career in Digital Marketing through our Digital Marketing Training Course

Make a Career in Digital Marketing through our Digital Marketing Training Course

It is such a relief to be out of the hectic 9 to 5 schedule, isn’t it? In fact, that’s the goal right, having a great work life balance. To be your own boss, to be self-employed, to taste the entrepreneurial thunder.

In case you are looking for a career in the marketing field that will help you live all that, here is your fair chance. Orionators- School of Learning is providing you full-fledged Certified Digital Marketing Program which is voted Asia’s most advanced and best.

But before you jump right on to making digital marketing your career, or joining our master course, why don’t you try and window shop with us to find the right career fit. The article is the same ride, we are here to help you in deciding whether you need a digital marketing course or not, what kind of topics should be included, what is the scope post taking the course etcetera.

Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

We can recall certain reasons that were hindering the reach of internet among the population of India like cost, awareness, and lack of internet and it directly impacted the online based business, you can take the example of

However, thanks to Jio things have significantly taken a paradigm shift now in India. don’t trust us? See the stats for yourself, according to Business Insider by the year 2021 about 52% of the total population will be using the internet. It is a massive leap because only years ago it was 32%.

Staggering isn’t it? But think about all the increase ecommerce or internet enabled market is going to have. Importantly on 34% of the companies are leveraging the benefits of this opportunity. And you know them- Uber, Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy. Now consider that going double in the next few years.

It is an opportunity not of a decade but of a lifetime. Let me tell you this with a perspective.

Students/Job Seekers

With the doubled market, the demand will increase for a trained and qualified digital marketer to cater their requirement towards a goal. As of 2019, there is already a huge gap between the ratio of demand and supply. Now imagine the current scenario and think what numerous chances a person can have for his/her career. There is a report that by the end of 2021 there will be 9 Lakhs+ jobs available into digital marketing. Here all you need guidance and good knowledge.


According to a report released by Forbes in 2016, any FMCG company using only traditional marketing recorded the growth rate of 2.5% but at the same time, FMCG companies using the combination of both traditional and digital marketing recorded a growth rate of almost 3.5% to 4%.

The best part of using digital marketing to market your product is lesser input cost and better compared ROI. Let’s take this as an example.

A company spent almost 1 Crore to publish their advertisement in Times of India and expecting a viewership of 1.3 crores that makes it 1.3 INR to show your ads to a single viewer.

Now consider the scenario with the Times of India website (part of Google ad network), the cost which a person has to spend to show ads to 1.3 crore users will be only 34,000 INR.

Unbelievable? We also thought the same, but yes it is possible and we have got the same results with many of our campaigns. Now think how much impact this can have on your ROI.

To make the points stronger I have a head on a comparison between traditional marketing and digital marketing which will give your thought of opting digital marketing as a career a boost.

Digital gives you the reach around the globe without any boundary limitation.

Through digital marketing, you can get faster brand awareness. Pokemon go got 5 Crores users only in 19 days.

Digital gives you a cost-effective marketing

Digital gives you a way to target your niche customer only.

How to get a good digital marketing course?

In order to choose the best course, you must look for the following points:-

1. Course Curriculum

You must look for a very strong course curriculum which should cover almost all the trending topics which are actually working in the current scenario since this field is changing rapidly, almost every day. You should always look for the course which covers all the aspects. You can check their blogs to get an idea.

2. Training Faculty

One of the most important factors is the person who is going to train you. Prefer learning from the industry experts, not from the self-claimed marketing guru or something. You can refer to their Linkedin profile or see their social presence over the internet.

3. Certifications

The certifications should be valuable and from good quality of providers. Also, check the procedure of how they provide you certifications.

4. Post-course completion facilities

The major problem with the maximum institute is their support post course completion. Do enquire this fact before you join one.

5. Projects

Should provide theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

Why join Orionaotrs - School of Learning

Since we have already proved our mettle in digital market by successfully creating magical campaigns for our clients, we are fully motivated and dedicated to providing the same quality of our service structure in the form of training.

Keeping every vertical of the market in mind, we have designed Asia’s best digital marketing curriculum for every type of trainees. Joining with us, India’s best trainers and top rank holders of major companies have added an extra layer of the advantage of joining our course.

We have added almost every topic which is very important for our trainees to excel in their future.


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