Introduction to Infographics - The Jumpstart to your Creativity!

Introduction to Infographics – The Jumpstart to your Creativity!

An estimated 2 million blog posts are being posted online every single day!

I know right! Super crazy!

So, with 2 million blog posts being posted online daily comes a great sense of responsibility to stand out, to reach out to the target audience, and most importantly give them some value, some learning, or even solve their problems. 

This is where your tension grows stronger! Even mine did. 

Wait, don’t lose hope, we have one of the content types which is taking over these blog posts and it is called Infographic. You might have always come across something like this -


Yes, these step by step or information graphics are infographics! These are all over the Pinterest, Google search, and on every platform, you wish to search for information. 

Imagine, you have a blog of 1000 words to read and on another side, that entire blog is represented in just 400-500 words with the visual image?

What would you love to read?

The less yet effective content, right?

Well, that is the magic of infographics

Instead of telling your audience your story or your informative content through scrolls of words, present your message using visual tools combined with engrossing creative design elements. This will truly give your audience an awesome visual experience. 

And, this is the reason why -

“An infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a purely textual article!”

It is all because they capture the audience’s attention brilliantly!

To combine it all, and to tell you precisely, what are infographics?

Definition - An infographic is a process of taking text, date, and information, mingling them together, and turning it into an illustration visual. The visuals are like the icing on the cake and that explains why infographics are even loved by business marketing. 

Infographics are Important for Business Marketing!

When it comes to business marketing, every company, be it a startup or an MNC has a goal to share their information with others. It is done to grow, reach many people out there, generate leads, and most importantly earn customers. 

And, long wordy pieces of information are one of the ways, in which frankly speaking people are not interested in investing their valuable time in it. This is where the infographics come in action.

Reason? - People are visual learners! Remember the days, when we were taught ABCs using visual images? Yes, similarly, people learn a lot with the visual information rather than a 500-word article. 

Many businesses are already following it, and creating the following types of infographic content - 

  • Timeline of company history. 
  • How-to guides.
  • Data visualizations.
  • Statistical data. 
  • Comparisons. 

Infographics Must Be a Key Part of Any Content Strategy!

The times have passed when infographics were simply created to land links! Marketers now have to put much effort, create a storyline, give something valuable, and moreover make the infographic engaging to be in the heart of the audience rather than just attracting traffic. 

Telling stories, history of the company, or even a small DIY in the form of infographics should be one of your content strategies!

So, if you are lately struggling with your content marketing efforts and you are not able to generate little or relevant traffic that converts into customers. Then, it is highly advised that you need to massively support and use infographics as part of your digital marketing weapon. 

The golden rule for the best infographic - Remember your target audience has a great sense, they are seeing smartly designed advertisements, amazing blog post content daily, so make sure your infographic gives them some ‘Value’. 

I know I know, we humans have the tendency to dig deeper into a matter, and so I am aware you might be searching for why these infographics are so important!

So, let’s find out - 

Why Infographics Should Be a Part of your Content Strategy?

01. The Human Brain Process Images Faster and Better Than Text:

No, we aren’t saying that the blog posts written by you are all going to vain! We are just saying that the infographics are easy to remember. And, this is not the research by us, it has a scientific reason behind it. 

Our brains process images 60,000x faster than text.

Marketing experts have known this for a long long time that compelling images is necessary if you want to increase conversions. This isn’t new, now it just has a name - Infographics. 

Our brains process images

A well-designed infographic is one of the best ways to increase engagement. There are already so many guides up on the internet and putting on more words wouldn’t make a sense. That is the major reason why data has a name being boring and not interesting. 

And, with their visual approach, Infographics are considered super-important.

02. The Best Way to Tell Stories:

Infographics are memorable, infographics are used for brand awareness. And, guess what you can use them to tell your brand story. 

Interesting isn’t it?

It has a bit of content and visual images and you could really see the entire brand story being portrayed in the way you want and literally coming to life. And, it is far more positive and engaging than simply sending out a press release or posting a blog post. 

Remember - A well-designed infographic is a powerful content marketing tool!

03. Infographics make things simple:

Easy to understand, visually attractive, and keeping the reader engaged, the infographics are so simple. They make things simple and easy to understand by explaining the complex statements visually. Pictures are often easier to understand!


Have you ever ordered anything, like an electronic gadget?

Yes? Well, there is a small manual that displays how to use it? What if there were no images and just instructions on how to operate?

You will probably end up destroying the gadget right?

But, that is not the case as the manual is an infographic and eases out the process to use the gadget. 

Infographics are - 

Infographics make things simple

With these above-mentioned features, infographics prove to be simple and easy. As they are less of fuss and more of visual information.

04, Infographics Can Increase Your Brand Awareness:

Okay, what does an ideal infographic include rather than just the mediocre listicle information, it includes a lot of things like - storyline, statistical information. But, all of it ends with relevant information about the creator, or a brand logo or a website address, and even contact information. 

This is what makes infographics a surefire way to increase brand awareness. And, if it is used properly it can even increase traffic by at least 12% which is according to a few research. 

The idea behind infographic goes way beyond just telling about your products or your brand, it actually shows them all with visual content which in turn increases the chances of people noticing and focusing more on your brand. 

05. Infographics Can Increase Your Search Marketing Results:

Infographics are known to go viral with an epic storyline and visual aspects behind them, and this brings the benefits of increasing the search marketing results for a business. Giving up contact information, sharing or embedding the material on social media or other platforms can generate important backlinks to you. 

important backlinks

The infographics can be used by other websites for their blogs or any other informative content, and they can do so only if they link back to the source of the infographic, which is you!

Multiple inbound links can really boost your search rankings!

Make sure you use keywords in the title, description, and meta information so that there are higher chances of you appearing in the search results when someone searches for a similar topic.  

About 60% of consumers will contact your business if they find your infographic in the search results!

In this highly competitive, and information-flooded digital marketing world, it is important to be a standout. And, grabbing the attention of the customers through new marketing strategies is really the need of the hour. And, this is why I have written about ‘Infographics’ a long lost method that should be most importantly included in your content strategy to reach out to the targeted audience. 

These are not only relevant, but also interesting and informative. Infographics are a vital and effective tool that every digital marketer should adhere to!

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