Introduction to ‘AI in Digital Marketing’

Introduction to ‘AI in Digital Marketing’

Are you aware of AI? Yes, artificial intelligence!

Artificial intelligence and digital marketing are going hand in hand! With the ability to collect data, analyze it, implement it, and learn from it, AI is enhancing digital strategy, it is the future and the future is here!

The irony is, as much as we try to avoid this term, we are already surrounded by it! Yes, AI is already used today in marketing -

  • Facebook uses facial recognition to recommend the tags in photos.
  • Google uses deep learning to rank search results. 
  • Amazon uses NLP(Natural language processing) for Alexa. 
  • Netflix also uses machine language to personalize recommendations. 

Our life is already machine-assisted or Artificial intelligence influence and so marketing can be too! It is one of the finest ways to enhance digital marketing strategies and gain valuable customer insights for your brand. 

With the ability to collect data, analyze data, applying data, and then learning from it, Artificial intelligence enhances the digital strategy. 

It is transforming our today, and will be enhancing our future in digital marketing too!


What is Artificial Intelligence?

The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ sometimes called ‘machine intelligence’ is used to describe machines and computers that imitate ‘cognitive’ functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as learning and problem-solving. 

Basically, it is a part of computer science that attempts to understand the core of intelligence and then accordingly produce a new machine that thinks, responds, and performs tasks based on the fed data. Just like we humans do!

Yes, right! It is ‘AtmaNirbhar’ already. Some of the terms related to AI are natural language processing, problem-solving, image recognition, speech recognition, etc. 

It is for sure, that artificial intelligence is an indispensable part! 

Can you recall the movie ‘MATRIX’, yes that was all around artificial intelligence, and so is our smart ‘Siri’ and also Tesla’s self-driving car. And, with their success, and the amazing growth of AI, even businesses are implementing AI in Digital Marketing. 

How is Digital Marketing connected to Artificial Intelligence?

When the concept of artificial intelligence in digital marketing surfaced, people were hesitant to apply it to their marketing strategies. From finance to technology, everything is beneficially transformed into a higher version, and for digital marketing, you ask?

For digital marketing, it is changing the way your brand connects with the audiences!

Many brands have already adopted it and use it in their digital marketing strategies, like Amazon, Spotify. They use AI systems to connect with the audience. Amazon Alexa uses natural language processing. Also, Amazon on its e-commerce shows only relevant products to shoppers based on previous searches, purchases, and views. 

So, now you know, how Amazon guesses what you want to purchase in advance! It is due to the best mingle of artificial intelligence with digital marketing! It increases the likelihood and personalized experience for the shopper. 

AI is not changing, it is transforming and enhancing digital marketing. By increasing efficiency and optimizing user experience as expected by the customer, Artificial intelligence is transforming customer-facing services. For instance, the chatbots which set the best customer services for users. With the chatbots, users or customers can ask any question about products/services, or in a few users can ask them to be sent or redirected to a particular module of a website. 

Chatbots are used by 67% of consumers worldwide as customer support!

Yes! This is the power of artificial intelligence mixed with digital marketing! It can drive immense ease to the customer, in turn, making things smooth for the brands with minimum efforts. 

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Digital Marketing?

The introduction to Artificial Intelligence has changed a lot in the digital marketing world! It has gained immense popularity because of the amazing customer interaction. It not only interact with the individuals, but it also attracts data that makes it easy for serving them better in the future. It lets you have the insights to correctly foresee the behavior of customers. 

Let’s see how companies can use AI to improve their ROI or how this intelligence is shaping modern digital marketing. 

01. Predict purchasing patterns:

Yes, artificial intelligence predicts the future. With this, you can predict the purchasing pattern. As already stated above that artificial intelligence takes in data, analyze it, and use it to give the best user experience and the best answer to the customer. 

It recognizes and analyzes! It gains insights for the target customers and identifies user’s needs so that the company can determine the most appropriate marketing strategy. If the CRM, AI are mixed together they will become the source for finding out what kind of products user buys, what pages he/she browsed, what tools they use, etc. So with this collected data, marketers can easily analyze and put up the solution or the product they have been looking for to boost sales and also make the shopping experience easier.

02. Chatbots:

Chatbots! Yes, yet another brilliant instance of Artificial Intelligence. It enhances the customer experience many folds. With the help of intelligent chatbots, brands are improvising and improving customer experience with intuitive, responsive, and faster communication. The needs and helps required by the customers are matched perfectly plus it gives personalized experience. 

AI chatbots enable businesses to go beyond the traditional form of customer service! It is not a 1 to 1 approach, it is 1 to many approaches. It provides support to a number of customers at the same time that too irrespective of time zones. 

03. Deep learning for object recognition:

Deep learning enables a system to ‘learn’ to recognize patterns in images, text, voice, and other data to take out valuable information! Information that can be used to provide the best to the users. For instance, Facebook uses it! It is employing an object recognition engine using user-submitted photos from Instagram. 

04. AI Digital Advertising:

Extensively used across platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram, AI is also one that makes digital advertising success. The platforms as mentioned, analyze users’ information, including gender, age, interests, demographics, and other information to display them the most relevant advertisements according to their taste. 

This ultimately increases the digital marketing efforts! With AI technology, digital marketers know about the trends and can even predict trends. Hence, this aids in the planning of digital marketing strategies. 

It helps in strategizing and you can put up the ads that will be surely successful with the help of AI!

05. Email marketing:

All of the ‘analyzing and extracting data work’ done by artificial intelligence can drive more information to you. It helps you to personalize email marketing campaigns according to user behavior. It sends the emails according to the customer’s behavior which includes a selection of subject lines, product recommendations, best mail opening time, and relevant message. 

Your brand reaches the right customer at the right time!

This was all about Artificial Intelligence shaping digital marketing in different ways! The growth of Artificial is beyond our thoughts. Bottomline - Artificial intelligence has made everything easy and relevant to deliver a customer-centric approach rather than just plain marketing. The entire marketing is planned and implemented according to the personalized behavior of customers/audiences. 

If you are looking for learning digital marketing and artificial intelligence, we are here to take care of it. It is necessary for modern marketers to explore this area! 

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